Hardin County, Iowa Towns


Highlighted towns are those still in existence.

Town Township  
Abbott Etna Platted October 2, 1871, on section 35, township 89, range 19, and section 34 of the same township and range, by William Starwalt and wife and C. M. K. Durent.
Abbott Crossing Etna  
Ackley Etna Platted January 18, 1858, on section 2, township 89, range 19, by Robert R. Parriott, A. J. Parriott, Calvin G. Ackley, Henry Huff and William J. Ackley.
Alden Alden Originally laid out by Henry Alden in 1855.   Postoffice was established in 1855.
Alden Station Alden  
Berlin Jackson Platted November 17, 1857, on the east half of section 22, township 88, range 20, by Allen Greer and wife and J. S. Hiserott and wife.
Buckeye Buckeye Platted in September, 1901, in township 88, range 22, by the officers of the Des Moines, Iowa Falls & Northern Railway Company, known as the Northern Land Company.
Bunker Hill Eldora Platted on the north half of the northwest quarter of section 13, township 87, range 19, by Stephen V. Bunker, September 1, 1856.
Cleves Etna Platted July 18, 1881, on section 36, township 89, range 19, by Nantj Bonjar.
Cottage Ellis Postoffice had been established in 1860, at the home of the new postmaster, Sidney Peck, on section 29, but in 1870 a town was laid out at the corners of sections 28, 29, 32 and 33 and the postoffice was moved to that place.
Delanti Eldora  
Duane Alden Platted April 27, 1872, near Alden, for railroad uses, Messrs. Sperry, Beecher and Taylor.
Eagle City Jackson Platted May 18, 1878, by Samuel Fossler and wife, on section 31, township 89, range 19.
East Hardin Jackson Platted September 19, 1856, in Jackson township, congressional township 88, by William Dean.
Eldora Eldora Platted in July, 1853, but not recorded until January 3, 1854.  It was on land owned by Lewis Hayden and wife and James Drain.
Ellis Ellis Postoffice established in 1872, near the north line of Ellis township.  It passed out of existence with the introduction of free rural mail delivery.
Garden City Concord Platted on the line of the Des Moines, Iowa Falls Northern railway in November, 1901, on section 22, township 86, range 22, the railroad company.
Georgetown Hardin Platted in November, 1856, on the southeast quarter of section 14 and the northeast quarter of section 23, township 89, range 21, by George B. Senter and O. N. Skeels.
Gifford Union Platted in September, 1875, on section 5, township 86, range 19, by Edwin Peet and wife and re-platted September 27, 1880.
Hardin City Jackson Platted on section 12, township 88, range 20, on February 14, 1854, by Lewis Hayden and wife.
Hazel Green Etna Platted on the northwest quarter of section 5, township 88, range 19, November 16, 1855, by William P. Hays and David Hawk.
Hubbard Tipton Platted October 12, 1880, by Albert Keep (trustee), on section 33, township 87, range 21.
Idaho Grant Postoffice established on section 17 in 1876.   After railroads sprung up all about it and there was no use for it, it was discontinued.
Iowa Falls Hardin Platted on the east half of section 13, township 89, range 21, the survey being executed in April, 1856, the proprietors being James R. Larkin and Jason Estes and wives.
La Yerba Etna  
Lawn Hill Pleasant (old town was New Providence) Platted as Lawn Hill in the railroad days of 1880, when the name was changed by order of the board of supervisors.
Lithopolis Clay See Steamboat Rock.
New Providence Providence Platted on section 3, township 86, range 20, in January, 1856, by Daniel Dillon, Eleazer Andrews, Eli Jessup and John Andrews.
Owasa Jackson Platted March 28, 1884, by J. H. and Mary Smith, on the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section 17, township 88, range 20.
Pilgrim's Grove Ellis  
Point Pleasant Pleasant Platted May 4, 1855, on section 18, township 87, range 20, by Joshua Allen and wife.
Poughkeepsie Hardin Laid out in 1855 by W. H. Foote, on section 16, township 89, range 21.  The plat was never recorded on the record books of the county and all attempts of its founder were soon abandoned.  A postoffice as established there by that name in 1855, but in a short time was discontinued.
Quebec Pleasant Platted on the south line of section 32, township 87, range 20, by Joel R. Crumpacker and G. F. Rogers, April 19, 1856.
Radcliffe Sherman Platted October 20, 1880, by Albert Keep (trustee), on the east half of the southwest quarter of section 29, township 87, range 22.   It was vacated and a new town platted May 16, 1881, and is defunct save the depot ground plattings.
Radcliffe Crossing    
Robertson Etna Platted October 6, 1880, on section 19, township 89, range 19, by the officers of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company.
Rockingham Hardin Platted on section 18, township 89, range 20, November 30, 1854, by Peter and Sarah Collins.
Rocksylvania Hardin Platted November 1, 1854, on section 18, township 89, range 20, by Peter and Sarah Collins, and is now a part of Iowa Falls. Also known as Rockwood.
Secor Eldora See Xenia.
Sherman Sherman Platted in township 87, range 22, on the line of the Des Moines, Iowa Falls & Northern railway, in November, 1901, by Frederick Finn and wife.
Steamboat Rock Clay Platted on February 14, 1855, by Isaac N. Lesh, Sanford Baldwin, John Royal and Charles Boyles, on section 28, township 88, range 19.   Originally known as Lithopolis.
Tipton Grove Tipton Postoffice established in 1865, at the home of postmaster John Boylan on section 22.  This was discontinued in 1880, when Hubbard was established.
Union Union Platted March 9, 1870, by R. J. Davis and wife, on section 21, township 86, range 19.
Whitten Union Platted March 9, 1880, on section 13, township 86, range 19, June 22,1880, by C. C. Whitten and E. S. Whitten.
Wilke Alden Platted on February 27, 1903, in Alden township, on section 29, township 89, range 22, by William and Kate Wilke.
Xenia Eldora Platted July 7, 1857, by John G. Parham and William Patton on the southwest quarter of section 28, township 87, range 19.  It is now known as Secor and has been vacated as a plat.

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