Hardin County - 1880 Iowa Mortality Schedule


This schedule was transcribed by the former Coordinator of this site, Linda Suarez. Our thanks to Linda for her dedication and hard work!

This schedule is hard to read in many respects. As we all know, older records are inherently hard to decipher. Capital L and I are almost indistinquishable one from the other as are W, H and N. Lower case n and v are also hard to determine. Even though every attempt has been made to check and double check these records for errors the researcher is advised to look at all possible spellings when using this index.

Columns in the 1880 Iowa Mortality Census:

  1. Family No. [from 1880 Federal Census.
  2. Name of each person who died during the year ending May 31, 188.
  3. Age last birthday.  If under one year, give months in fractions, as 3/12
  4. Sex - males (M), females (F)
  5. Color - white (W), black (B), Mulatto (M), Chinese (Ch), Indian (I)
  6. Married (M) or Widowed (W)
  7. Birthplace
  8. Birthplace of father
  9. Birthplace of mother
  10. Occupation
  11. Month of death.
  12. Disease or cause of death
  13. Months in county
  14. Place disease contracted
  15. Name of attending physician

All of the above columns are displayed with the exception of:  color, place disease contracted and name of attending physician.   Additional information shown is the town/township where death is listed in 1880 Mortality Schedule.  Unless otherwise noted, deaths listed occurred between June 1, 1879 and May 31, 1880.  Rows that are struck out appear that way in the census.

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