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Cyclone of 1860


1875 Hardin County Andreas Patrons
1. Alden, Buckeye, Concord townships
2. Eldora and Ellis townships
3. Etna, Grant, Hardin townships
4. Jackson, Pleasant, Providence, Sherman, Tipton, Union townships


1881 Journal (written by an unknown young lady)


1883 History of Hardin County, Iowa, Biographical Index of People


1883 History of Hardin County, Iowa Maiden Name Index by Township. It includes the page number where the maiden names occur within the book. The book is on google.books and has the link to it.


1951 March Hardin County Jurors Listing


Hardin County: "Iowa Press Assn. 1940 Who's Who in Iowa (index)


Physicians of Hardin County


1892 Hardin Co. Plat Maps (transcribed)


County Representation


Patent Holders (Hardin Co. residents who patented an invention)


Banking in Hardin County

1. General overview of Banking in the county

2. Iowa Falls and Ackley

3. Steamboat Rock, Alden, New Providence and Union

4. Hubbard, Garden City, Whitten, Owasa and Buckeye


Land Patents (aka Grants) from the Government to Veterans of the War of 1812


Hardin County (Federal) Postmasters


1863 Hardin County Post Offices and Postmasters

1869 Hardin County Post Offices and Postmasters

1879 Hardin County Post Offices and Postmasters


Hardin County Century Farms


1865 Gazetteer Business Directory


1950 & 1952, State Historical Society of Iowa Membership Lists by County