1918 Ackley Roll of Honor (servicemen)


1885 Iowa State Census for Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines
Veterans 1 - Alden and Buckeye, Radcliffe, Eldora
Veterans 2 - Ackley, Gifford, Hubbard, Whitten
Veterans 3 - Owasa, New Providence, Steamboat Rock, Union
Veterans 4 - Iowa Falls
Veterans 5 - Iowa Falls continued


1883 - List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883 (1812-1883)


Hardin County in the Civil War


Hardin County GAR Memberships - Union Post 338

Hardin County GAR Memberships - Radcliff Post 351
Hardin County GAR Memberships - Iowa Falls Post 141

Hardin County GAR Memberships - Ackley Post 311


Hardin County GAR Posts


Hardin County Military History


Military Who Died During World War I


World War II Honor List


World War II Sailors & Marines Casualties


Killed in Action or Other Means during the Korea and Vietnam Conflicts


Union Cemetery, Union Twp, Military Dead