Olga Francis Louise KEWATT (MOELLER's)
Eldora, Iowa


Contributed by her daughters,

Marla Moeller Martin

(marla@tds.net) and

Kay Moeller Scholtz



Olga (nee Kewatt) Moeller


Eldora H.S. Graduation,

Class of 1934



Within this book so pure and white

Let none but friends presume to write

And with each line with friendship given

Drive the true thought to heaven.


Olga Kewatt – age 12


November 14, 1926

Eldora, Iowa


Dear Daughter,

The Angels lead you on the road and where you go always be your luck.


They meet you again and take you back to the golden rock.


Lovingly your Mother

Mrs. Emma (nee Orgel) Kewatt

Dear Sister,


May your life be long and happy and your enemies be few.


May your friendships be just as many as the sparkling drops of dew.


Your Brother,

Lawrence Kewatt

April 16, 1932


Dear Sister,


Remember me early.

Remember me late.

Remember me at the golden gate.


Your sister,

Geraldine Kewatt (Reece)

April 16, 1932


Dear Sister,


Call this place a garden spot.  In it plant forget-me-nots.


Your little brother,

Gerald Kewatt


Jan. 25, 1927


Dear Daughter,


When you get married and live near a lake

Save me a piece of your wedding cake.


Your Father,

Werner F. Kiewatt

Feb. 2, 1927

Eldora, Iowa


Dear Olga,


Remember me early, Remember me late,

Remember me as your old classmate.


Your friend,

Lucile Freskou?

Jan. 26, 1927


Dear Olga,


You may fall from a steeple,

You may fall from above,

But for goodness sake’s Olga

Don’t fall in love.


Lois Harwood


Nov. 16, 1926


Dear Olga,


When you get married and your husband gets cross, just come to my house and eat applesauce.

When you get old and you cannot see,

Put on your specs and think of me.


Your Friend, Faye Smith


Nov. 16, 1926


Dear Olga,


At 3 o’clock I had a drink, at 9 o’clock the world was pink.

At 10 o’clock the blow did fall.

The whisky was wood alcohol.


By Loretta H.


Jan. 2, 1926


Dear Olga,


Olga had a little lamp

And very well trained no doubt.

For ever time her fellow came

The little lamp went out.


Your cousin, Alma Orgel


Jan. 2, 1926


Dear Olga,


When you get married; and hubby gets cross,

Just come to my house, and eat cranberry sauce.


Your friend,

Louis Markley


Dear Olga,


When the roses bloom in winter and the snowflakes fall in June,


When the sun comes out at midnight and the moon comes out at noon.


When the rivers cease their flowing and two times two is ten,


When everything stops growing maybe I’ll forget you then,


Your old Pal,

Harriet G.

Eldora High School

Oct. 30, 1930


Feb. 2, 1926


Dear Olga Kewatt,


The flowers may wither, and the leaves may die.

Friends may forget you.  But never will I.

Your loving friend,  Verona Hasso



Jan. 28, 1929


Dear Olga,


When you see a frog up in the tree pull it’s tail and think of me.


Your friend,

Evelyn Reiber


Dear Olga,


Happy may you live.  Happy may you die.

A-sitting on a fencepost eating chocolate pie.


Your friend,

Alice Wickham


Oct. 24, 1930


Dear Olga:


When you are in love, its hearts.

When you are engaged its diamonds.

When you are married its clubs.

When you are dead, its spades.


Yours truly, Fern


Oct. 28, 1930


My dear Olga,


When Lindy flies over the ocean blue;

Will you please remember me.


Your classmate and friend,

Gladys Valentine


Oct. 28, 1930


Dear Olga,


When far away, and patching “britches”

Think of me between the stitches.  And

May your life be full of roses,

And your man as meek as Moses, and

Think of me, when far far off

Where the woodchucks die of whooping cough.


Marian B.


Dear Olga,


A piece of pie without cheese,

Is like a kiss without a squeeze.

Your schoolmate, Lucille Mitchell

Dear Olga,


When you are married and have twins,

Don’t call on me for safety pins.


Elvira Schwebke


Oct. 28, 1930


Dear Olga,


A girls heart is like a pot of gold

A boys heart is like a box of snuff

When you get a little you get enough


Your friend,

Marsella Eckhoff?


April 9, 1930

Eldora High


Dear Olga,


There is room for my name in your album

There is room for my name in your heart

There is room for us both in heaven

Where we never more shall part.

Work is hard.  Men are plenty.

Don’t’ get married till you’re twenty.


Your schoolmate,

Dorothy Pickett


Jan. 28, 1927


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

If the Ford won’t go

Then walk you must.


Your friend,

Maxine Sayer


April 15, 1932


Dear Olga,


The higher the mountain,

The cooler the breeze,

The younger the couple,

The tighter the squeeze.


Your friend,

Maxine Parrish



April 15, 1932


Dear Olga,


When you get married and live on a hill,


I’ll send you a kiss by a whippoorwill.


Your friend,

Mary Hegar


Dear Olga,


Last in your album,


Last in your heart


Last to be remembered


And first to be forgot,


Your friend,

Anna Kangley

Olga married Earl F. Moeller at Eldora, on Sept. 28th, 1945.  She was born Nov. 13, 1914 in  Kilkenny, MN, moved to Eldora at a young age.  Shortly after marrying our father they moved to Clark County, WI.  She died in WI, July 11, 1973.


My mother's parents were Werner F. Kiewatt (Kewatt) and Emma Orgell.  They are both buried at Eldora, IA.




20 Feb 2011