Old Eldora Map Has Business Locations


The Eldora Herald-Ledger (Eldora, Iowa, Thu, August 4, 1938

Harry Hammond, while looking over some old papers, found a four-page pamphlet issued by his father, J.H. Hammond, in the ear ly seventies. The elder Mr. Hammond then conduted a drug store in the present location of the J.H. Bremmer store. The pamphlet has on the two inside pages a map of a larger part of the business district, showing the location of each store. One page is given to an advertisement of Mr. Hammond's business and the other was left blank for correspondence.

The courthouse then stood in the present jail location, and the present courthouse block was a public park. Facing the park on the north side, beginning at the present bank corner, were the following business houses: Hardin County Bank; Geo. Knowlton, music store; New York store; Bowdle & Newcomer, milinery; Ezra Nuckolls, Jewelry; building to be erected by I.K. Buck & Bros,; hardware and stoves; D. V. Ellsworth, drugs; Whitney & Hadley, hardware.






Going sourth from the present W.H. Burrows corner were: dry goods store; C.E. Albrook, upstairs; gocery store; boots and shoes and jewelry store; two residences; City Bank of Eldora; post office, J. Edgington, P.M.; R. Wells, meat market; dry goods store; J.H. Hammond, drugs; Commercial house, S.R. Edgington & Son.

On the south side, beginning at the present location of Elva's cafe, were: U-T-K Clothing and A.T. Loring, insurance; restaurant; J.L. Ridgway, restaurant; W.S. Ward, tailor; Mrs. E.A. Coltrin, millinery & notions; boots and shoes, vacant; furniture, vacant, paint shop.

The Gibbs house stood on the present location of the Baptist church. South of it was Do. Morse's office; Souvereign & Co.