Something different for your researching. These lists come from the below book. The lists contain the maiden names, dates of marriage and places of marriage (if it could be determined) and the husband's first and last names and the page number where the entry is located in the book. I didn't want to guess when it came to the information, so if I didn't verify it, I left it blank.

The book has been scanned and if you use your search engine for 1883 history of Hardin County, Iowa book. The information is arranged by township and is in order by pages. The fastest way to find someone is to go back to the front page of Hardin County IAGenWeb and use the search feature if you have any idea as to names you're looking for. Otherwise, you may have to search the townships indivdually. Townships are listed below.

These names are from many, many biographies of pioneers and businessmen who settled in Hardin Co. There is a lot of valuable information in the bios if you'll check them out.


1883 History of Hardin County, Iowa, Together with Sketches of Its Towns, Villages and Townships, Educational, Civil, Military and Political History; Portraits of Prominent Persons, and Biographies of Representative Citizens


Alden Township
Buckeye Township
Clay Township
Concord Township
Eldora Township
Ellis Township
Etna Township
Grant Township
Hardin Township
Jackson Township
Pleasant Township
Providence Township
Sherman Township
Tipton Township
Union Township