Lost and Found Pictures of Hardin County Residents (updated 2014)


*  Snippets from the Alden Times (will add more these coming months)

*  Old Eldora Map has Business Locations (1938)

*  Ballard, Brown, Fields, Lepley, Madole, Miller, Moore and Thayer Family Album

*  B. C. Snyder & Miss Jessie Miller Marriage

*  George Cousin & Miss Leta Leland Marriage

*  Dr. Charles McAllister & Miss Fannie Spencer Marriage

*  Fred L. Spencer & Miss Lotta Taylor Marriage

*  Dr. W. H. Lewis & Miss Maragretta Campbell Marriage

*  Mr. and Mrs. L.P. Jones 50th Wedding Anniversary

*  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Whited 50th Wedding Anniversary

*  Olga Moeller's "Little Autograph Book, 1926-1932"

*  Charles Nolte and Gertrude Eichenberg Marriage Certificate (.pdf file)

*  Letter from W.J. Moir of Eldora, IA to Marcus Packard, Esq., dated October 14, 1857
   provided by Rich Adams of Lansing, Michigan: page 1,   page 2,   page 3

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Dr. Nathan Clark Morse, M.D.

Dr. Nathan Morse, M.D.
Eldora, IA

submitted by Mimi Matthews


Alden High School - 1911 Alden High School - Undated

Alden High School, Iowa Class of 1911

1. Blanch Wood
2. Betha Wagner
3. Laura Barhite
4. Clifford Miller
5. Fane Brock
6. Mildred Schaub
7. Bessie Young
8. Lois Edwards
9. Golda Leiser
Raymond Sheperd
Delinco Walker
10. Oscar Klein
12. Clem Rummell
13. Channcey Wressel

1. Clara Urmson 2nd from left end row 1
2. Clem Rummel 1st from 2nd row
3. Miss Whitsey? between first row and second row
Alta Bushman 4th from left 2nd row
4. Laird 1st in center row
Langerson top row 3rd from right hand

Possible Reunion in Alden, Iowa
Reunion in Alden, Iowa? Alden High School of 1936


Alden High School

Clarence Barhite
Mabel Whitney
Mr. Mahlke
Clem Rummell
Floyd Barhite

Luin Cousins
Genevieve Furry
HJarry Lawton
Viola Fulton
Daniel Kane
Millicent Beer

Hulda Klein
Charles Vieth
Myrtle Harris
Ralph McBride
Mabel Laird
Albert Nelson

Alden High School

Elta Kellogg
Mabel Whitney (Teacher)
Miss Hilton (Music Teacher)
Henry Cecil
Clem Rummell
Cora Nelson
Lena Harms

Art Bushman
Leo Nott
Marie Ackerman
Bob Beer
Benjamin Schultz

Hallie Owens
Theresa Kane
Marie E. Barret
Grace Ranny

Backside of this photo



Alden Business Men of the 1890s. Click on picture to see larger picture.

BACK ROW, Left to Right
George Groner
John Crocket
Frank Furry
Clint Catlin
Oscar Wagner
Aleck Winterfield
Fred Spencer
Lou Rummel
Mark Furry
Johnnie Dale

MIDDLE ROW, Left to Right
Claude Bennett
Chas. Christian
Frank Nimocks
Otto Schultz
Frank Crockett

FRONT ROW, Left to Right
Will Miller
Ad. Utley
Jo Byers
Montie Whitney
Chas. Furry



Harvey Reynolds Marian Reynolds

Harvey Reynolds
(submitted by Sandy Whiston)

Marian Reynolds
(submitted by Sandy Whiston)


Hardin County, Iowa Pictures
Scenes around Hardin County donated by Deborah Dormanesh (debbieslaptop@yahoo.com)
Debbie's family is the Haggin Family


Taalke Eggers
Ackley - Taalke Eggers, pioneer from Etna County,
maiden name: Steenblock
B. Oct 9, 1826 in Germany
came to America in 1851
1883 History of Hardin Co., Iowa


Alyward Family of Alden, IA
Alyward Family of Alden, IA (Kate Alyward in Picture)


1903 Graduation Class (Academy?)
1903 Graduation Class (Academy?)


Mae Wood Mae Wood 1891
Mae Wood 1909 Mae Wood 1891, other child unknown, probably sister?


Mary Talbott Wood
Mary Tallbot Wood ~ 1900


Steamboat Rock Common School 10-3-1934
Oct. 3, 1934 Steamboat Rock Common School


Lawn Hill Depot, Iowa Detail of Lawn Hill Depot People
Lawn Hill, Hardin County, Iowa Depot Edwin Foster Family (detail of depot picture)


Edwin Foster
Edwin Foster
Lawn Hill Depot and Edwin Foster provided by Descendants of Edwin Foster