Hardin County Historical House at Eldora, Iowa

Since 1972, the Hardin County Historical Society has been preserving what has come before, for the enjoyment and enlightenment of future generations. Unique to the Society is the preservation of a turn of the century Victorian style dwelling known to most locals as simply, the Historical House.


1603 Washington Street
Eldora, IA 50627

Lea Babcock





Thursdays, 1-4pm

Fridays, 1-4pm

1st & 3rd Saturday of each month


The Hardin County Historical House was built in 1891 as a residence by the widow of Lyman Wisner (Julia), a wealthy land owner in Hardin County.  In 1893 she died, leaving her property to her housekeeper, Kate Robertson.   Miss Robertson sold the house on Aug. 24, 1893 to C. E. Albrook.  C. E. Albrook then sold the house to E. H. Lundy on July 19, 1912.  E. H. Lundy sold back to C. E. Albrook on March 15, 1913 and C. E. Albrook to A. M. Cloud on July 15, 1914.   A. M. Cloud sold the house on July 28, 1924 to Dan W. Turner, distinguished Civil War veteran, and a stockholder of The Farmer's Exchange Bank of Steamboat Rock.  Mr. Turner moved from Steamboat Rock into the house with his son Harry and daughter Nellie.   After the death of the elder Turner on Sept. 7, 1932, the house became the property of Harry H. Turner and wife.  On July 19, 1933, Turner sold the house to Nellie A. Turner who later married Charles Speers, a local merchant.  After the death of Charles Speers, Nellie continued to reside in the house with her housekeeper until her death on Nov. 5, 1972 at the age of 95 yrs.  Following the death of Nellie, the Hardin County Historical Society purchased the property through public donations in December, 1972.  Several improvements have been made to the property.  The Carriage House, which is located on the same grounds as the Historical House, was restored in 1985.  It is open for viewing during all open house events.