Past and Present of Hardin Co., Iowa 1911 Biographies by Linda Suarez (off-site)

Past and Present of Hardin Co., Iowa 1883 Biographies by Linda Suarez (off-site)

Jacob Miller Outline of Descendents Report

Henry Alden

George Bigelow

Lyman Bunce

Alden Catlin

Stephen Catlin

Sumner Kemp

G. G. Pritchard

Martin Pritchard

Irving Whitney

George Washington Beebe

Margaret Jane Boyle

John Snow Howard Letters

Juncker Family

Lupkes Genealogy Web Pages

Charles I. Merrick

John W. Moffett

Whatever Happened to Eldon Carey Moon?

The Rath Family of Ackley, Iowa

Ancestors of Loren Toomsen

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Whitney

Article on Irving Giles Whitney

Descendents of John P. Wicks

Florentine Lake (1832-1906) (3-page biography)

Florentine Lake by Granddaughters Elsie June Lake Neuenfeldt and Esther Marie Lake Dougan

Deliah Scott Lake (1835-1928) (Florentine's wife)

Esther Marie Lake Dougan (1901-2004), profile