Record of Wills, Book "B", Hardin County


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TEMPLE, Erastus Will dated 2 Apr 1866. Of Lamartine, Fond du Lac County, WI. Wife, Mary M. Temple; nephew, Edwin C. Temple and neice, Mary E. Temple, minors. Witnesses: James Gaffy, John Hall and Daniel Clark. Executor, wife Mary.
THOMAS, William H. Will dated 18 Sep 1872. Of Eldora, Hardin County. Wife, Alice; 6 children: William, John, Thomas, Richard, George and Eliza Jane Penelerick. Witnesses: A.E. Smith and C. Burling. Executors: A.M.. Boudle and Richard Thomas.
WATRON, Ezeliel Will dated 29 Apr 1871. Of Hardin County. Wife, Catharine; children: Armstrong, Daniel W., William Wilson S., Martha Ann, Emeline A., Harriet, Nancy Tompson, Sarah Hurn. Witnesses: M.J.Crosser and C.A. Clark. Executor: Isaac S. Moore.
WHIPPLE, Mary E. Will dated 30 Jul 1869. Of Iowa Falls, Hardin County. Aged 25 years. Late husband, Alonzo A., infant son, Walter A. Whipple. Sisters: Lydia Bailey and Elizabeth C. Saye. Witnesses: Lydia F. Smith and S.G. Gibbs. Executor: James S. Smith.
WHITESEL, George L. Will dated 24 Jun 1862. Of Allegheny County, PA. Wife, unnamed; my two children: Mary Jane and Margaret Witsell. Witnesses: H.M. Pillow and A. Pillow - may have been another witness but page is torn. Executor not listed.
WILKINSON, Robert Will dated 22 Aug 1874. Of Etna Township, Hardin County. Wife, Alice; children but only James listed before tear on page. Witnesses: George Pattee and C.F. Muffly. Executor: Alice Wilkinson.
WOODWARD, Samuel Will dated 21 Dec 1858. Of Providence Twp., Hardin County. Wife: Abigail; children: Andrew J., William A., Nathan S., Pryer C., deceased, Charles E., Elizabeth McCracken, Margaret A. Canady, Mary E. Smith, John D., Samuel M., Hannah M. Warner, Henry M., Abraham R. and Jesse R. Witnesses: Jeremiah S. Hadley and William Hinshaw. Executor: Laben Hammer.