Record of Wills, Book "B", Hardin County


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PAGE, John C. Will dated 17 Feb 1873. Of Iowa Falls, Hardin County. Wife, Abigail H; children: Austin B., Marilina P. Phelps, wife of Mathew Phelps and son Moses Sylvester Page. Witnesses: Avery Palmer and Riley Werlundh. Executors; wife Abigail and Robert S. Titus.
PALMER, Abraham Will dated 5 May 1852. Wife, Sarah and son Abraham. Witnessess: Solomon Jones and Mary A. Jones. Executors: son, Abraham, and John Caldwill.
PHILLIPS, Edwin R. Will dated 19 Aug 1863. Of Hardin County. Brother, Oliver; mother, Polly O. Phillips. Witnesses: J.H. Fausseau, Eliza Rausseau and D.C. Attwater. Executor: Mother, Polly O. Phillips.
PIERCE, Alvanus Will dated 30 Sep 1869. Wife, Sarah M., Julia, daughter of my daughter Mary Small; George Kibbee, son of my deceased daughter Juliana Kibbee; Wallace and Orpha Pierce, children of my son James; Asher L. and Julia S. Preshi, chidren of Theodoria Preshi; daughter Ann J. Wilson. Witnesses: Ezra Nicjols, W.J. Moir, Cyrus Runka and Chas. F. Boynton. Executor: J.Q. Patterson.
PRICE, Nancy Ann Will dated 10 May 1871. Wife of B.m.B. Price of the town of Union, Hardin County; son, James William. Witnesses: A.J. Smith, B.H. Butterfield and J.H. King. Eecutor, husband, B.M.V. Price.
REECE, Abram L. Will dated 27 Sep 1873. Of Providence Twp., Hardin County. Wife, Mary A.; 6 children: Columbos, Hughston, Meiles Sylvester, America Elizabeth, Sarah Delancy. Levi Sanford and Leonard. Witnesses: C.W. Williams and T.A. Williams. Executors: wife, Mary A., and brother, William Reece.
REED, Andrew Will dated 6 Dec 1866. Of Hardin County. Son James; grandson, John W. Reed, children of my son James; Isabel Reed, wife of James Reed, nephew, Jacob Reed, son of my brother, David; Andrew Reed, son of my nephew Jacob Reed; Andrew Reed, son of my nephew, Samuel Reed; grandaughters; Catharine Reed, Susannah Reed Wilcox, Mary Ellen Reed, Margaret Reed, Elizabeth Reed and Martha Isabel Reed. Witnesses: Peter Lipley, Solomon W. Richard, Moses Ranbo and John H. Hartinger. Executor: W.J. Moir.
REITER, Clarissa A. Will dated 16 Jan 1875. Of Jackson County, Iowa. Son, James A., Witnesses: J. McCarty, W.S. Rogers, B.J. Miles. Executor Wm. J. Moir.
RENSHAW, George Y. Will dated 9 Feb 1860. Of Hardin County. Wife, Maria; my 3 children: Anetta, Susanna and Cornelius, minors. Witnesses: Wm. Jones and Richard McSweeney. Executor, brother, David Renshaw.
RICE, Silvanus Will dated 28 Apr 1868. Of Hardin County. Wife, Laura T.; Step-son, John R. Lord, a minor. Witnesses: W.H. Bell and Thos. B. Lamb. Executor: Laura T. Rice.
RILEY, James Will dated 14 May 1873. Of Adams, Green County, WI. My father and mother; my sister, Mary, wife of ? Riley; my sister Ann, wife of Patrick Barnett; sister, Catharine Riley. Witnesses: James Briggs, Thomas Byrnes and Martin Conway. Executor: Thomas Byrnes.
ROBB, James Will dated 13 Mar 1875. Of Etna Twp., Hardin County. Wife, Rachel; children: Mary T.. Barnes, Milford, Liberty Jane, Eugene, Flora G., Frank.. Witnesses: Joseph Strahorn, S.W. Shaner and G.A. Graves. Executors: Rachael Robb and Augustine Leiser.
ROBB, Levina Will dated 5 Oct 1866. Of Hardin County. Son, Benjamin D. Witnesses: W.J. Parker and H.A. Parker. No executor named.
ROSS, John Will dated 22 Feb 1864. Of Berlin, Hardin County. Wife, Amelia C., son John William, a minor; brother Lachlin?; sisters, Jane Noble, Elizabeth McIntosh, Ann Noble, Mary McDane, Catharine Ross and Margaret Ross. Witnesses: Allen Gleer and N.L. Gleer. Executor: James McBane.
RUNGGER, Ursula Will dated 24 Jul 1874. My daughters: Ursula Johnke, Catherine Horberg and Mary Rath. Witnesses: page torn. Executor, Andrew Rath.
SAFLEY, Eliza Will dated 4 Feb 1859. Of Cedar County, Owa. 39 years of Age. Children: Huldah T., George W., Laura E., Dennis M. Peet, a minor; Wilbur R. Teet. Witnesses: George Safley and Jos. K. Snyder. Executor: husband, James Safley.
SEEVERS, Augustus F. Will dated 15 Apr 1875. Of Baltimore, Maryland. Daughter, Mary R. Huges; brother, William Seevers. Witnesses: Richard McShiny, Henry R. Noel and John Wall. Executor: Mary R. Hughes.
SEFLER, Catharine Will dated 5 Dec 1870. Of Buckeye, Hardin Couty. Son, Joseph Sefler, Witnesses: Helen B. Van Bramer, W.M. Van Bramer and J.H. Foster. Executor: Norman Van Bramer.
SMITH, Samuel Will dated 24 Sep 1854. Mentions wife but page torn not readable for wife and children. Witnesses: Robert Putnam and John N. Cast. Executor: Samuel Smith, son.
STEENBARGER, W.E. Will dated 26 Dec 1873. Wife L.L. Witnesses: John Canklin and Joseph Steenbarger. No Executor.