Record of Wills, Book "B", Hardin County


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LAMBRIGHT, Mary M. Will dated 26 Jul 1868. Daughter of the late Jacob Kidwater deceased. Husband, Jacob Lambright. Witnesses: Allen Greer and Henry Lambright. No executor listed.
LASHER, Jacob Will dated 29 Feb 1872. Of Etna Twp., Hardin County. 51 years. Wife, Henryetta; children: Sarah, John, Henry, Daniel, George, Jacob and Rachel. Witnesses: George Pattie and Jason Pattie. Executor. C.T. Muffly.
LYON, David Will dated 9 Sep 1870. Wife, Sarah to who wedded over 50 years. Witnesses: Otis P. Arnold and Oscar W. Garrison. Executor: Sarah Lyon.
MCCARTNEY, Benjamin F. Will dated 25 Dec 1856. Of St. Joseph County, Indiana. To the 6 children of my brother Nathaniel McCartney, late of Oregon Territory, deceased, William Henry, Mary Louisa, Benjamin Franklin, Albert, John and the youngest who name is unknown to me, my niece Mary Jane Higgenbotham, wife of Dr. Samuel Higgenbotham, my niece Mary Minerva Crockett, they the daughters of Harrison M. Crockett and my sister Gabrilla Crockett and to Martha Ann Crockett, daughter of Harrison N. Crockett by a former wife now deceased but no blood relative of mine; to the children of my deceased brother William; Hiram McCartney and Eliza Jane, she now married but the name of her husband I do not recollect; to Henry Thomas, son of Exekiel Thomas and his wife Mary, my deceased sister. Witnesses: Jno. Harpey, John T. Lindsey, Wm. Rockman and James Davis. Executor: friend, William G. Whitman.
MCINTYRE, Alpheus Will dated 28 Sep 1863. Of Hardin County, Wife, Cordelia M. son, Frank, 13 years old last November 13th day; daughter, Almy, being now 9 years old the eleventh day of the present month; son, Edgar, now six years the 4th of last March and my youngest son Cassius M., now 2 years the 19th day of last August. Children by former wives mentioned but not named. Witnesses: John Dounena, S.G. Winchester and J.D. Hunter. Executors: wife, Cordelia M. and William J. Moir.
MANN, John Will dated 5 Dec 1874. Of Hardin County. 58 years. Wife, Polly; children: Elsie White, William, Isaac, Ansel, Albert, Justine, Charles and Daniel. Witnesses: S.M. Waver and D.D. Hampton. Executor: wife, Polly.
MILLER, Jacob T. Will dated 20 May 1856. Of Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. Sister, Mary A,. Campbell, wife of Abner C. Campbell; brother, Charles M. Miller; brother, William H. Miller; sister, Catharine M. Potter, wife of Ezra Potter. Codicil added 20 May 1858. Witnesses: G.W. Tapscott and Sister Kennedy. Executors; Ezra Potter, Abner C. Campbell and brother, William H. Miller.
MILLER, Solomon Will dated 1 Jan 1863. Of Clear Creek Twp., Warren County, Ohio. Wife, Ruth; sons: Thomas, Lewis N., Joseph H.; sons-in-law: David W. Suplow and William Jones; sons: John F. and David H; grandson, Solomon Johnson; daughters: Ann Luptow, Mary Jones and Lydia Griest. Codicil added 31 Aug 1863. Witnesses: Joseph Wright and W.P. Peebles. Executors; Thomas Miller and Lewis N. Miller.
MOODY, Samuel Will dated 5 Aug 1854. Of Ashland County, Ohio. Wife, Margaret Ann. No witnesses named. Executors: William Ralston and Jacob Meyers.
MOON, Harvilah B. Will dated 26 Sep 1861. Of Providence Twp., Hardin County. Age 24 years. Mentions William N. Moon. Witnesses: J.F. Borwn and I.D. Hunter. No executor named.
MORRILL, Hugh Will dated 14 Dec 1869. Of Ellis Twp., Hardin County, late from Erie County, PA. Farmer. Wife, Mary; children: Hugh, son, only child named. Witnesses: J.L. Lyen and Mary Snider. Executor not named.
MOSELY, Francis O. Will dated 6 Mar 1873. Of Lake County, Ohio and formerly Hardin County, Iowa. Wife, Sarah A.; daughter, Myrtle B. Mosely, a minor. Witnesses: S.B. Baker and Lucetta D. Baker. Executor: wife, Sarah A.
MOTT, Juda M. Will dated 20 Jul 1863. Of the 18th Regt, Michigan Infantry. My mother and sisters and father. This is all I can now think of as I am to weak to write and hereby authorize Capt. B.J. Partridge to write and close this will. Witnesses: B.J. Partridge, Capt, 16gh Regt. Michigan Infantry and George Baird, 2nd Lieut., Co. I, 16th Michigan Volunteers. Executor: my father and 2 eldest sisters.
MUHLENBEIN, Christ Will Dated 27 June 1872. Of Tipton Twp., Hardin County. Wife, Helena; children: Amelia and Theodore. Witnesses: T. Jeff Diveu and Jonathon D. Fiddler. Executor: Charles Hoelscher, brother-in-law.
MYERS, John B. Will dated 23 Dec 1862. Of Clear Creek Twp, Ashland County, Ohio. Mentions wife who is not named. Children: David, Abraham, Jacob, Catherine, Samuel, Mahlon, Sally, Elizabeth, John, Barbary, Amanda and Alvina. Witnesses: Jacob E. Breneman and John Bryte. Executors: Jacob A. Miller and son, Abraham J. Myers.
NEELAND, Joseph Will dated 31 Jan 1862. Of Guernsey County, Ohio. Children: Eliza Neeland, Sara Jane Plummer, Robert Neeland, Nathaniel Neeland, Mary Jane Monroe and Catharine Ogrin. Witnesses: Vincent Haynes and John Ogrin. Executors: Isaac Monroe and John Ogrin.
NEGUS, Benj. Will dated 8 Apr 1874. Of Union Hardin. Age 57 years. Wife, Mercy Ann. Witnesses: O.D. Wood and Alvan LeRoy. Executor: Edwin Temple.
NORTHRUP, Daniel P. Will dated 25 Aug 1857. Of Clinton, Oneida County but more recently of DeWitt in the county of Onondago in the state of NY. Wife, Beulah; children: Daniel, Charlotte R. Cove, Mary Humiston, Susan Worden and Lester H; Charles, George formerly called A---? and Ana Anthoney Northrup, the children of my deceased son George. Codicil added 1 May 1858. Witnesses: N.R. Chapman and Beulah Northrup. Executors: son, Daniel and son-in-law, Manni? P. Worden.
OWEN, James Will dated 20 Dec 1870. Of New Providence, Hardin County. Wife, not named: 5 children at home: Claramina, Anna T., Clesta L., James Calvin, Elmira L. also children: John Willson, Malinda R. Hund, William. Witnesses: T.A. Benbow and George E. Hunnicutt. Executors, Elmira Owen and William R. Owen.