Record of Wills, Book "B", Hardin County


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HADLEY, Cyrus W.

Will dated 16 Mar 1872. Of Hardin Co. Wife, Eliza Jane; Children, Minnie S. Hadley and James Harvey. Witnesses: Cyrus A. Lundy and Lindley W. Carter. Executor: Eliza Jane Hadley.

HALL, Clarissa Will dated 1871. Month and day blank. Of town of Union, Hardin Co. Children: Mrs. Julia W. Cole, wife of Fenton W. Cole, Windsor, Brown Co., NY; Mrs. Laura H. Devine, wife of John Devine, Union, Hardin Co., Iowa, and Mrs. Amanda Eastman, wife of Hon. E.W. Eastman, Eldora, Hardin Co., Witnesses: E.S. Savin and David Savin. Executor unnamed.
HARLAN, Hanson Hamilton Page is torn - no date. OF Hardin County. Wife, Narcissa; children: George W. Harlan and Emily Eliza Harlan. Bottom half of the page is missing.
HILLS, John Will dated 5 Aug 1853. Wife, Catharine and children - names not given. Witnesses: Isaac Johnson, Arthur Johnson and Thomas Lane. No executor named.
HOCKETT, Isaac Will dated 17 Jun 1858. Of Hardin County. Wife, Elizabeth; children, Charles was the only name. Witnesses: James L. Tulbert, Asher Kersey and John Hockett, Jr. Executor: Friend, William B. Hockett.
HOCKETT, Isaac Will dated 30 Sep 1865. Of Hardin County. Wife, Sarah; daughter, Elizabeth Smith; heirs of my daughter, Margaret Beard; son, Francis; heirs of my son Stephen; son, John, daughter, Susannah; son-in-law, Levi Hampton; daughter, Mary; heirs of my son Isaac; son Ezra. Witnesses: John T. Hodson and Rachel Tulburt. Executors: James Lundy and James Tulburt.
HOLLINGSWORTH, William Will dated 4 Sep 1855. Of Tippacone County, Indiana. Children: John, Elihu, Milton, Olive H. Kelly, Hannah Hawkins, Eli, Josephus and Addison. Grandchildren: Sarah Adalene Haleman, Aseneth Haleman and William Hollingswrth. Witnesses: Sanford C. Cox, Buddle Sluper and Benjamin Hollingsworth. Executor: nephew, Amos Hollingsworth.
HOUGH, John Will dated 28 Nov 1870. Of Hardin County. Wife, Keziah who is also the executrix. Witnesses: Elias Vick and O.W. Garrison.
HOSKINS, William Will dated 18 Sep 1873. Of Hardin County. Wife, Marcilla; children: John, Thomas, Jacob, George, Robert, Sarah Winterbottom, Huldah Burgess and Mary Ann Moore. Witnesses: John Stotser and Samuel Harrison. Executor: S.S. Wilson.
HUGHES, Judy M. Will Dated 13 Dec 1870. Of Providence, Hardin County. 63 years. Children: Nancy P. Waterfield, living in Black Hawk County, Iowa. Josiah and daughter, Savey Hughes. Witnesses: J.A. Allgood and Mary H. Hampton. Executor: Abel H. Morris.
HUMESTON, Elial B. Will dated 14 Apr 1874. Of Hardin County. Wife, Prudence; children: Polly Johnson, Sylvester, Enos, Luisa Scott and Phebe Hall. Witnesses not named. Executor: Enos Humeston.
JOHNS, George Will dated 7 May 1864. Of Clay Township, Hardin County. Wife, Marie and sone Henry and David. Witnesses: William Leverton and E.W. Eastman. No executor named.
JOHNSON, Archilbald Will dated 21 Feb 1861. Of Pleasant Township, Hardin County. Children: Harriet Sharn, Pearson Washington, Israel Asher, Huldah Catharine. Wife, Catharine and minor children: Lewis Anson, Archibald, William, Thomas Jefferson and Esther Jane. Witnesses: Thomas J. Hunter and Samuel Hubbard. Executor: Wife, Catharine.
JOHNSON, Elizabeth Will dated 20 Oct 1874. Of Ackley, Hardin County. Sisters: Matilda Diller, wife of John and Mrs. Mary Brink of Canton, PA. My 3 children: Henry Tracy, age 21; Lawrence Tracy, age 19; James Tracy, age 15. Witnesses: W. Francis, S. Block and A.W. Bryson. Executor: Matilda Diller.
JONES, Willerton Will dated 10 Jul 1856. Wife, Elizabeth; adopted daughter, Hannah Jane. Witnesses: Isaac Cook and Lincoln B. Cook. Executor: wife, Elizabeth.
KERR, Robert Will dated 4 Feb 1864. Children: Martha Moore, Robert William Kerr, deceased. Witnesses: A.M. Mulfow and Thomas N. Harper. Executor: Alfred Moore, son-in-law.
KIDWEBER, Jane Will dated 19 Jul 1867. Of Jackson Twp, Hardin County. Brothers and sister: Michael C. Kidweber, Mary Lampbright, Charles A. Kidweber and Adam F. Kidweber. Witnesses: Allen Greer and Nancy Bell. Executor: Michael C. Kidweber.
KING, Robert Will dated 25 Dec 1863. Of New Providence, Hardin County, Wife, Sarah L.; father, Famuel; mother, Content; brothers, Obed, Ezra and John H; sister, Deborah A. Witnesses: S.S. Mulford and William E. Andrews. Executor: wife, Sarah L.
KING, Sarah Will dated 5 Jul 1865. Of Providence, Hardin County. Children: Louis S., Clinton S., and Elvy C., all minors. No wintesses listed. Executors; Stephen S. Mulford and Ezra King.