Record of Wills, Book "B", Hardin County


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ANDREWS, John Will dated Jul 17, 1857. Of Hardin Co, Iowa. Wife Edna. Witnesses: David Hunt & William E. Andrews. Executors: my 2 sons Benjamin C. and Eleazer - the former of Jefferson and the latter of Hardin counties.
BARNES, Jacob Will dated Dec 20, 1871. Of Hardin Co., Iowa. 60 years of age. Wife Eunice; daughter, Martha L. Gwinup; son, John W. Other children mentioned: Rebecca A., Luzema Barnes and George W. Witnesses: P.C. Carter & Jonathan Hodson. Executors: wife, Eunice & Zimri Allen.
BEDWELL, Gideon C. Will dated 16 Mar 1870. Of New Providence, Hardin Co., Iowa. Sister, Jane Ann Stover and her children: Egbert P., Charles B., William B., and Alfred, all minors; sister, Catharine B. Andrews and her children: Edna Jane, Dillwyn C., Estella and John H.; brother William Bedwell and his daughter Cynthia and Son Elwood; brothers, Eleazer and Alfred. Witnessee: A.M. Mulford and S.S. Mulford, Executor; Stephen S. Mulford.
BOLDEN, Wm. A. Will dated 11 Oct 1857. Of Alden Twp., Hardin Co., Iowa. Wife, Emiline and children: Sarah Jane, Jas. Benjamin, Fanny Maria, Francis Marion, Mary Emeline, Margarett Ann, Hiram Philomon, Perthena Ellen, Nathan Smith, all minors, also my daughter Hannah Elizabeth Philo, wife of Chas. D. Philo. Witnesses: Lott Clover, Milton Clover and John H. Foster. Executors: J.F. Samond & John J. Popejoy.
BOWMAN, James L. Will dated 11 Jul 1855. Of Brownsville, Fayette Co., PA. Wife, Matilda; brother Goodloe, oldest male member of my family; deceased son, William S.; brother Nelson B.; sister, Anne Switzer; sister, Matilda McKennan of Washington, wife of Wm. McKennan; to Jacob B. McKennan, son of my deceased sister Harriet; to Eliza McSherry, intermarried with Nelson Snowden; to Lavinia Graham married to James L. Bowman, son of my brother Goodloe; John Howard, Wm. R. Isabella, and Annie, children of brother Goodloe; W., Isabella and J. Bowman, children of sister Ann S. Switzer; brother Nelson, a batchelor. Witnesses: D.S. Knox and Wm. Sidurth. Executors: Goodloe H. Bowman and Wm. McKennan.
BOYD, Paul Will dated 2 Jun 1865. Of Hardin County, Iowa. My daughter, Mary whom I suppose to be in Colorado with her mother. My 2 children: Alice and John, minors. My 2 children: Sarah & Paul by my wife in Scotland, who now resides in Scotland. Witnesses: Andrew Holden & L.F. Cotter. Executors: Peter O. Doud and ? Meagan.
BREED, Nathan Will dated 8 Aug 1871. Of Lynn, Essex Co., Mass. Wife, Mary E; son-in-law, Henry W. Hacker; friends, Moses F. Rogers and Owen Dame, all of Lynn; 3 daughters, Sarah B. Hacker, Mary L. Bradford, Catharine B. Hacker; Lucy, daughter of Catharine B. Hacker. Witnesses: Valentine Meader, Green Paige and Elbridge Sorefoy. Executors: Henry M. Hacker, Moses T. Rogers and Owen Dame.
BUSHMAN, John A. Will dated 24 Nov 1872. Of Union Twp., Hardin County. Wife, Roxy Ann. Witnesses: A.F. Wood, Cyrus Shaffner and Joseph R. Bushman. Executor: Roxy Ann.
CESSNA, Elizabeth Will dated 30 Jan 1872. Of Jackson Twp., Hardin Co., 17 years of age. Husband, William; daughter, Mary, an infant under 1 year of age. Wtnesses: George Cessna and Ruhannah Cessna. Executor: husband, William.
CONGER, Jonathan Will dated 22 Jan 1857. Wife, Lydia; children: Nancy Ellen Parker, John B. Conger, Charles H. Conger, Eliza Jane Conger and Lucy Ann Conger. The 4 children of my daughter Mary Susan Blair, now deceased. Witnesses: J.R. Lawrence and Henry Buchner. Executor, wife Lydia.
CUNDIFF, John Will dated 21 Jul 1873. Of Hardin Co., Iowa. Wife, Ruth and children: William Dayton, John Bryant. Minors, George Allen, Jacob, Herman, Ada and Stephen. Witnesses: G.H. Reynolds, I. L. Crittenden and Grant Barnes. Executor not named.
DEAN, William Wiill dated 20 Feb 1856. Son, William Dean, Jr., Witnesses: John G. Davis, W.N. Bradley and W. McConner? Executor not named.
ELLIS, A.A. Will daated 7 Aug 1869. Of Clay Twp., Hardin Co. Wife, Susan Elizabeth. Witnesses: T.H. Robertson and A.L. Minsell. Executor, Susan Elizabeth Ellis.
FINDLAYSON, James C. Will dated 15 Jul 1875. Of Hardin Co, Wife, Helen S. Witnesses: W.J. Moir, R.G. Miller and Margaret Emerson. Executor: D. M. Underwood.
FLINT, Maren M. Will dated 6 Mar 1874. Husband, S.P. Flint; daughter, Louisa A. Witnesses: A.W. Wales and R.C. Wright.. No Executor named.
GEORGE, Jacob Will dated 21 Oct. 1869. Of Hardin Co. Wife, Martha; Children: John T., Wm. Francis Fiddler, Ann Palmer, Maria Speers, James, Martha W. Maxwell, Thomas C. and Russell B. Witnesses: John H Corlton and D.N. Holmes. Executor: Osca W. Garrison.
GOULD, Asa W. Willdated 21 Nov 1869. Of Eldora, Hardin C. Mechanic. Daughter, Lissie Swartout; son, A. Delbert; nephew, Franklin B. Gould. Witnesses: M.H. Hughs, Gardner Spencer andAaron Porter. Executor: Franklin G. Gould.
GREEN, Allen Will dated 4 Jan 1875. Of Hardin Co. Wife, Rebecca R., Children: Laura E. Gould, Henry C., Wm. A. Witnesses: R. Heath, Ernest Kasch and O. Grisbie. Executors: William A. Green and John W. Crippen.