1903 Allden Times (from the Eldora Enterprise)

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Whited 50th Wedding Anniversary

To Celebrate Golden Anniversary

The following clipped from the Eldora Enterprise of last week will be read with much interest by the Alden friends of the parties: Mr. and Mrs Stephen Whited will have been maried fifty years next Tuesday, and the many friends of this worthy couple intend to assist them in observing this somewhat noteworthy occurrence. Fifty years is a good long time and but few married people are privileged to enjoy such a long journey together. Mr. and Mrs. Whited were united in marriage at Pittsfield, Mich., May 5, 1853, and moved to Wright County, Iowa, in 1855 and in 1857 came to Hardin county and have since resied in this city and at Alden. Mr. Whited served this county very efficiently as auditor for two terms and it was during his administration and largely through his keen and intelligent observation that a defaulting county treasurer was brought to an accounting. Since his retirement from the auditor's office, Mr. Whited has held many positions of honor and trust. He is a recognized authority on every subject of current interest, and has undoubtedly given more of his time and taken a greater interest in affairs touching those things which have tended toward establishing for this city a creditable public library than any one individual in the entire city. What is here said relative to Mr. Whited is equally true of the good woman who has been his helpmate through all these years. They are indeed a worthy couple and it is the sincere wish of their legion of friends that the years of their lives may be many more. Mr. Whited is in his 73d year and Mrs Whited is 71.