1903 Alden Times

Dr. Charles McAllister and Miss Fannie Spencer Marriage

On Wednesday evening, December 28, the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Spencer was filled by the large number of relatives and several other friends of the family who had assembled there to witness the marriage of Miss Fannie Spencer to Dr. Charles McAllister, of Spencer, Iowa.

The home was beautifully decorated with bamboo vines, smilax roses and carnations in honor of the important event, and shortly after 8'oclock the bride and groom took their places under a bower of bamboo vine tastily arranged over the doorway between the front and back parlors, while Rev. C.N. Lyman, pastor of the Congregational church, spoke the few but impressive words which made them man and wife, using the beautiful ring ceremony. After Mr. and Mrs. McAllister had received the hearty congratulations of all present a dainty lunch was served to all of the guests, many of whom remained to escort them to the midnight train and see them safely off on their wedding tour which will extend to Washington, New York and the New England states.

The groom, Dr. McAllister, although a comparative stranger here is a prominent and popular physician and an influential business man of Spencer, and he is certainly to be congratulated on having won for his bride one of the best and noblest girls of our town. She is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Spencer, was born in Alden, and here she has resided ever since, except when temporarily absent attending college or while engaged in teaching, and now, in her permanent departure from our town, she will be greatly missed, not only in the home circle but in the church and social work of our village as well, where she has ever been a true, willing, and most efficient helper, and where her many acts of unselfish kindness and generous thoughtfulness for others, have endeared her to all who may have known her.

Many beautiful and appropriate presents were bestowed, attesting the friendship and esteem of the givers and with Mr. and Mrs. McAllister go the best wishes of all who have enjoyed their acquaintance. They expect to be absent only a few weeks and will be estblished in their home at Spencer by February 1 where the groom has lived for many years and where the bide ha a large circle of friends gained while teaching in the schools at that place some years ago.