History of Hardin County, Iowa
Springfield, Ill: Union Publishing Company, 1883.

Ellis Township

Lyman Bunce was born in 1811, in Litchfield, Conn., where he grew to manhood and received a common school education. He worked in the iron works nine seasons at Canaan, also in the charcoal business and farming. In 1856 he came to Winnesheik county, Iowa, where he remained until 1865, when he came to the town of Ellis, Hardin county, Iowa, and settled on section 34, where he still lives. He was married in 1833 to Miss Lucy M. Boardman, born in Litchfield county, Conn. In 1843 his wife died, leaving him two children: Helen and Charles. Charles died when twenty-one years of age. In 1853 Mr. Bunce married Miss Lucy Kent, born in Canaan, Litchfield county, Conn. They have had four children, two of whom are living: Frank E., William, Harriet and Alice. William enlisted and went South, and died at Memphis, Tenn , in 1864, and Alice died when six years of age.

NOTE: According to family Genealogist Keith, the following explanation to the original entry is needed:

The bio for Lyman Kent has an error because I believe the bio that I got this from had an error.  It says Lyman married Lucy A Kent in 1853 but that cannot be correct as he had three children 6 yrs, 4 yrs and 2 years on the 1850 census, all of them being children of Lucy A Kent.  The first wife of Lyman, Lucy A Boardman, died in 1842 and I know for sure that is accurate.  So I think the 1853 was a typo in the original book and should be 1843.