(Past & Present of Hardin County, Iowa, 1911 ed.)




Banking at Steamboat Rock:

The community in which Steamboat Rock is situated has had the advantages of the following banking interests: In 1874 there were the private banks of D.B. Cartwright and the Farmers Exchange Bank.

The Farmers Exchange Bank of Steamboat Rock was organized in 1872 with a capital of Fifteen thousand dollars by the following named stockholders: A.A. Noyes, D.W. Turner, P.K. Hayden, J.H.H. Frisbie, and the first president was A.A. Noyes and the cashier was J.H.H. Frisbie, followed by R.H. Waite and he by E.W. Skerry, who was followed by Hugo Koch. By 1882 the bak had a paid-up capital of tenty-two thousand dollars and was organized under the general banking laws of Iowa. The 1910 officers are D.W. Turner, president; H.H. Turner, cashier. In 1891 a bank building was erected. The bank has twice been attempted at robbery, but the burglars were not successful in either attempt. The 1910 individual responsibility of this bank is one hundred thousand dollars.

In 1874 D.B. Cartwright & Company started a bank under the name of Citizens Bank, with a capital of seven thousand dollars. D.B. Cartwright was president and R.H. Waite, cashier. Later Mr. Waite was succeeded by Wellington Cartwright, who in turn, was followed by Frank Snook and he by J.C. Root. Mr. Cartwright died in 1880 and the business of the bank was closed up.

The Bank at Alden:

A bank was established at Alden in April, 1873, by Benjamin Birdsall, C.M. Nagle and T.J. Birdsall, January 1, 1875. Mr. Nagle retired from the firm, which was then continued under the name of Benjamin Birdsall & Son, under which title the bank is still continued. When established, the capital was twenty-five thousand dollars, which is also its present capital. It is still conducted by T.J. Birsall and his sone, J.N. Birdsall. The building, which was erected especially for banking purposes,, is a very handsome one. the Birdsalls have always been careful and safe bankers. This is the only bank that the thriing town of Alden has ever had.

The Bank at New Providence:

The Providence State Bak was organized August 8, 1906, at New Providence, taking over the business of the Bank of New Providence. The stock was nearly all taken by the farmers of the surrounding community. Its first board of directors was Henry C Howard, George Elderding, I.N. Ruddick, I.E. Seward, L.H. Broer, A.F. Styles and C.McKeen Duren. Its first officers were C. McKeen Duren, president: George Elderding, vice-president; James R. Howard, cashier. At this date (December, 1910), the officers are directors are the same, with the exception of J.S. Beach in place of A.F. Styles, and Harry C. Marks, who has been cashier since Frebruary, 1909. The present bank building was erected in 1906. The last official statement of this bank shows the resources and liabilities to be $100,916; the capital is $25,000, surplus $4,395, and the deposits in November, 1910 amounted to over $71,000.

Union Banking Interests:

The Citizens Bank of Union, Iowa, was organized in 1883 by O.B. Chapin, D.B. Miller, Alexander English, T.N. Hause, J.A. Boyer, J.W. Lawrence, A.F. Woods and William Vinton. The original officers were: O.B. Chapin, president; A.F. Wood, vice-president; W.H. Rodwell, cashier. A bank building was erected in 1876. This bank succeeded to the banking house of S.R. Benson & Company, who failed in the winter of 1882-83.

The Citizens Bank is one of the strong concerns of Hardin County. A partnership was formed with the twelve thousand dollars, while the individual responsibility of the stockholders is over five hundred thousand dollars. It has carred on a successul banking busdiness ever since its organizatiion. It was always worked for the best interests of the community in which it is based and has the confidence of the people generally. For a number of years O.B. Chapin was its president, but he resigned in January, 1909, but his son, H.C. Chapin, might be advanced to the presidency. The present casier, C.E. Lawrence, has been with the bank since 1896 and has managed the affairs of the bank about six years. The deposit are large, considering the size of the town of Union. The present officers are: H.C. Chapin, president; E.A. Gregory, vice-president; C.E. Lawrence, cashier; C.O. Lawrence, assistant cashier.

The Union Savings Bank, with a capital of twenty thousand dollars, is also a prosperous building house of Union. It was established in October 1907. Its first officers were: A.P. Mason, president; O.F. Myers, vice-president; W.H. Reynolds, cashier. The bank was organized by the following, who were directors and officers: A.P. Mason, A.L. Wood, H.H. Smith, F.Z. Whinry, H.H. Barnes, E.T. Gruwell, T.W. Purcell and G.D. Patterson.

In 1908 a double business block was erected, in one setion of which is kept the bank. The present standing of this concern, according to the statement sent out, is: Capital $20,000: deposits, $52, 000; loans, $50,000.

The pioneer banking here was carried on by S.R. Benson & Company, soon succeeded by the Citizens Bank of Union.