1860 Federal Census Year Mortality Schedule:
(includes death years 1859-1860)
Hardin County, Iowa




Name M/F Age Birthplace


Cause of Death

Census Place
Blair, Mary S. F 1/12 Iowa Jun 1859 Not Known Ellis
Boody, M. M 25 Indiana Feb 1860 Lung Fever Providence
Bradfield, Sarah E. F 1 Iowa Oct 1859 Dysentery Jackson
Brown, W. M 8 England Nov 1859 Inflammation of Brain Eldora
Burchin, C.H. M 1 Iowa Aug 1859 Not Known Union
Chamberlain, W.S. M 10 Indiana Sep 1859 L(ung) Fever Eldora
Cocks, Mary M. F 1 Iowa Apr 1860 Not Known Providence
Dorland, A(l)fred R. M 12 Iowa Jun 1859 Not Known Providence
Eggars, John M 1 Iowa Mar 1860 Lung Fever Union
Ellsworth, Mary F 7 Illinois Apr 1860 Not Known Eldora
Emma, J.D. F 5/12 Iowa Mar 1860 Whooping Cough Ellis
Gage, Charles M 75 New York Jan 1860 Old Age Providence
Giles, Jno C. M 43 Michigan Mar 1860 Typhoid Fever Ellis
Henderson, F.B. F 9/12 Iowa Nov 1859 Lung Fever Eldora
Higinbotham, Susanah F 72 Virginia Jun 1859 Heart Disease Ellis
Hodson, Mary F 35 Iowa May 1860 Consumption Providence
Hudson, B Ann F 27 Kentucky Oct 1859 Consumption Union
Hutchens, S. M 65 Iowa Sep 1859 Typhoid Fever Union
Irvin, R.E. F 2/12 Iowa Sep 1859 Croup Union
Johnson, Geo. E. M 5/12 Iowa Oct 1859 Flux Eldora
Jones, Peter M 51 New York Oct 1859 Liver Complaint Providence
Kerns, Almira F 76 Germany Aug 1859 Not Known Ellis
Kerns, Eliz M 82 Pennsylvania Apr 1860 Old Age Eldora
King, Wm. M 21 Ohio May 1860 Lung Fever Providence
Larey, Sarah F 1 Iowa Sep 1859 Typhoid Fever Providence
McDowell, J.D. M 5/12 Iowa Mar 1860 Fits Providence
McIntire, Henry M 1 Iowa Apr 1860 Fits Providence
Miller, Frances f 6/12 Iowa Aug 1859 Flux Union
Miller, Jas W. M 1 Iowa Apr 1860 Burned Union
Mott, Charlotte F 1/12 Ioa Sep 1859 Cancer Jackson
Patterson, Wm., Junior M 1/12 Iowa Feb 1860 Not Known Eldora
Reese, Levi M 83 North Carolina May 1860 Old Age Providence
Reynolds, J.E. M 5/12 Iowa Jan 1860 Lung Fever Eldora
Rounsley, Jas M 50 North Carolina Feb 1860 Not Known Providence
Rouse, D.G. M 7/12 Iowa May 1860 Not Known Jackson
Rowen, C.W. M 5/12 Iowa Mar 1860 Lung Fever Union
Rudy, D.A. ? 1/12 Iowa Nov 1859 Not Known Union
Semple, J.R. M 26 New York Mar 1860 Lung Fever Union
Shaffer, David M 66 Virginia Dec 1859 Lung Fever Ellis
Shepard, E. F 21 New Jersey Jul 1859 Encephilitis/inflammation of brain Eldora
Shutlze, Chs W. M 2/12 Iowa May 1860 Fits Union
Simpson, Eliza E. M 1/12 Iowa Nov 1859 Not Known Jackson
Sovelan, Emma F 9/12 Iowa Aug, 1859 Chills and Fever Alden
Stanliff, Lucy F 70 New York Nov 1859 Old Age Eldora
Stearns, E. Matilda F 1/12 Iowa Oct 1859 Fever Ellis
Stevens, Ida F 4/12 Iowa Oct 1859 Consumption Jackson
Stevens, Ira M 3/12 Iowa Sep 1859 Fits Jackson
Stienbarger, Nancy F 80 Virginia Sep 1859 Flux Union
Strain, John M 21 Ireland Jan 1860 Disease of the Kidney Providence
Swarens, Martha F 1 Iowa Oct 1859 Flux Eldora
Thompson, Nanny F 21 Pennsylvania May 1860 Consumption Ellis
Wallman, Jno W. M 26 Ohio May 1860 Killed in Steam Mill Providence
Wyneken, Gustavis M 52 Germany Aug 1859 Lung Fever Jackson
Webster, W. Earl M 1 Iowa Mar 1860 Lung Fever Eldora
Wilcox, S.J. F 21 Illinois May 1860 Childbirth Union