1903 Alden Times

George Cousin and Miss Leta Leland Marriage

On Wednesday November 11, 1903 at the home of the brides grandmother, Mrs. Rachel Leland, in Waterloo, Iowa occured the marriage of Mr.George Cousin and Miss Leta Leland. Mr. and Mrs. Cousin accompanied by their youngest son Luin Cousin, went down from Alden to witness the ceremony which brought to their oldest son a charming wife. All of his old Alden friends will join in extending their heartiest congratulations to George in the important step that he has taken. Alden still claims George as one of her boys althrough he has been absent for several years and now occupies a very good position in the office of the Master Mechanic of the Illinois Central at Waterloo with chances good for his promotion. The happy young couple have gone to housekeeping on Logan Avenue in east Waterloo.