Alden High School Graduates

As commencement time approaches once more, it has now occurred to us a list of the young men and women who have gone out from our high school since the first diplomas were granted in the summer of 1892, might be of interest not only to them but to their friends. It will be remembered that an additional year's work was added in 1896, and no class graduated that summer. The list is one well worth preserving and has never been published collectively before.


Alden Times, date unknown

L. Ruth Coit,
Byrd (Utley) Baldwin,
Celia (David) Schultz,
Carl W. Rummel,
Walter E. Wilkinson,
Clem Rummel,
Lucia (Burnham) Stevens,
Lucy (Snider) Bennett, (Died March 23, 1899)
Arthur L. Tolminson. (Died February 4, 1895.)

Leroy Shepard,
Eunice (Palmer) Baumgarten,
Dora A. Spencer,
Cora (Combellic) Jameson,
Mable (Combellic) Powers,
George H. Lyman,
Emma (Huston) McMillen,
Mable M. Whitney,
Grace Shepard,
Alma (Johnson) Bluhm,
Chas. Whitney.

Clarence Hartinger,
Mable (Richardson) Barrett,
Robert Tomlinson,
Allie Olsen,
Lillie Holmes.

Lesta (David) Troth,
Lydia Pagel,
Helen F. Fitch,
Stella (Richardson) French,
L. Grace (Todd) Birdsall,
May L. (Birdsall) Weis,
Bertha E. Bennett,
Edna Snider (Died Dec 27, 1897)

1896 - No graduating class this year.

Walter Spencer,
Maude Attwoll,
Edith Awe,
Russel LaFetra,
Luella (Wood) Palmer,
Claude Hecker;
Olive Ghoslin.

Wm. Rummel,
Geo. Alden,
Vera Lighthall,
Lora Lighthall,
Ray Conyes.

George N. Cousin,
Augustus B. Cox,
Nellie Whitman,
Mable (Burns) Brock.

Frank C. Byers,
Ernest Palmer,
Charlies Cox,
Thad Hixson,
Bessie Snider,
Cora Hecker,
Luella Robbins,
Mable Olsen,
Luella Kinney,
Nelle (Gardner) LaFetra,
Blanche (Brock) Wagner,
Susie Wood,
Maude Harris.

Lucia Merrill,
Nellie Collins,
Laveta Schultz;
Louise Cox,
Zella Eighme,
Gertie Finch,
Eva Hixson,
Bessie Wright,
Ollie Harp,
John A. Furry,
Clarence Laird,
Frank Whipple.

Fay Bigelow,
Christena Christensen,
Thos. H. Hurst,
Frank H. Catlin,
Carrie Olsen,
Mollie Shriner,
Clifford A. Wilkinson.