Hardin County, IA 1881 Journal

This Journal was transcribed and contributed by Martha Kroese!
Thank you so much Martha, for your generosity!


Contributor's Preface:

In my mother's things I dicovered a hand-written journal dated from June to Decemeber 1881. It was written by a young lady who lived near Whitten. She lived with her mother, father, and someone named Oscar. I think he was her brother. My mother had a great-uncle named Oscar Bush, who lived near Tama in his later years. His mother would have been a Chamberlin when she moved here from Illinois, and later married a man named Bush. His half brother was Joseph Chamberlin, who married Anna Rawley, and became my great-grandfather. She speaks often of Union and Whitten, and names several other people whose names I have been able to find in the cemetary lists I found on-line. I am looking for some help in finding out the name of the young lady....Martha Kroese

Hardin County 1881 Journal

Sunday, June the 5th, 1881. We all went way down the river this morning to take a ride. We stopped at Mr. Tizorís and made them a visit, and after we got home I went down to the river and picked gooseberries.

Monday June the 6th. Well it rained all night last night and all day today and still it rains.

Thursday, June the 9th. I havenít been well enough to sit up very much of the time since my last writing. And as I donít feel much better I will not write any more this evening.

Saturday, June the 11th. This has been a long rainy week. Pretty good weather for fishing though. Oscar caught a fish today that measured three feet.

Wednesday, June the 15th. I looked all day Monday for Dr. Pearson to come over he did not come, so I thought I wouldnít wait on him any longer so Mother and I went over to town Tuesday to see Dr. Coffie, but before we got to see him we met Dr. Pearson he insisted on us to go down to his house and he would be there in a short time. We went didnít see Coffie after all. But it may be all for the best. Then we called on Mrs. Mothersill, had quite a visit.

Wednesday, June the 22nd. Here it is Wednesday again I havenít written a word for a week I have been so sick and weak all the time. But when I felt like sitting up I have been sewing some for Mrs. Tizor.

Sunday, June the 26th. Well I havenít been paying much attention to Miss Diara lately I have been so sick and weak since Wednesday that I have not been doing a bit of work. I havenít seen nor heard tell of anything to speak of. All I do is sit around and try to get well and watch it rain for we have had a great deal of rain this summer.

Monday June the 27th. I got up pretty early this morning have been trying to sew some. But it has been a pretty warm day to do anything. Mother washed this fore-noon. This afternoon there was five teams here after stone. And Mother had to get dinner for all of the men.

Wednesday June the 29th. Mother and I went down to Mr. Anderson yesterday to do some sewing for Mrs. Tizor. I run the machine so steady that I feel pretty tired today. Well the oil is out of the lamp and I am in the dark.

Thursday June the 30th. Well it is the same old story over again. I havenít been doing anything to day and I have nothing to write about, only I got a letter from Jennie and Laurence today that makes me feel so much better.

Saturday July the 2. We all went down the river again yesterday to get the big kettle and to take a ride but the ride did not do me much good I was so tired when I got home. I was pretty well this morning though I went down to Mr. Anderson and fixed my white dress but the worst of it is the 4th is pretty near here and I canít go any place, it kind of makes me feel bad.

Monday July the 4th. Sure enough I had to stay at home all day. But I am not sorry I did for Mother has been real sick all day. Father was in Union all day but Oscar went to Liscomb, so we was alone all day. President Garfield was shot Friday. But the last we heard of him he was alive and that was all.

Friday July the 8th. I havenít been doing anything since the 4th but to sit around and try to keep cool and could not do that. Mr. R. Walton and Mrs. A. Anderson has been here this afternoon, the mosquitos bite me so bad I must stop.

Sunday July the 10th. It rained pretty near all day yesterday and all day today. Well just a while ago it stopped, but it has clouded up again like there was going to be an ____storm of some kind pretty soon. We have so much rain this summer, now it is so dark I cannot see.

Monday July the 11th. Well it did storm last night. It rained all night just as hard as it could pour down. The water was 1 Ĺ feet over the top of the well. Father and Oscar has spent the most of the day helping some man out of the water that had started down the river in a boat. I must say that I feel better this evening for once. I hope I will continue to get better.

Tuesday July the 12th. I havenít anything to say this evening, only it has been raining all day as usual. And this is the warmest weather that I ever experienced I believe and we havenít had a decent drink of water since Sunday till this evening. The river is going down very fast.

Wednesday July the 13th. We got a letter from Uncle Henry today. He said that Grandmother was very sick. I should like to go and see her but I know I can not go.

Friday July the 15th. Yesterday we got ready to go a visiting and didnít go. This morning Mother, Oscar and I started to town to see the Dr., but we met him. Then we come back after the Dr. went away. We went up to Mr. Edwards, there was no body at home. Went on to Mr. Lamers and they was gone, so we come home, and I have sit up all day today for the first time since March I believe.

Saturday July the 16th. We have been down to Mr. Andersonís today. I went with Oscar after the horses this evening and had a horse back ride.

Sunday the 17th. Oh I donít see how I can ever stand it to stay here in this lonesome place much longer. Here I have been all day long and havenít seen a blessing (sic) individual today except the home folks. Now it is dark and I must go to bed, to get up in the morning ready to spend another week the same way.

Monday July the 18th. I was up pretty early this morning that I might have a long day before me to walk from one door to the other and out in the yard to look at the flowers and listen to the merry song of the birds to pass the time away. And now the evening has come at last and brought with it the mosquitos with their familiar songs. They sing to us every evening.

Thursday July the 21st. Tuesday evening while I was sitting here trying to think what to write, when I heard someone holler over the river. And it was Clark and his family. I was so glad they had come that I forgot all about every thing else, and we have just talked and talked every since, it hasnít been near so lonesome.

Monday July the 25th. Well we didnít do any thing but visit till Sunday afternoon. Then we took Jennie out to Whitten and we had a real pleasant ride. I have been working on a dress for Jennie today.

Tuesday July the 26th. This has been a very nice day. We have got the dress all ready for the machine. Now there is a whole band of mosquitoes coming after me and I must run in the house.

Friday July the 29th. Well we went down to Andersonís Wednesday to sew. I had a chill and fever and felt real bad all day but I managed to get the stitching done. Yesterday we finished the dress. And today I have been resting up so I can go out to Whitten tomorrow if it donít rain.

Wednesday August the 3rd. Well it didnít rain so Oscar went to Whitten after a boat Saturday and I went out with him to spend a few days with Jennie. Sunday we all went to Sunday School and meeting in the Depot. Heard a real good sermon, and they had a real good Sunday School. The questions for next Sunday is who had the folding doors, and is there any taste to the white of an egg and where in the Bible can you find it. I stayed with Jennie until Monday and then I went over and made Mrs. Moore a visit. I stayed with her till Tuesday morning then Mother came after me, so we all stayed at Mr. Ellitís till in the afternoon then we came home. Father went out to Sweetís today to help stack. Mother and I went to Union this morning to do some trading. I have been writing a letter to Cousin Jennie this evening and I am very tired it is late and I must go to bed.

Tuesday August the 5th. It was terrible warm yesterday we could not do anything but sit in the shade and try to keep cool. This morning Mother and I thought we would go over to Mrs. Burghardtís and get the birds. We were both pretty tired when we started but when we got to Mr. Floydís I was almost out of breath so I stayed there all day. And then we came home we got here just in time to miss a big storm it just blowed and rained very hard as soon as we got here. We was glad to see it rain too for it hasnít rained a bit for 2 or 3 weeks and everything was about dried up. But the worst of all was when we got home we was fooling with Mira and she got away from us and flew out in the wet grass. Mother and Oscar looked a long time but could not find her. I felt so bad that I forgot to write. So I went to bed but I couldnít sleep. Neither could Mother so finally we heard the rats knock the cover off the butter in the cellar and Mother had to get up and go down cellar to see about the rats, then I got up and got my paper and I have got nearly the whole days experiences scratched down. And Mother is sitting here by the side of me reading now. I guess we had better go to bed again. But poor little Mirie, I am afraid she is drowned in the wet grass.

Saturday August 6th. I dreamed all night about that bird. But we was awake at daylight this morning and Mother went out to look for her as soon as she was up. And she found her in the garden as lively as ever. We do have a little good luck once in a while in spite of all we can do. Mother washed today and I got pretty near all of the dinner and have done several other chores today. Mother had to go to Tizerís this evening to wait on the sick. I had to get supper and I am very tired.

Sunday Aug the 7th. Well Mother and I went to Quaker meeting today. We heard a splendid sermon by Mrs. Deborah Smith. We had a real good time.

Monday Aug the 8th. When I got up this morning I didnít know what I would do to pass the week away. But Clark soon came on his way to Iowa Co. after his goods. And he brought my knitting work down that I left out to Mr. Ellitís. And Jennie sent stuff to finish my dress, so I am pretty well off for work. Mr. Ellit and another man is down this evening from Whitten for fishing.

Wednesday August the 10th. Yesterday I cut and basted at my dress all day. I rode down to Andersonís with Father this morning to do some stitching. There was nobody at home so I had to walk home again. It has been a pretty warm day and I havenít been very well, but have been pretty busy all day knitting and working on the dress.

Thursday Aug the 11th. Mother and I went out on the prairie. Mother went to Mr. Jakies for a visit and I stayed at Mr. Ellitís and had a visit with Jennie and Mrs. E. Got my ruffles bound, and we all had a really good time. Oscar stayed at home and fished with Bub Floyd and Burghardtís girls, they caught more turtles than fish.

Friday, Aug 12th. We had to go to town to see the Dr. this morning. We had to wait and wait till way after noon before the Dr. came home and I got so tired. After we got home I made a tie for Jennie. Now I am so tired and sleepy I must go to bed.

Saturday Aug the 13th. Here it is Saturday evening and I have been just as busy as I could be all the week. I was down to Andersonís today and I sewed on the machine just as hard as I could all day and had a real hard chill besides. Now I must stop for this time for I am very tired.

Sunday Aug the 14th. I have been feeling real bad all day. I intended to go to church to Whitten, but I was not able to ride so I stayed at home. This afternoon Jennie walked down here and Father took the team and took her pretty near to Whitten. Mother went with them.

Tuesday Aug the 16th. Andy and Ra. Anderson was up here yesterday. We had turtle for dinner. I told Mother we would have company all the week and we have so far. Mr. Burghart and Mrs. Fullmer and all their children was here for supper this evening.

Thurs Aug the 18th. Mr. Floyd was here all day yesterday visiting. I sewed some yesterday and today. I believe last night was the warmest night we have had this summer. I saw some strange sights today that I must speak about. The oddest of all was a fight between a spider and a caterpillar. The spider tried to fasten the caterpillar in his web and he worked very fast fastening the web to the hair on the worm but every time he fastened a web to a hair the worm would pull the hair out of himself and finally he got loose and fell on the floor. The next was a snake trying to swallow a frog about as thick again as his self he had it pretty well swallowed when Father cut him in two with the ax. Then Father got the team ready and Mother and I went down to Tizorís to see the baby. We came home and Mother had supper about ready when Clark come. He brought his goods and I hope he will soon be keeping house. He went to Whitten this evening. I believe that will do for today.

Friday Aug the 19th. Well I havenít been doing much of anything today. Father and Oscar went out to make hay and I guess they are going to stay and help Sweet thrash. Mother pulled the onions today. I went up to A. Andersonís this evening and as I came back I picked a pail full of hazelnuts the first I have gathered this year.

Saturday Aug the 20th. Another week gone. I have been fussing around the house today washing the windows and cleaning the picture frames. Father and Oscar got home late this evening. I am so sleepy that I can not write any more.

Sunday Aug. the 21. We have had a house full of company today. Clark Beardsley and Clark Sweet and their families were here all day so Mother and I didnít go to church this afternoon.

Monday Aug the 22nd, 1881. I sewed this forenoon, then Mother and I picked up a lot of little apples. I commenced a pair of socks for Clark today.

Wednesday, Aug the 24th. Yesterday I went out to Elliots to sew some on Jennieís new machine. It rained while I was there so I stayed till today and when Father took the last load of goods out for Clark I rode home with him. I finished my dress today that Joseph gave me over a year ago. Now I hear the chicken making a fuss. Mother is trying to catch one. She says she is going to have a chicken pot pie for dinner tomorrow.

Friday Aug the 26. Well tomorrow and the chicken pot pie come and went. Mother and I quartered and cored and cooked apples to dry all day. And this is another day. I have been knitting and writing a letter to Charles this evening. I went up on the hill and got some plums.

Sat. Aug the 27. This has been a pretty warm day. I have been knitting again today for pass time. The Dr. was here this evening. He says I am getting better. Well Mother has got such a hot fire I must get out of this.

Monday Sept. the 5th. Well it has been a long time since I wrote any. Mother took me out to Mr. Jackyís a week ago yesterday to stay a week. Last Monday, Mrs. Jacky cut out a dress for her self and I helped her make it. Tuesday was a rainy day so we amused ourselves peeling and coring apples to dry. Wednesday Mary and I went over to Mr. Nablos. We had a pretty good visit. Thursday Hattie Ingham and Ida Kinsey came to Mr. Jacky and we all enjoyed ourselves pretty well till evening then Mary and George went over to Mr. Nablos to stay. Friday I didnít feel very well so I stayed in the house pretty close. Saturday I had the tooth ache most of the day. It threatened rain very hard in the afternoon it thunder and lighteninged till after dark and the moon and stars shone very bright at the same time. Still it did not rain a bit. Sunday morning I went to Sunday School with Sophia and Willie. We stopped at Mr. Elliots and Jennie went with us, then we came home and after dinner we all went down to the river and had a boat ride then we went over to Mr. Floydís and heard Clara play on the organ. I was afraid my walk was going to make me sick but I feel all right today. It is raining very hard this evening.

Tuesday Sep the 6. Mother went to see how Mrs. Floyd was this afternoon. I have been shelling hazelnuts. My lungs hurts me very bad this evening. And I feel so bad that I can not write any more. It is raining tonight.

Friday Sep the 9. Well Wednesday morning when we got up it was very rainy so Mother thought she would get her spinning wheel in running order and try and spin some. But she had not got to work when there came a knock at the door. And to our great surprise it was Uncle DeWitt and Jennie. The wheel went out doors in a hurry. After dinner Oscar went out to Whitten after Jennie and Laurence. Clark was in Liscomb to work so they came down and stayed all night. And we had a good visit, if it was short. Uncle and Jennie both left this morning. Uncle went home and Jennie went to Marshall to spend the winter.

Sat Sep the 10. I have been working pretty near all day on a ball pincushion. But I got it done.

Sunday, Sep the 11, 1881. Well this has been a very pleasant day. Mr. and Mrs. A. Anderson has been here most all day. We all went over the see the Indians this afternoon.

Mon Sep the 12. I have been pretty lazy today. Mrs. A. Anderson came up here this morning to get me to help her fit a dress. After I got that done I went out where Mother was washing and tried to wash some but I couldnít make much head way at that so I helped get dinner. After dinner I commenced another sock and knit a while and then I went up to Mr. A. Andersonís a while. Oscar has gone over to chivaree Ann Jones. Well Father has come home with a watermelon under his arm and says he wants some supper. He has been up to Steenbergers eating corn.

Tuesday Sep the 13. Mother and I went out to Mr. Elliotís this after noon and brought Jennieís sewing machine home with us.

Thursday Sept the 15. I have been busy yesterday and today helping Mrs. Andy Anderson make her dress so she can go to the fair tomorrow. I sewed pretty steady and I am very tired this evening.

Friday Sept the 16th. This has been a very disagreeable day it has been raining a little all day. It is bad weather for the fair. Sure it has rained every day of the fair except the first day. I have been shelling hazelnuts and knitting today.

Sat the 17 Sept. Well this has been a real cold day. They had to put the stove in the front room this morning. I made a pair of cuffs and a collar today and finished Clarkís socks. Now I am not going to knit any more for a while.

Sunday Sept the 18. I have had a fever all day today and have felt very bad. Oscar went out after Jennie today. She is going to stay at home a while to do some sewing and gather hazel nuts. Will Jacky came down after Father to go out there and work. He will be away all the week.

Mon Sept the 19. Well this has been a very nice day. I havenít felt much better today than I did yesterday but the Dr. was here and left me some medicine and I guess I will soon get better. Mrs. Floyd and Mrs. Gunter has been here all day. We had quite a visit.

Tuesday September the 20th. Today has passed about as usual. Mother and Jennie went to Whitten this morning. I havenít been able to do any thing today. The President died last evening at half past ten.

Sept Wednesday the 21. Well this has been quite an ideal day. I havenít been doing any thing to speak of today. It looks like rain tonight.

Thursday Sept the 22. I got up this morning feeling pretty well so I thought I would shell hazel nuts all day. I shelled till after 5 o clock then I took a chill and had to go to bed. I had a good deal of fever all day. I am a little better this evening. We have all been shelling hazelnuts every since supper.

Sept. Sunday the 25. I havenít written for two evenings because I have been having so much pain in my side and my back that I did not feel like writing. And I donít feel much better this evening, so I will not write any more.

Mon Sept the 26. It has been just one week tonight since our President died. He was buried today at two oíclock near his old home in Ohio. Mother, Jennie and I all went down to Union today to hear his funeral sermon preached and it was just splendid. It looks very much like rain tonight but I hope it wonít rain.

Tuesday Sept the 27. Well we had a turkey roast(?) today in remembrance of the three birthdays. Clark Beardsley, Bub Floyd and myself. We was all here together and enjoyed ourselves pretty well if we werenít very well (?) . Clark was 34 Bub 12 and I 25.

Wed Sep the 28. I havenít done any thing today but put new collar and sleeves in my old dress. Mother and Jennie tied two comforts today.

Thurs Sept the 29. It rained very hard last night. The water fell four inches on a (?). And it has been raining all day by spells till about four or five oíclock. There was a very hard wind storm with (?) it is thundering and lightening now. We got grandmotherís picture today. I havenít been doing anything as usual but shelling a few hazelnuts.

Mon Oct the 3rd. Well last Friday morning Mother got her wheel up and went to spin before she made her bed. I told her someone would come but she said she was going to spin anyway. She had not been to work but a little while till here come Aunt R(?) and Uncle Able, so the spinning wheel went out doors in a hurry. We had not seen them for a good many (years?) so we all had a good deal to say that day. Saturday Oct 1 the old folks went out to Whitten to see the town and country. Sunday 2 Clark came down and we visited. We was up before four o clock this morning so they could start on the seven o clock train for Minn where they will spend a few days with Uncles sisters. After they were all gone we all went down to help Mrs. Anderson quilt. Now we are at home and it is bed time and I am very sleepy and tired and must go to bed right now.

Tuesday Oct the 4th. I made an apron for Dema Chamberlin today. I donít know when I will get a chance to send it to her. And this evening I helped to pick the tomatoes and Mother has been making pickles of them.

Tuesday Oct the 11th. Well it has been just a week since I have written a word. Last Wednesday I got up sick and have been sick every since till this evening. I am considerable better but I canít sit up very long to time yet. Oscar and Laurence has been sick all day I guess they have got the ague. Father has been out to Jackyís to work but it rained all day today and he came home this evening. We was glad he came for we had no one to get wood or do the chores while Oscar is sick. Mother (???) quilted one of my quilts this week.

Wed Oct the 12. This has been a very cold damp day. I finished an apron today that Aunt Pindy (?0 gave me when she was here.

Thursday October 13. Father went away to work again this morning and Oscar and Laurence has been sick all day and no one to do any thing out doors but Mother. Dazz got away this afternoon she canít find her any place. I donít know what has become of her. Mother and Jennie put away all the potatoes and put them in the cellar this after noon. I have been better than common today. I sit up till one o clock then lied down and rested a little while then I got up and eat my dinner then this after noon I trimmed a bit for Jennie. And I feel pretty well this evening.

Friday Oct the 14. Well Dazz was here all right when we got up this morning. Oscar has been sick today again. And Jennie got uneasy about Laurence. Mother took her in to Whitten and Clark didnít have the house ready to live in, but I guess they can move in it tomorrow. It has drizzled rain all day. Mother was as wet and muddy as she could be when she came home. I baked light bread and done several chores about the kitchen while she was gone.

Wednesday Oct the 19. I guess I must have done too much last Friday for I have not been able to write since. Father came home Sunday morning so he cut fire wood and got feed for the horses and this morning he started to Mr. Jackyís to work the rest of the week. I have been having the ague a few days and I ache so I canít write another word.

Sat Oct the 22. Oscar and I missed our chills today. Father came home yesterday. It rained so much they could not work. It rains most every day. Folks are having a bad time about getting their work done this fall. It is raining real hard now, the river is very high. Has been for a week higher than it ever has been in the fall since we came here. Mother is so tired this evening but I am so much better that I will try and live in hope of being some use to her some day.

Sunday Oct the 23. Well it rained hard all night and all day today and still it rains and the kitchen leaks so bad and it is so cold and damp in the front room that I have take cold and and havenít been so well today as I was yesterday.

Tuesday Oct the 25. Well I didnít feel very well yesterday till evening then I commenced to answer Mrs. Niles letter. I filled one sheet and thought I would finish it today. But this morning before I was up Mother came and asked me if I didnít want to take a ride out to Whitten and stay till she came back from taking Father out to Mr. Jackyís to his work. And of course I wanted to go for I had never seen Clarkís new house so we went and I donít see as I feel any worse for the trip only I am real tired tonight so tired I canít finish the letter.

Wednesday Oct the 26. Mother and I made out to finish the letter today and send it to town by Oscar and he forgot to put it in the box. Well that is all I have to say this evening as I am so sleepy I am going to bed right away.

Thursday Oct the 27 1881. It was quite pleasant today till about five o clock then it rained very hard till dark. Oscar and Mell Ferguson went over to Union on horse back just before it commenced to rain. They didnít get back till after dark.

Friday Oct the 28. Well I have been reading Moodyís Anecdotes till I guess it is pretty late. It rained all night and most all day today. Father came home again because it was too rainy to work.

Sat Oct the 29. It didnít rain much today but it has been cold and cloudy all day. I wrote a letter to Jennie Caville(?) this morning. This after noon Father and Mother went to Whitten. I wonder if it will rain all day tomorrow like it has for the last two or three Sundays.

Sunday Oct the 30. No it didnít rain today for a wonder but the roads are terrible bad. Clark, Jennie and Laurence walked all the way down here today. And Mrs. Anderson was here all day too. We had roasted coon for dinner, and we all thought it was real good but Father he wouldnít taste of it because it was a coon.

Monday Oct. the 31. I have been feeling so weak and bad that I havenít sit up much this afternoon. Mother cut a dress for herself today but she didnít get it to fit. I hope I will be able to help her tomorrow.

Tuesday November the 1st. We have had two days of pleasant weather but it is raining again tonight just as hard as ever. I wonder if the mud will ever get dried up. I feel some better today than I did yesterday but I was not able to help Mother with her dress.

Wed Nov the 2. It didnít rain any today. I have been about the same. Father and I have been popping corn this evening.

Sat Nov the 5th. Well I still have a chill every day. I felt pretty bad Thursday. Yesterday Father rode over to get Dr. Pearson and he said it was the ?????????? medicine and to give it to me as long as I stayed here, so Mother went to giving me ???? to break the chills. If it is a pleasant day tomorrow and I am ??? they are going to take me to Clarkís to stay. Thursday morning after I got better I thought I would start out and see how far I could walk. When I got out by the rocking chair I did not ????? I can walk to the stable. I was weak and tired but after I got started every step seemed to rest me. So I walked till I went clear up to ???? It was a long walk but I visited a while and got home all right. It has been a good many weeks since I walked as far before now. I must get ready to go to bed.

Wednesday Nov the 9th. Well it was not a very pleasant day but Mother brought me out to Whitten. I donít expect to get back the woods very soon. Monday Dr Porter came to see me. I donít know whether he can cure me or not but he will try. I was very weak yesterday but am some better today.

Sat Nov the 12. I have been so sleepy evenings that I have neglected to write again. Mother and Father was out to see me the Friday. It snowed and rained all day yesterday. It did not storm today but has been pretty cold. Mother and Oscar was here they got real cold a-coming. The Dr. was here again this evening. He thinks I am improving and I was wonderfully encouraged.

Tuesday Nov the 15th. Sunday was a long lonesome day. Jennie went to Sunday School and nobody came in the whole day long. It was so cold yesterday we had to keep pretty close to the stove to keep warm. It has been pretty cold today too.

Thursday Nov the 17. I had a chill yesterday and today and a good deal of fever. The Doctor was in this afternoon and left a lot of great big powders. He thinks they will break the fever.

Friday Nov. the 18. I did not have any chill today, but have felt very bad all day. It snowed quite hard for a while this afternoon.

Sunday Nov the 20. Yesterday was a real pleasant day but I guess it was pretty cold. The sun shone bright. Clark commenced his wood house yesterday. Mother has been to see us but Father did not come.

November the 21. This has been such a nice day that I thought I must walk out this afternoon so I bundled up and Jennie and I went out where Clark was siding the house And I was so glad to get out I didnít want to come in again till we went some place, so we walked over to Mr. Strouseís and back and I feel pretty good this evening.

Tuesday Nov. the 26. I havenít been quite as well today as I was yesterday. Clark and Jennie has gone to prayer meeting so Laurence and I are spending the evening all by ourselves. I hope I will be able to go to church some of the time this winter in the day time anyway.

Wednesday Nov the 23. The wind has been blowing very hard all day. All the carpenters intend to work on Clarks and Strauses shop tomorrow if it is a fit day. And the women folk are making preparation to give them a Thanksgiving dinner. I am some better today.

Thursday Nov. the 24. Well the dinner went off splendid. There were between 25 and 30 people there old and young. I forgot to say the dinner was at Mr. Srauses. We enjoyed ourselves real well, but the men didnít work on the shop.

Sat Nov the 26. Mrs. Hoskin (?) called in to see me yesterday. Andy Anderson was out here today. Clark is making seats for the school house this evening.

Sunday Nov the 27. Just as Clark and Jennie started for Sunday School this morning Mother came, so I did not have to stay alone but she brought very bad news. It was a letter from Uncle Able telling us that Aunt Laurinda was dead. She died the 16th of this month. I am so thankful that she came to see us this fall. She said she never expected to some out here again but I did not think of her being taken away so soon. But no one knows how soon their time may come. She also brought me a letter from Charles and one from Jennie Coville.

Tuesday Nov. the 28. The Doctor came in to see me again yesterday. He says he thinks I have improved a good deal since I came here. I commenced this morning to take cod liver oil for my lungs. It is quite a trick to take a table spoon full three times a day but I guess it wonít be bad when I get used to it. I havenít been so well yesterday and today as I was Sunday.

Wed Nov the 30. It rained and sleeted last night. It has been snowing some today. But all I could do was to sit here and look out the window at the people trying to walk on the icy street.

Thursday Dec the 1st. The first day of winter and a very pleasant day it has been. If this month is as pleasant all the way through as it has been today well will have some nice weather. Clark and Mr. Strouse commenced their shop today. I commenced to write to Charles today but I could not write much as it made my head ache so. I hope I will be able to finish it tomorrow.

Sat Dec the 3 Yes I finished the letter last night. Mother and Rachall Anderson was out here yesterday. I have felt pretty well for two days. Yesterday was quite a pleasant day. It snowed some last night and for a while this forenoon but it has almost all melted away now.

Sunday Dec the 4. This has been a very long gloomy lonesome day for me. There hasnít been any one in today since this morning just after breakfast, that was a lady come in to fetch me some of the supper they had at the band festival last night. Jennie went to Sunday School and meeting this forenoon, and she and Clark both went this afternoon and brought the preacher home with them. They did not stay long till it was time for evening meeting so they all skipped out again and havenít got back yet.

Mon Dec the 5. I really believe the cod liver oil is doing some good for I feel a good deal better than I did a week ago. Father and Oscar was here today and brought a load of wood.

Wed Dec the 7th. I finished a collar for myself yesterday. It was the first I had sewed on the machine for a very long time. But today I have done something wonderful for me. I went over and called on Mary Saint this morning then I went up to Mrs. Fosterís and stayed there long enough to rest, then I came home. This afternoon I done some needlework and I washed the dishes, while Jennie went to church this evening, and I donít forget to be very thankful that I can do that much.

Thu Dec the 8th. I done a little more needle work and dishwashing yesterday, but I havenít done any work today. Mother was here and brought my paints so I can make some feather flowers if I donít get any worse.

Sat Dec the 10th, 1881. My eyes did not feel very well today so I did now work any. I had the head ache and tried to sleep it off, but that did not do any good so I went over to Mrs. Mooreís and spent the afternoon and that cured me.

Mon Dec the 12. Yesterday was a long dismal day and none of us felt very happy but I hope everything will go off smooth after this. I made a needle book today and I got a letter from Charles. J (Jennie) is sick this evening. Clark had to make his own bed and I washed the dishes. It is after ten oíclock and I must go to bed.

Thursday Dec the 15. Father and Oscar was here Tuesday. Oscar brought me a rabbit. I walked up to the drugstore yesterday morning. It was quite a cool walk for me. Then I finished a needle book. In the afternoon I went over to Mr. Stouseís and I stayed up all day for the first time for many weeks. I have been making feather flowers today.

Dec the 16. Mother was here today. I have worked with my feather flowers all day.

Sat Dec the 17. I went over to Mr. Colens (?) after the milk this morning. It was quite a long walk. I finished one boquet today and after supper I made two mince pies while Jennie washed the dishes.

Sun Dec the 18. This has been a very pleasant day. And it has been quite a task for Laurence and I to sit here and see almost everybody in town going to Sunday School and meeting while we have to be shut up in the house. But I wonít mind so much if my health will only continue to improve. Jennie, Clark and John have gone to church this evening.

Mon Dec the 19. I got up pretty early this morning to set some salt-risings and I trimmed feathers all day only while I was tending the risings. It rained last night and made the roads very muddy.

Fri Dec the 23. Well I have been making feather flowers all the week. Now they are ready for the Christmas tree and that will be tomorrow night.

Sat Dec the 24th. Christmas Eve has come at last. The folks have all gone to the Christmas tree and I am here all alone. But it is 20 minutes past 9 and I guess they will be here before long. Clark made me a present of a nice pair of shoes today.

Monday Dec the 26th. When the folks came home from the Christmas tree they brought me a present of a real nice dress. We were all invited to a turkey roast yesterday to Mr. Stouseís . We went and had quite a nice time and a splendid dinner. Today I have been over to Mr. Ellittís all day. They are going to move to Liscomb tomorrow.

Tuesday Dec the 27th. Mother, Father and Oscar was here today and we had roast turkey for dinner.

Thursday, Dec. the 28th. I lied down to take a nap yesterday morning. I had not sleep but a few minutes when Dicy Gunter (?) come. We had quite a visit. We all went up to the store and was weighed. Jennie 137, Dicy 122, and I 115 Ĺ. Then I went over to the Depot to see Dicy off. I saw lots of people there I was acquainted with . When I came home Father and Oscar was here. I wrote a (?) of letters this afternoon. It stormed very hard for a while this afternoon. It is real cold and the wind blows very hard tonight.

Sat Dec the 30th. I was so cold yesterday I just sit around the stove all day. It has been colder today than it was yesterday and I have such a hard pain in my side every since yesterday morning and it is not any better yet. Here it is the last of the year. I have had more pain and trouble since I commenced this Journal than I ever had before.

End of Journal

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