1875 Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa

AT Andreas

Hardin County, Iowa Andreas Atlas Patrons

(CTS is Came To State)




Name Business Nativity CTS
Adams, D L Physician & Surgeon Washington Co, OH 1862
Allbeck, D W Carpenter & Building Montour Co, PA 1870
Allbeck, J C Farmer Montour Co, PA 1870
Barnum, A G Farmer Greene Co, NY 1854
Beach, H N Harness Maker Medina Co, OH 1864
Bloch, S Butter & Eggs France 1869
Boedecker, John General Merchandise Hanover, Germany 1865
Bryson, A N Attorney at Law Hartford Co, CT 1850
Clover, Solomon Farmer Franklin Co, OH 1855
Davidson, N N Druggist Champaign Co, OH 1854
Davis, Charles E Farmer OH 1854
Dennis, G Farmer Belmond Co, OH 1841
Dyer, W Proprietor, Revere House Albany Co, NY 1854
Frantz, Adam Farmer Luzerne Co, PA    ??? 1854
Girtler, J Farmer & Wagon Maker Chester Co, PA 1864
Hoffman, J Farmer Prussia 1857
Kelso, J Seaton Physician & Surgeon Antrim Co, Ireland 1867
Kemmerer, Ed Railroad Ticket & Freight Agent Susquehanna Co, PA 1854
Krumling, A Agricultural Implements   Ins. Agent Germany 1861
Lathrop, L Farmer Greene Co, NY 1853
Leach, L Farmer Niagara Co, NY 1859
Loop, J C Insurance and Sewing Machine Agent Hanover, Germany 1869
Lusch, T F Grain Dealer Germany 1858
Mills, C S Agricultural Implements Dayton, 1866
Muffly, C T Farmer Center Co, PA 1868
Muller, T E Farmer Germany 1858
Murphy, A C Attorney at Law Lafayette Co, WI 1869
Obrecht, N F Real Estate & Insurance France 1868
Ogden, J R Agent Singer Sewing Machine Tioga Co, PA 1852
Pattee, George Farmer Monroe Co, NY 1855
Piblett, J R Editor & Publisher Tazewell Co, IL 1874
Scales, R S Attorney at Law Lafayette Co, WI 1870
Shaner, Samuel W Farmer Clinton Co, PA 1860
Strahorn, G K Farmer Chester Co, PA 1855
Strahorn, J G Farmer Chester Co, PA 1855
Strahorn, Jas Sr Farmer Chester Co, PA 1855
Strahorn, Samuel Farmer Chester Co, PA 1855
Steenblock, D H Farmer Hanover, Germany 1854
Stevens, R S Farmer Livingston Co, NY 1870
Veen, John C General Merchandise Hanover, Germany 1868
Weisbard, F Architect & Builder Germany 1868
White & Courtright Ackley Enterprise DeKalb Co, IL 1853-9
White, Geo Farmer England 1868
Woodruff, Alonzo E Printer St. Lawrence Co, NY 1868




Name Business Nativity CTS
Anderson, O F Farmer Motala, Sweden 1873
Burdick, C S Farmer Chemung Co, NY 1865
Davis, Thomas C Farmer Guilford Co, NC 1870
Ellis, Solomon Farmer Green Co, TN 1853
Gogeriry, B R Farmer Orange Co, NY 1854
Hobson, Geo T Farmer Henry Co, IN 1840
Hiserote, A M Farmer Columbia Co, NY 1854
Myers, Jacob L Farmer Richland Co, OH 1849
Perisho, John C Farmer & Blacksmith Pasquotank, Co, NC  1855
Shintaffer, Philip Farmer Green Co, IL 1841
Slack, Madison Farmer Prov. Ontario Canada 1849




Name Business Nativity CTS
Buttolph, J F Banker Addison Co, VT 1857
Carleton, R A Lumber Dealer Allegany Co, MD 1852
Ellsworth, E S Real Estate Agent Milwaukee, WI 1862
Foster, J H Physician Guilford Co, NC 1855
Harp, James A Farmer Clermont Co, OH 1864
Herley, D W Teacher Hendricks Co, IN 1861
Moseley, Henry Farmer Monroe Co, NY 1865
Palmer, Abram Farmer Canada 1849
Peabody, Elman Stock Dealer Grafton Co, NH 1856
Pearce, J P Agricultural Implements, Grain & Produce Ocean Co, NJ 1864
Senter, J K Livery Stable St. Lawrence Co, NY 1856
Skiff, R F Farmer Wyoming Co, NY 1864
Smith, S P Insurance Agent Otsego Co, NY 1858
Turner, J L Railroad Master Berkley Co, VA 1867
Van Buskirk, M Merchant Clinton Co, NY 1866
Weaver, S M Editor, Sentinel New York 1868
Welden, Wm Postmaster Iowa Co, WI 1869
Wells, A A Lime & Stone Cattaraugus Co, NY 1855
Wisner, L F Real Estate Dealer Orange Co, NY 1855
Wright, Robert Iowa Falls Mills Westmoreland, England 1869
Young, John P Merchant Tailor Belgium 1866


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