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Country School History

Taken from Past and Presant Guthrie County
The first school in Guthrie County was taught by Spencer Catlin in his own residence, a log cabin in the old Kunkle neighborhood in Jackson township in 1852.  He had fifteen pupils. 
In the subsequent years there has been great development of educational interests, not only in Guthrie county, but throughout the entire west.  The first public school in Cass township and the first in the county was opened in December, 1853, at Panora.  Dr. Sloan teacher. It was taught in a small frame building built by Richard Gilbert. In 1859 there were 4 district townships in the county, namely Jackson, Dodge, Cass and Bear Grove. The first settler located in Jackson in 1849.  The Bays located in Cass in the fall of that year.  Nathan Davis settled in Bear Grove in the fall of 1852.  The first school was taught in Bear Grove at the house of S.R. Saxton in 1855. John Clark made settlement in Dodge in 1854. The first school, it is said was taught by Joseph D. Nichols, brother of Colonel S.D. Nichols, in 1858, in a building yet standing and owned by W.S. Mount, in Dodge.

In 1906 there were 134 subdistricts of which had nine: Baker, Bear Grove, Beaver, Orange, Richland, Seeley, Thompson, Union, Valley, Victory.  These townships had eight: Dodge. Highland, Jackson, and Cass eleven.  All of these schools are ungraded, with the exception of Richland, College Corners, Long Branch, Pioner, Penn, Deager and West Milton; each has one ungraded school, Richland has one graded school.

Baker Twp


Baker # 2
Northeast corner of section 9

Baker # 3
Southeast corner of section 5
After 1904
Baker # 4
Location not know yet

Baker # 5
Southeast corner of section 16

Baker # 6
Northwest corner of section 24

Baker # 8
Southwest corner of section 27

Bear Grove Twp


Bear Grove # 1
Southwest corner of section 1
Closed in 1956
Bear Grove #2
Southwest corner of section 3
Closed in 1956
Bear Grove #4
South of North Branch section 17

Bear Grove #7
Southwest corner section 25
Closed in 1950
Bear Grove #8
Southwest corner of section 27

Bear Grove #10
South central of section 23

Unidentified Bear Grove School Location # photos and info.
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Beaver Twp


Beaver #8

Frog Pond  South of Monteith 

Cass Twp

School Location

Dodge Twp

School Location
Dodge #9

Highland Twp

School Location

Jackson Twp

School Location
Jackson #4 Dale City - North Central section 6

Jackson #7 Franklin

Orange Twp

School Location

Richland Twp

School Location

Seeley Twp

School Location
Seeley #9

Thompson Twp

School Location
Thompson #1
Southeast corner section 2
Submitted by Jolene Jackson

Union Twp

School Location
Union  #4
Corner of old highway 73on the farm to market roadbetween Audubon and Guthrie Center
Submitted by Russ Possehn
Union  #5

Union  #6

Union  #9
 Northeast corner of sec 31

Valley Twp

School Location
Valley #7
Southeast section 31
Submitted by Jolene Jackson

Victory Twp

School Location

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