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Flood of 1958

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   On July 2nd and 3rd 1958 a massive storm hit Southwest Iowa.

Of the eight southwest counties hit, Guthrie County had the largest area of land flooded with some 28,000 acres under water.

4 deaths from Guthrie County:

Roy Keeran of Guthrie Center

 Clyde Carrick of Bagley

Martha Carrick of Bagley

Max Cornish of Bagley

and Camillie Buckner, Scranton (Green County) fiance of Max

An estimated $60,000 damage to 8 of the 16 buildings on the fair grounds

Seven bridges were destroyed and fifteen were damaged on the main roads.

In July the Guthrie County Board of Supervisors declared all bridges in Guthrie County unsafe until furthur notice, according to Warren R Shelley, chairman of the board.

Approxamately 25-30 large and small bridges were swepted away or damaged beyond travel by the flood.

Photos courtesy of John Hampton

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Another victim of the flood was the girls' 4-H building at the Guthrie County Fairgrounds along Highway 64 (44) at the west edge of Guthrie Center.
Other buildings also wrecked.

Depth of the Middle River flash flood is graphically illustrated by debris decorating corssbars of the power pole along Highway 6 between Adair and Casey. The debris -cornstalks and weeds- is at least 15 feet in the air.  Casey was the hardest hit town in the area.
covault house

Residents of Guthrie Center try to move house from Highway 64 (44) at the west edge of town where high waters of the South Raccoon River left it, blocking traffic. Efforts were unsuccessful.  House, belonging to Amy Covault of Guthrie Center, later was moved with heavy equipment.

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