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On Wednesday, Nov. 27th, 1963, a paper carrier for Guthrian, Bruce Walters, discovered a fire at the courthouse around 6 a.m., which in the end completely destroyed it. The fire was thought to have started in the furnace room in the basement.
Many of the counties records were lost but many survived.
A blacksmith with the aid of a country welder cut into the records vault.  Although damaged to some degree, many records were legible.


This amazing photo was captured the morning of the fire by local merchant John H. Miller,
owner of  Miller Shoe Store from 1947-1968.
He and his family lived 4 blocks north of the courthouse. 
On the morning of  Nov. 27, 1963  they walked down to the
courthouse to see what was happening. When they saw the fire John told his son to
run home and get the camera.  What impressed his son, Dave, the most was
the ammunition in the sheriffs' office exploding.
Notice the sprays of water in the bottom corners of the photo

Newspaper articles about fire
The Guthrian  Dec. 3, 1963
The Stuart Herald Nov. 28th 1963 Page 1

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