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Benjamin Kunkle, the first white man to make permanent settlement in Guthrie county, was a Methodist.
The first sermon preached in Guithrie county was delivered by Rev. Michael Hare, a Methodist missionary, some time in the summer or fall of 1850
and was preached in Mr. Kunkle's cabin to a congregation of ten or twelve persons

Stuart Friends Church

Friends Church, Sturart, Ia

Courtesy of David Shedlock Collection

Franklin-Morrisburg Church

morrisburg church

History of  the Franklin-Morrisburg Church as written by Lulua and Olie Boots


Historical Sketches of Iowa Baptists, 1886 - Guthrie County


Brethren Church north of Panora listing of some of the earlier members

Information about other Brethren Churches in the area

German Church Picnic (German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Grant Twp) Circa 1907

German Church Picnic, Guthrie County Iowa Cicra 1907, contributed by Debbie Beddow

From Left to Right, First three unidentified: lady, man and lady, Fourth lady with the large brimmed hat: Bertha Howland Paul, Fifth a baby: George Howland, Sixth: Minnie Phelps Lee, Seventh man with watch chain: Lincoln Lee, Eighth & Ninth: 2 unidentified ladies, Tenth young boy in front: Claude Howland, Eleventh man sitting by tree: Rufus Reed Howland, Twelfth: Viola (Phelps) Howland d/o George Martin Dallas Phelps w/o Rufus Reed Howland, Thirteenth: Frank Howland s/o Rufus Reed Howland, Fourteenth man with white beard: George Martin Dallas Phelps, Last: Unidentified man

Christian Panora

Christian Church at Panora picture taken in 1914

Christian Church at Panora picture taken in 1914

The following is an abstraction of church members that was found in the History of Guthrie and Adair Co, Iowa, 1884

Methodist Episcopal Church at Guthrie Center (Served more than Guthrie Center)

gc methodist church

From Past and Present Guthrie County Iowa

1st Quarterly meeting in 1861 at Bear Grove.
Members attending: Arthur Badley, JW Adair, Jacob Levan, Eli Grandstaff, James Lisle; William Milhollin, E. Pickett Ministers: (1861-1884) JW Adair, NL Phillips, JG Gates, Israel Mershon, TP Newland, Charles Ashton, JM O'Flyng, WF Burke, L. Jean, GM Cuffen, SS Todd, WE Hamilton, George F. Brand, Rev. Brooker, Rev. D Shenton
Building Committee: (1868) Eli Grandstaff, William Tracy, David Paxton, John E Motz, E Kostenbader.
Church property at Guthrie Center.

Methodist Episcopal Church at Bayard (Originally at Dodge Center)

1882 Members: Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. Littlejohn, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey, Mr. & Mrs. Lynch, JW Leach, Mr. & Mrs. William Stevenson, and Mr. & Mrs. Miller.
Trustees: AW Leach, _ Wilson, George Dewey, Alexander Littlejohn
Building Committee: Father William Stevenson, EH Lockwood, George Dewey
Non resident ministers: Rev. George W Rawlings, Rev. AW Leach, and Rev. SS Todd of Bagley.

Methodist Church at Jamaica

Organized 1879 with Rev. F. Todd
1884 Pastor: Rev. JD Prince Trustees: HE Hurlbut, JJ Quiggans, E Munger
Class leader: Mrs. HE Hurlbut

Methodist Church of Baker twp

Organized 1859 at the home of Edmund Pickett by Rev Carrier
Members: William Melholland and wife, Joshua Simmons and wife, Edmund Pickett and wife, Mrs. Lewis Harrington, Mrs Susan Simmons.
Moved to Bear Grove schoolhouse


Photos taken 10/19/2018

Methodist Episcopal Church of Menlo

Organized 1869
Members: JC Hitchcock & wife, J McMullen and wife, John Peaine and wife, Stover Rhinard and wife, WS McMullen, Noble Gregory, Mary Jackson, Mary Talmage, CM Hitchcock and wife, George Hitchcock, Nora Moore, JF Gregory and wife, JM Sweeney and Grace Sweeney
Ministers: Rev. Winning, Rev. James Lisle, Rev. Daniel Lamont, Rev. BF Durfee, Rev. JE Darby, Rev. John Hestwood, Rev. WC Martin, Rev. DC Franklin, Rev. E Kendall, Rev. George Wright, Rev. EJ Brooker, and Rev. Willam Hohenshelt

Methodist Church at Casey

Organized 1870
Officers: Rev. WB Payton, John Woods, John Miller, JW Woods, John A Jefferson, George Loomis
Pastor 1884: AH Murphy

Methodist Episcopal church at Stuart

Organized 1871 with Rev IE Darby, Rev James Lisle
1st Class: JL Fox, NE Fox, GW Clark, Maggie Clark, JW McPherson, S McPherson, M. Ewers, JT Burchard, MJ Burchard, Nancy Given, James Chittick, A Sprague, Mary Griffin, Seth Wilson , Parmelia Wilson, Alice Williams, FC Annfield, Annie E Lawton, Ann B Baker, Benjamin Kuns, Elizabeth Kuns, Mary Head, HC Reynolds, George Bailey, Jemima Newby, FM Newby, Mrs. Baker, Lydia Potter, William Frost, Priscilla Frost, Mary Annfield, Jame Chittick, Edward Yarton and Olive Yarton
Ministers: Rev. James Lisle, Rev. IE Darby, Rev. Durfee, Rev. JH Hestwood, Rev. WC Martin, Rev. GC Waynick, Rev. OE Moore, Rev. GH Detwiler, Rev. JD Moore, Rev. J Hesterwood

Methodist Episcopal Bear Grove

Started 1857 by Father Knott at SR Saxton cabin
Moved 1871 to a school house North of Bear Grove
Additional ministers:Rev. Gates, Rev. Warfield
1876 the Free Methodist led by Rev. Stannard alternately held services in the same school house.
Rev. Nutz was also a minister of this group.

Church of Christ Panora

Organized 1854 by Elder Clayborn Wright of Greene Co.
Elders: Ben. Mitchell, Alex. Wasson; Deacon: Wm. C. JOnes
1858 the church divided; they met at McClaran's school
1874 building in Panora

Christian Church-Disciples of Christ

Organize at 1874 Tuttle's Grove school house in Orange twp by Elder Moses McDaniels
Members: James F Moore, Samuel Lafferty, Mrs. Samuel Lafferty, George L. Teter, Mrs. George L. Teter, Dudley M Thompson, Mrs. Dudley M. Thompson, Henry Cretsinger, George M Cretsinger, Isaac M. Cretsinger, Mrs. James F. Moore and several others.

Christian Church-Victory twp

Organized 1870 by Elder OE Brown of Greenfield
1884 in Panora
Original members: Benjamin Mitchell, Bernetta Mitchell, William Jackson, Rachel Jackson, William Jones, Margaret Jones, William and Mrs. Miller, Samuel and Mrs. McClaran, Horation Shaw, Ozias Shaw and others.
1875 Elder James Anderson
1st Members of Hickory Grove branch: Orlando Moffitt and family, William Lydick and wife, Alexander Slaybaugh and wife and Peter McClaran

Christian Church -Stuart

church built 1875

Christian or New Light Church of Jackson twp

Organized 1856; held services at school house at Sec 3.
Members: Martin Smith and wife, Jacob Smith, Aaron Smith and wife.
Ministers: Rev. John Hopkins, Mrs. David Lewis
1860 building erected.

Cumberland Presbyterian Church Panora

Organized 1869
Members: EJ Reynolds, JW Gustine, Samuel Anderson and wife, Mary J Hill, Charles L Fogg, Hannah Kellogg, Margaret Lenon, Robert Farnsworth and wife, Nancy J Farnsworth and Maria Townsend.
Ministers: Samuel Anderson, Rev. JDM Buckner, CF Fuller
Building started 1870 by Baptist who sold in to this group in 1871 to finish

Presbyterian Church of Menlo

Organized 1869 by Rev Hiram Kellogg
Members: Joseph Reynolds, George B McPherson, AL Carmichael, JJ Groom, Perry Crook, HM Sampson, Ira Derby, JM Crab, J Heasly, DB Westlake
Additional Ministers: Rev. AH Campbell, Rev. Bartle, Rev. CH Bruce


Presbyterian Church at Casey

Organized 1873 with Rev. JG Hanna
Officers: JG Griffith, Henry Kesley, Jacob Blattner, CF Linthurst, WD Kelsey
Other minister: Rev. Kephart


Presbyterian Church at Guthrie Center

Organized 1875 by Rev. John C. Hanna
Members: Godfrey Jerue, James Dalzell, Mrs. S Reed, Miss Alice McLuen
Died out as members left; reorganized 1880 by Rev. AH Campbell and WM Graham
Members then: John H Phelps, Mrs. Harriet C Phelps, Lottie M Phelps, Mrs. Maria Cutting, Lilla & Jennie Cutting, Samuel S Shaefer, JW Shaefer, Mrs Sarah Shaefer, Lou McMillan, Mrs. Sarah J Phillips, Robert M Deems, Mrs. FA Mann, Ellen A Kimball, OG McCutcheon, Mrs. A Curtis, Mrs. Mary McMillan, and Mrs. Nettie Herriott
Other ministers: CH Bruce, Rev DN Graves
Building 1882/3


Wesleyan Methodist at Guthrie Center

Organized 1871 by Rev George I Cummins
Members: Andrew Hazlett, John Hazlett, Elizabeth Hazlett, Jacob Waller, Mary Jenkins, Sarah Springer, Thomas Howell, Elizabeth Howell, Solomon Fisk, Mrs. Solomon Fisk, WJ Hazlett, Maria Hazlett,C Vanaken, Hannah Glasner
Ministers: EI (Eugene I) Grinnell, Joel Grinnell, JA Preston, William Moyle, H Hull, David Menge

Wesleyan Methodist in Union twp

Organized 1872 by Rev. EI Grinnell at Ansberry school house
Officers: Jacob Waller, Abiram S Lambert

Wesleyan Methodist Orange Twp

Organized 1872 by Rev. EI Grinnell at Tuttle's Grove school house
Members: Mrs. John Teter, Mrs. William P Hopson, Mrs. Jacob Shane, Mrs. James Shane, Mrs. Ruth Martin, Lyman Baker, Mrs. Jonathan Stevens, Jonath Stevens, Dennis Hammond, Mrs. Dennis Hammond
Officers 1884: William Martin, Mrs. William Martin, David Miller

Wesleyan Methodist Church Highland twp

Organized 1875 by Rev. Joel Grinnel at school house

Wesleyan Methodist #2 in Orange twp

Organized 1881 by Rev. Eugene I Grinnell at Eicher school house
Officers: William Brattle, William Smith, LM Hickman

United Presbyterian Church at Bayard

Organized 1883
Members: David Baird, Susan Baird, WE Moore, Nancy Moore, Dora Moore, Martha Johnson, NT Smith, Mrs. OE Torrence, LR Brown, Mrs. LR Brown, Thomas McKinry, Mrs. Thomas McKinry, JA McCrory, Mrs. JA McCrory
Building 1883 by J. Horine
Ministers: Rev. Albert Gordon, Rev. JA McCalmont
Officers: JA McCrory, NT Smith, DW Moore, TM McKenry, JA McCrory

Adair Congregration of United Presbyterian of Grant twp

Organized 1878
Members: WP Cowden, MA Cowden, DJ Cowden, AM Cowden, JB Galbraith, NA Galbraith, Jennie B Galbraith, ES Brownlee, Mary E Brownlle, NA Cowden, John Grove, Mary Grove, David Hammon, C. Hammond, E Britton Ministers: JF Martin, Rev. Harris
1884 Officers: David Cowden, WP Cowden, James Stewart, ES Brownlee WP Gowden, JB Galbraith


Church of God Beaver twp

Organized 1853, also known as Winebrennanarians
Members: Jacob & Catherine Miller, Christian & Elizabeth Miller, John & Isabel Miller, Enos & Rufa Ann Miller, Joseph & Julia Miller, Thomas M & Catherine Coleman, Miss Mary A Downing
Ministers: George Thomas, IE Boyer, Adam L Nye, JM West (not sure if he was a minister or just someone filling in from the church membership), OV Kenaston, JJ Richardson, A Wilson, JM Mullen
Building 1881 Lot 1 Sec 5

United Brethren Congregation at Glendon

Organized 1871 by William Mains in old school house near Beaver Creek
Members: John Mains and wife, Henry Mains, Mrs. Sarah Mains, Mrs. Annie Mains, Miss Laura E. Maines, Mrs. Hattie R Anderson, William Neeley and wife, Mrs. Tabitha McHargue, David Roach, Miss Hattie Roach, Mrs. Sarah Irwin, Mrs. Jemima LT Mains, Daniel Mains and wife.
Ministers: William Mains, TD Adams, Levi Debusk, JE Ham, GJ Graham, AJ Patterson, Samel Longshore, Fredrick Brookmiller, Daniel M Mains


Congregrational Church of Stuart

Organized 1871 in the school house
Present: JA Dunham, Mrs. JA Dunham, Miss Ella Dunham, Howard Adams, Mrs. Mary Bates, William Stevens, Maria Stevens, Miles Cady, Mrs. Miles Cady, Mrs. LM Morse, Mrs. Cook, Miss Helen Morse
Officers and building committee: JA Dunham, William Stevens, Howard Adams, William Cady, J Altman, Charles Stuart, JR Bates, L McPherson, WP Moulton
Building established 1872
Ministers: Rev. Dr. J Gad, Rev. WB Bachtell, Rev. EG Carpenter, Rev. AE Todd, Rev. HP Roberts, Rev. AW Archlbald, Rev. GW Reynolds

On March 21, there was organized in Lincoln township, Adair County, a few miles southeast of Stuart, a Congregational church.  It was called the First Congregationl church of Lincoln and was composed of nine members, gathered from the families that had moved into the region during the preceding summer and fall.  This church continued in existence for two years, but was never very strong.  In the meantime Stuart was giving promise of future growth, and in 1871 the question of organizing a Congregational church was agitated.  Finally it was decided to transfer the Lincoln church to Stuart, and for this to form a nucleus of a new organiztion.  In this way, on June 10, 1871 the First Congregational church of Stuart was organized with twelve members. 

During the ensuing year the first church building was erected, costing about two thousand five hundred dollars, and was dedicated July 14, 1872.  From its beginning the church, for many years had a hard struggle, but there was manifested the spirit of self sacrifice and devotion on the part of the membership.

During the thirty six years of its history the church has been served by the following ministers.
Rev. Joseph Gadd during the summer of 1871 and winter of 1871-2
W. B. Bachtelle, November 1, 1872 to November 1, 1873
E. G. Carpenter, February 16, 1874 to March 17, 1875
A. E. Todd December 22, 1875 to April 7, 1877
H.P. Roberts, supplied during summer of 1877
A. W.  Archibald,  December 2, 1880 to May 1880
George W. Reynolds, June 13, 1880 to December 8, 1885
A. S. Badger October 1886 to January 1888
H.M. Case April 1888 to April 1890
Glen A Taylor September 1 1890 to May 31, 1899
E. H. H. Holmine  December, 1899 to December, 1901
F. M. Chaffee  January, 1902 to March 1905
H. W. Stillman June, 1905 to June, 1906
W. A. Briggs November 1, 1906

The active organization of the church has been the Sunday-school, organized early in its history.
In 1903 a fine brick edifice was erected costing, with the lot upon which it is built, twelve thousand dollars.  This beautiful structure was dedicated March 6, 1904.  The resident membership at the beginning of 1907  was one hundred and thirteen, of which twenty nine were males and eighty-four females.

Baptist Church at Panora

Organized 1858 by JA Nash and TS Griffiths
1871 church building started; sold before finished

First Baptist Church of Stuart

Organized 1874
Members: J (Joshua) Hill, Annie Hill, DJ Potter, Lydia J Potter, Kate Baker, Phoebe Harter, Ella Head, MM Pascal, SM Todd, Uriah Lee, Mrs. Uriah Lee
Pastors: Rev. A Knapp, Rev. Nash, Demos Robinson, Rev. Childs, Rev. LW Atkinson, Rev. CF Reed, Rev. WA Wescher, Rev. RB Albin
Rented Episcopal church building until 1875
In 1875 bought their own building; Officers: ER Daniels, AA Potter, AH Esterbrook
1884 Officers: H Leighton, ER Daniels, George Theirman, A Trindle

South Coon River Baptist-Missionary Baptists Penn twp

Organized 1876 with Elder Joseph Carson as pastor
Members: John S. Cave, Helen M. Betts, Mary Ayers, Sarah Walker
Officers: WR Godwin, AJ Cave, John Hill
Ministers: Joseph Carson, Elder Childs, Elder Hooks, Elder A. Hunt
Officers 1884: AJ Cave, WR Godwin, Mrs. AJ Cave

Missionary Baptists Jackson twp

Organized Franklin school in 1868
Members: John Tam & wife, John Heiland & wife, Andrew Whisler, AF Trent & wife, Millie Annacres, Charles McCoye
Ministers: Joseph Carson, Henry Cloud, William Hooks, Elder Hunt,
1870 moved to Valley twp; brought back 1871 to Centennial school district
1884 officers: John Hieland, John Whisler, Andrew Whisler

Coon River Congregation of German Baptists

1862 love feast at D. Brumbaugh's
Members residing within limits of Coon River congregation at that time: Jacob Wlater, John W Diehl, JD Haghtelin, Eliza Haughtelin, SA Chamberlin, Caterine Walter, D Brumbaugh, Lydia Brumbaugh
1865 separated from parent; Officers at separation: John Fitz, O Free BE PLaine, John W Diehl
1873 building on land from BE Plaine and A McClaran (sec 29)
1884 Officers: Robert Bodger, JD Haughtelin, JW Diehl, M Deardorff, Joseph Myers, Alfred Brower, John Fitz, SC Deivilbis, George Boots, DW Diehl, O Flesee

Stuart Meeting of the Friends

Organized 1855; known then as Summit Grove meeting
Members:David Bowles, Cyrus Bolwles and wife, David Bowles, Jr, and wife, Darius Bowles, Calvin Carson and wife, Elias Hadley Sr and family, John Pearson and family, Reuben White and wife, William Kivett and wife, TJ McCollum and wife, John Ramsy and wife, Mary Mills and family, Lindley M Stanton
Building 1856 sec 31; 1877 new building
Speakers: Ruth Newlin, David Bowles, Penniah Kivetts, Amos Davis and wife, Benjamin Hiatt, Daniel McPherson, Benjamin Hodges
1884 officers: John Carson and wife, Jamee Catell and wife.

Spring Valley Friends

Originated 1858 home of Thomas Chantry, Thompson twp
Principle movers: Thomas B Chantry and wife, Elisha and Hannah Smith, Eliza Betts
1862 Committee people: Samuel B Chantry, William W Stanfield, Joseph H Cook
1866 meeting house built sec 26 has cemetery-Thomas B Chantry first burial in 1864
Building in Casey in 1882; Committee: SB Chantry, Amos Davis, Joseph Betts, Alonzo Rhinehart, SP Chantry, and their wives.

German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Grant Twp

Meetings at homes of George Faga, John Miller, Christopher Drafahl, Henry Faga, school house 3 in 1875
Members: Henry Wesack, John Miller, Henry and George Faga, Henry Gerhold, Fred Zimmerman
Ministers: Rev. Merten, Rev. J Horn (more info about him), Rev Frederick Ehlers (more info about him)
Building 1884
First officers: George Faga, Henry Wesack, Henry Gearhart, Fred Zimmerman
1884 Officers: Christopher Drefahl, Fred Felt, Henry Faga, PJ Felt

Roman Catholic Church of Bayard

Organized 1882
Building committee: Michael McDonald, Dennis Martin, Geoffrey Crooks
Building by John Horine
Minister: Rev. Father Harney

Catholic-Panora & Guthrie Center

1856 Families: Chas. Fannery, Daniel Nolan, Dennis Darga, Jas. Carberry, Thoms Hanlon
erected church in Panora; it blew down. Then erected one in Guthrie Center

Catholic Churches in 1884

Not much is given in the way of additional information, but in addition to the ones listed above there was one in Adair (blt. 1879), one at Stuart, and one being built at Fontanelle.

Abstracted from an article in the Guthrie Co Vedette May 7, 2003

Panora United Methodist Church

Dedicated July 26,1903 with over 800 worshipers; built on the site of the old church at a cost of $11,208, excluding stained glass windows and an unfinished basement. Excavation of the basement was finally finished in 1972 by Rev. Tom Hotle and his Boy Scout troop.

It had double tinted Omaha brick on the exterior, fresco ceilings and oak woodwork There were over 4O electric lights in the sanctuary.

Des Moines architects Smith and Gage drew up the plans for the building. Contractors were local men, Messrs. Nicholas and Brown.

The PUM Church shared a three-point charge with Linden and Morrisburg. By 1960, five churches were included, expanding to a nine-point charge forming Hope Parish. Three ministers served the parish. At the turn of the century, Panora resigned from the parish and became an independent congregation of the Iowa Methodist Conference.

source: Past and Present Guthrie County Iowa and volunteers or otherwise stated

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