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History of Bagley, Iowa

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Courtesy of Joe Kenney


Undefeated Bagley High School football team of 1939
Submitted by Diane Peters Shough
Bagley High School 1939 Football Team

Photo from the Vern Peters 1939-40 Senior album
Vern is the player along side of Coach Kane on the far right in the first row.
Submitted by Vern's daughter Diane Peters Shough
Diane believes the the player in the middle of the first row is Darrell Klinzman

Bayard and Bagley Matchbook Covers
Submitted by Mike Avitt

matchbook covers

Dr. Gubser House

Courtesy of Bob Cook

Gubser house

    This house in Bagley was built with hand poured cement blocks and has a double row.

                                                  It was purchased in 1954 from Dr. L.J. Frownfelter by Wayne and Florence Cook for $5000. (Contract below)                                                   
After graduating from ISU Vet school Wayne started as a Vet in Bagley in 1951. They moved to Stuart in the fall of 1957 to team with Dr. Dale Clausen. Wayne sold his practice in Stuart in1972 to Rex Wilhelm.

Wayne farmed and worked for the USDA until his retirement in 1985.

 The Cooks sold this house to Dr. Gubser who owned it for many decades.

cook contract
cook article

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