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Surname Registry

The following is a list of surnames currently being researched by individuals with Greene County roots.
You may add as many surnames to the list as you would like by contacting the Greene County Coordinator.
Be sure to include the following information in your email:

Surname, migration route, residence, time period, your name, your e-mail address.

Please put "Greene County Surname List" in the subject line of your e-mail.
The time period should reflect the period of time that your ancestor resided in Greene County, Iowa.
The residence may include town, township, address or general area within Greene County. Thank You!

Migration Route
Time Period
ALBRIGHT IA Junction Twp. 1870-1900s Rick Albright
ANDERSON Del/Md -> Ohio -> Iowa Jefferson Twp. 1860 - 1910 Richard Holmes Anderson
ANDRE IA Adaza 1900 Kathy Renn
ARNOLD/SOMERS GER>PA>IL>IA Paton Twp 1886-1940 Annette Towler
ATHEY WV>IN>IA> Greene County 1856 to present Jean Tucker
AYDELOTT IL>IA Bristol Twp. 1856-1895 Sue Frerkson
BABB ?>IA Greene County 1860's-present Kathy Harper
BARR MD>OH>IN>IA Greene 1853-present Ruth Tysor
BARTH IL>IA near Jamaica 1915-1974 Gary Sandberg
BEAMAN IN>IA Rippey, IA 1850s-present Gordon Faber
BELANGEE OH>IN>IA Grand Junction 1880-1915 Marjorie Nemitz
BELDING/BELDON ENG>CT>NY>KS>IL>IA Greene County 1640-present Beverly Palermo
BETTS ?>IA>CA Rippey Mid 1850's Catherine Burr
BETZ ?>IA>CA Rippey Mid 1850's Catherine Burr
BIGELOW PA>IA Greene County 1856-60 Beatrice Wilson Leach
BISH OH>IA>CO>CA Rippey 1854-1900 Valerie Ogren
BISHOP OH>IA Scranton 1868-? Dixie Lee Brodigan
BISHOP VA(PA?)>OH>IA>SD Scranton Twp. 1807-1921 Letha Chunn-Mendivil
BLACK PRUSSIA>IA Bristol Twp, Kendrick Twp, Scranton Twp 1817-Present Betsy Monson
BLANSHAN IA Junction Twp. 1870s-1900s Rick Albright
BOARD IA>OH Adaza 1900 Kathy Renn
BOOTH IL>IA Bagley (Guthrie Co.) 1880's - present Karen McBeth
BROCK IN>IA>WA Jefferson 1850's- (?) Melody Byrd
BROCK IL>IA Bristol, Jefferson 1880 - 1930 Kathy Murphy
BROWN IL>IA Jefferson 1875 Rebecca Bonacci
BRYAN IA Greene County   Judy Nelson
10265 Ulmerton Rd. #123 Largo FL 33771
BURKE IRE?>IL>IA Grand Junction, Dana 1888-present Jeanne Armitage
BUSWELL ENG>MA>NH>WI>IA Churdan, Jefferson 1880s-present Valerie Ogren
BYRNES ? - IA Cooper 1800s - 1920s Emily Gagner
CAPPS NC>MO>IA Greene County 1740-1978 Rosalynd (Capps) Green
CAREY IRE>CAN>IA Cedar Twp. 1875-present Heather Carey
CASEY IRE>NY>IL>IA Grand Junction 1850 - 1900 Richard C. Casey
CIRKSENA IL>IA>MO Jefferson, Iowa 1910 - 1924 Michael Edwards
CLARK SCO>NS>MI>IA Churdan, Jefferson 1870-present Valerie Ogren
CLEMENS VT>IA Greene County ? - ? Karen Mihok
COLEMAN OH>IA Dawson Twp. 1880's - ? Charlene Kolterman
CONDON IL>IA Jefferson, Churdan 1880 - 1930 Kathy Murphy
CONROY/CONRY IRE>MD>IA Paton 1870-1900's Larry J Purcell
COON IA Greene County   Judy Nelson
10265 Ulmerton Rd. #123 Largo FL 33771
COOPER CAN>IA Rippey 1866 - ? Denice Willis
COX IRE>IL>IA Jefferson 1905 - 1983 Karen McAndrew
CROUSE PA>IL>IA Greene County 1880-present Dan Jessup
CROW VA>OH>IN>IA Grand Jct. 1870s-1925 Marjorie Nemitz
DELUHERY IRE>IA Scranton/Jefferson 1890-present Elaine Deluhery
DILLINGER PA>OH>IA Greene County 1860-? Cheryl Cretin
DODGE ENG>MA>VT>IA Greene County ? - ? Karen Mihok
DORCAS SCO>PA>OH>IA Scranton & Willow Twps. 1792-1900 Letha Chunn-Mendivil
EAGLESON ?>IA Greene County 1869 - ? Caroline Wilcox
EDWARDS IL>IA>MO Jefferson, Iowa 1920 - 1925 Michael Edwards
ELLIOTT IRE>PA>OH>IA Jefferson 1871 - ca. 1903 W. Keith Sankey
ELLISON NJ>OH>IA>SD Greene County 1882 to ca. 1895 Arlene (Hatfield) Dubuc
ELLSWORTH PA>IL>IA Scranton 1826-1958 Lisa Rumel Cretsinger
ESSEX MD>VA>IL>IA Scranton 1830 to 1900 Alice Wehmhoener
ETHELL ENG>IA Greene County 1800's-1900 Marilyn Whiteman
FARBER IL>IA Jefferson 1875 Rebecca Bonacci
FARLEY VA>IN>IA Greene County 1620-present Adriana Farley
FARREN IRE>IA Rippey 1870-1904 Clifford Loehr
FIELDS IRE>NY>IL>IA Paton area 1883-present Elaine Deluhery
FLANAGAN IRE?>IL>IA Paton, Dana, Churdan 1874-present Jeanne Armitage
FRENCH IL>IA>ND Jefferson/Paton 1880-1909 Geoffrey Stone
FUNK PA>IL>IA> Scranton/Jefferson 1850-1920 Ken Peck
GALVIN/GALIVAN IRE>?>IA Greene County 1870-1920 Linda Sumner
GANOE OH>IL>IA Greene County 1856-present Valerie Ogren
GANOE IL>IA Greene County 1856-present Mel Winkelman
GARNANT OH>IA Greene (& Linn) County 1844-1900 Judy Johnson
GARREN NC>IN>IL>IA Rippey 1850-1920 Clifford Loehr
GILLIGAN IRE>MD>OH>IL>IA Grand Junction late 1800s Ceylon Mace
GILMORE IA>OR Greene County 1849-1890 Barbara Buxton
GLASCOW/GLASGOW ? - IA Cooper 1800s-1900 Emily Gagner
PA, OH, IA, IL Jefferson, Jackson Tsp., Scranton, and Grand Junction 1870-1915, 1870-present? Amy Walsh
GLIEM ?>IA>CA Greene County 1800-present Judy Turpin
GREENFIELD PA>IL>IA Grant Twp. 1870 June Gerbode
GRIFFIN IRE>NY>IA Paton area 1847-present Barb Simpson
GRIMES PA>IA Greene County 1880's-present Jeffrey Grimes
HALEY/HEALY IRE>MD>OH>IL>IA Grand Junction late 1800s Ceylon Mace
HAMILTON OH>IN>IA Kendrick Twp. 1840-1940 Adriana Farley
HARDY IRE>CAN>IA Churdan/Cedar Twp. 1875-present Elaine Deluhery
HARKNESS OH>IA> Scranton/Jefferson 1830-1870 Ken Peck
HARMON OH>IA Greene (& Polk) Co. 1855-1910 Lois Bacon
HAWLEY ?>IA Hardin & Kendrick Twp. 1800's-present Dr. Kenneth Tyler
HEATER OH>IL>IA Rippey 1860-present Valerie Ogren
HERRICK ENG>IA Greene County 1880-present Doug Tucker
HEWARD ENG>IA Greene County ? - ? Karen Mihok
HILL IA Greene County 1900-present Beverly Palermo
HILLS ?>IA Jefferson 1880-1925 Walter Hills
HOFFMANN/HUFFMAN GER>PA>IA Greene County 1800-present Beverly Palermo
HOPPER NY>MO>IA Greene County 1837-1965 Rosalynd (Capps) Green
HORAN IRE>IL>IA Scranton area 1883-present Elaine Deluhery
HOUSEMAN IN>IA Dawson & Rippey 1860-1890 Dale E. Miller
HOWICK IA Greene County 1800-present Beverly Palermo
HUGHES NY>IA>NE Jefferson 1872-1881 Terri Walker
HUNT CAN>IL>IA Greene County 1872-1972 Sharon Burgess
JOHANSSON, JOHNSON SWE>IL>MN>IA Churdan, Jefferson 1900-present Valerie Ogren
JOHNSON SCO>NH>NY>IL>IA Rippey, Grand Junction 1871-present Rebecca Woodward
KINNETT, AMANDA IN>IA Kendrick, Greene County 1856 - 1877 Carol Williams
KINNETT, GEORGE OH>IN>IA Kendrick, Greene County 1856 - 1892 Carol Williams
KLINE OH>IA Scranton 1900-present Margaret Kline Hays
KLOSS GER>PA>IA Greene County 1830-1995 Sharon Burgess
KLOSS GER>PA>IA Greene County 1830-1995 Adriana Farley
KNISLEY PA>OH>IL>IA Angus 1865 Beverly Dierdorff
KNOLL GER>IL>IA Willow Twp. 1880-1990s Beverly Knoll-Hegstrom
KUDER PA>IL>IA>WA Jefferson 1854-1896 Melody Byrd
KUEBLER/KEEBLER GER>IL>IA Greene County 1830-present Beverly Palermo
LADLIE IRE>MA>IL>IA Old Rippey 1845-1916 Phil Ladlie
LAMP PA>OH>IA Jamaica 1890-1900's Jill Lamp
LEE ?>NE>IA Jefferson l900s Darlene Nieman
LINN PA>OH>IN>IA Kendrick Twp. 1820-1960 Adriana Farley
LITSEY ?>IA Churdan 1840-1940 David Moore
LOUDENBACK ?>IA Greene County 1830's-1930's Kathy Harper
MACE WV>IA Greene County 1856-1910 Jerry & Eloise Grigsby
MAGERS KY>IL>IA>NE Junction Twp. 1880-present Mona Sarratt Knight
MASSINGHAM ENG>WV>OH>IA> Churdan 1910-1937 Joanne Wilken
McCARNEY IRE, IL, IA Highland Township, Churdan 1877 - 1947 Nancy McCarney
McCOLLOUGH TN>IN>IA Greene County (Dawson Twp) 1880's-1920's Bill Whitson
McLAUGHLIN IRE>CAN>?>IA Greene County ? - 1887 Pat Walker
MERRIAM IL>IA Greene County 1870-1960's Dan Merriam
MILLARD FR>ENG>MA>VT>IL> WI>MO>ND>IA Greene County 1875 - present Joe Millard
MILLER PA>OH>IL>IA Rippey 1860-1880 Clifford Loehr
MILLER NJ>IL>IA Rippey 1870-1970 Clifford Loehr
MILLS OH>IN>IA Franklin Twp. 1900 Census Pat Maksoudian
MINNEHAN IRE>IL>IA Churdan/Cedar/Jefferson 1871-present Elaine Deluhery
MINNIHAN IRE>IL>IA Churdan/Cedar/Jefferson 1871-present Elaine Deluhery
MONROE IL>IA>SD Greene County 1850's-1887 Linda Breadner
MORRIS OH>IA Rippey 1860-1950 Clifford Loehr
MOSIER Unknown Jefferson/Scranton 1900's-1940's+ Ken Mosier
MUGAN IRE>IL>IA Jefferson 1865-1933 Marilyn Mugan Holmes
MULL NC>IN>MO>IA Jefferson 1920-present Debbie Lopez
MURPHY IRE>IL>MO>IA Churdan, Jefferson 1880 - 1990 Kathy Murphy
NESBITT CAN>IA>MN Paton/Hardin Twp. 1803-present Darcy Pinotti
OCHELTREE ?>IA Jefferson uncertain Judy Fletcher
OLIVE ENG>WI>IA>CA Scranton 1849-present Tracy Olive-Kolnick
ORANGE ?>IA>MO>ID Washington Twp. ca1860-1900 Jerry Bragstad
ORCHARD WV>OH>IA Kendick Twp. 1860-1900 Cheryl Cretin
PACK VA>WA>KY>IA Paton township 1901-1947 Annette Towler
PATRICK ?>IA Greene County 1863-present Judy Turpin
PETERSON DEN>IL>IA Grand Junction 1880-1915 Shannon Zuzek
POTTER NY>IL>IA Jefferson 1880-1940 Harley Potter
POTTER IL>IA Jefferson ? aft 1865 Warren Whitby
POTTS PA>IA Rippey 1850-1900's Valerie Ogren
PRESNELL FRA>VA>NC>IN>OH>IA>KS>IA Scranton 1873-1976 Frank Presnell
RADEBAUGH PA>OH>IL>IA Rippey 1880-present Valerie Ogren
REM(M)ELE GER>PA>IA Greene County 1800-persent Beverly Palermo
REUTER PRU>WI>MO>WI>IA Greene County 1843-present Liz Parker
RHOADES MD>OH>IA Rippey 1850-present Valerie Ogren
RICHARDSON ?>IA Greene County 1870-1950 Linda Schlater
RITTER PRU>WI>MO>WI>IA Greene County 1843-present Liz Parker
ROBINS/ROBBINS OH>IN>IA Rippey, Washington Twp & Dawson 1853-present Dale E. Miller
ROGERS IA Greene County 1900-present Beverly Palermo
ROUSE IRE>IL>IA Paton 1800's-1900's Larry J Purcell
ROUSH OH>IA Jefferson 1880-1940 Harley Potter
SAFLEY MN>IA Greenbrier Twp. 1900-present Dr. Kenneth Tyler
SAILER CAN>IA> Scranton/Jefferson 1850-??? Ken Peck
SANDERS ENG>IL>IA Grand Junction 1869-1930 Anna Eaton
SANDS NY>WI>IA Grand Junction 1890-1900 Shannon Zuzek
SCHMITZ GER>IA Greene County ?-1911 Bernie Donnelly
SCOTT IRE>IL>IA Grand Junction 1870?-1900's Larry J Purcell
SHANK IA>ID Greene County 1856-1880 Gregory Shank
SHAW IL>IA>ND  Jefferson/Paton 1880-1909 Geoffrey Stone
SIMMONS VA>OH>IA Willow Twp. 1835-1947 Letha Chunn-Mendivil
SMITH TN>IL>IA>MT Greene County 1850-1890's Tom Smith
SMITH GER>PA>OH>IN>IL>IA Dawson Twp. 1880 Jayne Blumhoefer
SMITH GER>PA>OH>IN>IL>IA Rippey 1800s-present Valerie Ogren
STATES NY>PA>OH>IL>IA Rippey 1885-1942 John States
STEPHENS ENG>NC>IN>IA Washington Twp. 1800's-1900's Nancy Flynn
STEVENS ?>IA Jackson Twp. 1880-1900 Virginia Turley Willis
STEVENS ENG>NC>IN>IA Washington Twp. 1800's-1900's Nancy Flynn
STREAM VA>OH>IA Churdan 1854-present Wendell W. Stream
SULLIVAN ?IA>NE Grand Junction 1900's Audrey Franklin
SWARTZ PA>IL>IA Jefferson 1830-1900s Judy Van Vuren
TAUTE GER>WI>IA>MN Paton 1799-present Darcy Pinotti
TAYLOR IL>IA>IL Greene County 1856-1863 Sam Taylor
THOMPSON SCO>NS>MI>IA Churdan, Jefferson 1870-present Valerie Ogren
TOWERS SCO>WI>IA Churdan 1870-present Barbara Buckles
TOWNSEND PA>OH>IA Greene County 1856-1906 Michelle Amsbury
TRAFFORD ?>IA Greene County 1830's-1930's (?) Kathy Harper
TUCKER W.VA>OH>IN>IA Greene County 1775-present Doug Tucker
UNDERWOOD TN>IA>NE 1825-present Greene County Doug Tucker
URQUHART SCO>CAN>IL>IA Grand Junction & Paton 1878-1900 Mike Dooley
UTTER NJ>IN>IA Angus 1860-1890 Bill Utter
VAN HORN (Margaret and Tommy) IA Cooper Township 1900-1920 Ron Lehman (02/06)
VORPAHL ?>IA Grand Junction 1900's Audrey Franklin
VAUX England>PA>IA Greenbrier Township 1850-1900 Steve Speer
WALDO ?>IA Greene County 1860's-present Kathy Harper
WALING ENG>IL>IN>IA Scranton Twp., ounty 1900-present Valerie Anderson
WALSTON IA Greene County   Judy Nelson
10265 Ulmerton Rd. #123 Largo FL 33771
WARD IL>IA> Greenbrier Twp. 1868-1900 Susan Tidman
WELCH NY>IL>IA>IN>IA Dawson Twp. 1876-? Ed Andrews (11/06)
WERKMEISTER GER>IA Greene County 1830-present Beverly Palermo
WESSLING GER>IL>IA Paton township 1895-1940 Annette Towler
WHITEHALL IN>IL>IA>?>WA Greene County 1880-1898 Melody Byrd
WHITSON NY>SC>OH>IN>IA Farlin; Dawson Twp 1884-1887; 1887-1931 Bill Whitson
WIANT GER>PA>OH>IA Rippey 1870 Valerie Ogren
WILLIAMSON OH>IA Greene County aft 1863 N. Harmon
WILSON PA>IA Greene County 1856-60 Beatrice Wilson Leach
WINCHELL ENG>CT>NY>IA Cooper, Rippey, GJ area 1877-1977 Marilyn Winchell Schirman
WINKELMAN SWZ>IN>IL>IA Greene County 1856-present Mel Winkelman
WINTER MD>IA Grand Junction 1872-? Gary Winter
WOLF GER>PA>OH>IN>IA Rippey 1800s - present Valerie Ogren
YOUNG PA>OH>IA> Greene County 1870-1900 Stephen Young

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