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    Past and Present of Greene County, Iowa
By E. B. Stillman


The above-named township was surveyed during the winter of 1852-'53, by Samuel T. Caldwell, and the area thus described divided into sections. It was named after Mr. Hardin, who was one of the earliest settlers of the county, locating on the creek bearing his name. It borders Grant township on the north and the north line of Jefferson marks its south boundary line, in part. In the character of its soil and in general desirable topography it ranks as one of the best townships in the county. Its nearness to the county-seat has been an argument against the formation of a village within its borders, all roads leading to Jefferson. In the early days, these highways were not first class, a fact easily proved by a host of witnesses, but graveled roads have put a new front on the matter of travel and moving the products of the farms. The population is entirely agricultural -- farmers of the well-to-do class. Schools are well maintained, there being the usual nine districts in the county. It has given to the cause of county government four members of the board of supervisors: George M. Elliott, William Allinson, Levi Stockwell and Thomas Calvert, all deceased except the last named. Politically, it has been evenly divided, with an inclining late years to a republican majority. Two Sunday schools are maintained in the township, but only one church called.

MT HORKS M. E. CHURCH.--This was organized in 1876, by Rev. J. A. Stevens, with a membership of twelve. The first official board was A. B. Eichor, Geore Bowley and William Bussey, all of whom are now residents of Jefferson. A neat and commodious church was erected in the summer of 1881, on a gentle elevation called Mt. Horeb, four miles due north of Jefferson, and was dedicated on the 11th of September, 1881, by the pastor, Rev. J. A. Stevens. Its cost was $1,250. Soon after a series of horsesheds were built, to the special credit of the worshippers. During the quarter of a century since its erection, the church building has been kept in excellent repair. The pastors since its organization have been: Rev. J. A. Stevens, C. W. Posten, A. G. Foreman, J. W. Eckles, L. W. Archer, Joshua Juster, Horace Foote, C. Anderson, A. Ostrander, C. Fawcett, F. Dunn, J. F. Hunter, R. W. Tennant, William Cox, L. K. Billingsley, J. A. King, A. M. Elliott, H. Koontz, D. J. McKay and J. Nichol, who is the present pastor in charge. The membership is forty. An excellent Sunday school is and has been maintained during the entire history of the church. The organization has suffered serious loss in its membership by death and removals. Value of church property, about $1,500.

From Past and Present of Greene County, Iowa, by E. B. Stillman, Chicago, Illinois: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1907, pg. 202.
Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, November, 2014.

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