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    Past and Present of Greene County, Iowa
By E. B. Stillman


This six miles square of land lies west of Franklin township; is considered good territory, and the farmers are prosperous. No attempt has been made to start a town within its limits, and it divides its trade with Jefferson and Bagley. Only one church has been erected in Greenbrier, the Methodist Episcopal structure, located in the exact center of the township. This was built about twelve years ago and has maintained regular services and a good Sunday school. The future historian may make a different report. Greenbrier creek passes through the township diagonally, a drainage basin for quite a large section of country. Greenbrier townshp has one farmer who is able to make a unique claim in that it can be made by no other land owner in the county, and that is, he holds his title direct from the government. He entered the land and still lives on it -- Nathan Harrymount.

From Past and Present of Greene County, Iowa, by E. B. Stillman, Chicago, Illinois: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1907, pg. 203.
Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, November, 2014.

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