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Among those appearing in the "Old Settlers' Book" are:


401. Mrs. R. J. Gray b. 29 Jan 1849 Kayesville, Ashland Co OH
Dau of Geo. Miles & Mary L. Bolardborn (?)
To Iowa Oct 1854, to Greene Co May 1868, address -Jefferson

402. Clara Finch b. 4 July 1854 Boorsford, Scott Co IA
Dau of J. M. English & Sarah J. Ross
To Iowa (not given), to Greene Co. Sept 1875, address -Jefferson

403. R. F. Mann b. 31 Aug 1857 Greene Co IA
Dau of Benj. Aydlott & Eliza Rhoades
To Iowa & Greene Co. (not given), address -Jefferson

404. P. H. Williamson b. 5 April 1848 Dayton, OH
Son of Eliria (??) Williamson & Sophia Hollar
To Iowa Oct 1884, to Greene Co. Oct 1884, address -Jefferson

405. A. McWilliam b. 4 March 1854 Dane Co WI
Son of John McWilliam & Scharlotte Young
To Iowa April 1855, to Greene Co. April 1855, address -Grand Junction

406. Rachel Neal b. 25 Aug 1833 New Lancaster, Harrison Co VA
Dau of Geo. Coon & Elizabeth Holt (or Hall?)
To Iowa June 1862, to Greene Co. June 1875, address -Jefferson

407. E. Hanson b. 5 Feb 1848 Denmark
Son of Hans Hanson & Christina Anderson
To Iowa April 1871, to Greene Co. April 1871, address -Jefferson

408. Anna Neiderheiser b. 8 Jan 1864 Sheffield, Bureau Co IL
Dau of Chas. Heward & Sarah Holliday
To Iowa Oct 1870, to Greene Co. Oct 1870, address -Grand Junction

409. Maggie Wright b. 19 Nov 1863 Greene Co IA
Dau of Wm. C. Stream & Mary Matheny
To Iowa & Greene Co (not given), address -Farlin

410. W. S. Stevens b. 30 Sept 1857 Oxford, Adams Co WI
Son of William Stevens & Mary Cornwright (or Carnwright)
To Iowa May 1867, to Greene Co. May 1867, address -Jefferson

411. Lidia Stevens b. 18 Aug 1864 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Dau of Geo. Houver & Sarah Brock
To Iowa & Greene Co. (not given), address -Jefferson

412. Hillbourn Zeitler b. 15 June 1838 Mifflinsburgh, Center Co PA
Son of John Zeitler & Mary Stonecur (Stoneacre?)
To Iowa March 1855, to Greene Co. March 1869, address -Jefferson

413. F. M. Brown b. 4 Sept 1840 Augusta Co VA
Son of William Brown & Elizabeth Britton
To Iowa 4 Oct 1854, to Greene Co March 1869, address -Jefferson

414. P. A. Smith b. 1 Sept 1840 Rocknale (?), Ogle Co IL
Son of Pardon Smith & Jane Maby
To Iowa Feb 1856, to Greene Co. March 1868, address -Scranton

415. George R. Derry b. 14 Feb 1850 Athens Co OH
Son of John R. Derry & Rebecca Krider
To Iowa Oct 1865, to Greene Co. Oct 1865, address -Jefferson

416. T. J. LeGore b. 16 Jan 1861 Cedar Rapids, Linn Co IA
Son of John LeGore & Hellen Ewell
To Iowa & Greene Co. (not given), address -Jefferson

417. Clara Smith LeGore b. 22 Dec 1865 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Dau of Thos. J. Smith & Hannah Crumley
To Iowa May 1850 (??), to Greene Co. (not given), address -Jefferson

418. Sarah M. Smith b. 14 Oct 1825 Cumbd Co TN
Dau of Pleasant Smith & Jane Upton
To Iowa (not given), to Greene Co. July 1856, address -Jefferson

419. Fred B. Anderson b. 22 May 1868 Jefferson, Greene Co IA
Son of David B. Anderson & Eliza Miller
To Iowa & Greene Co. May 1868, address -Jefferson

420. J. F. McGrath b. 6 April 1846 Greebush (or Greenbush?), NY
Son of John McGrath & Lovina Shannon
To Iowa April 1849, to Greene Co. March 1883, address -Jefferson

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