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1900 Farmers Directory
Hardin Township

J.P. Brannen Trustee
S.R. Kershner Trustee
Benj. Schilling Trustee
F.C. Conroy Assessor
W.E. Stewart Clerk
Joseph Shaw  Justice of the Peace

Robert R. Powell

Of Hardin township, was born in Fayette county, Ohio, in 1837. When fifteen years of age he came with his parents to McLean county, Illinois, where in 1864 he married Miss Esther Bunn. To this union were born six children, four of whom are living, as follows: Sherman, age 35; Shelton, 32; Mary (Mrs. Sergent), 28; Lou Emma, 25. Mrs. Powell died in 1877, and in 1879 Mr. Powell was remarried to Miss Celia McCullough, at Bloomington, Illinois. He came to Iowa and located on section 20 in Hardin township in 1893, where he now resides. Recently he sold this place and bought a 240-acre farm in York county, Nebraska, where they expect to remove soon. To the second union were born eight children, seven of whom are living, as follows: Robert R., 19; Miles, 18, Guy L., 16; Myrtle G., 13; Eber R., 10; Hugh E., 8; Flossie B., 6. The family church is the Methodist, and politically Mr. Powell is a republican.


John J. Stewart

One of the pioneers of Hardin township, was born in Richland county, Ohio, in 1827, of Protestant Scotch-Irish parentage. He was raised as a farmer in Crawford county, Ohio, and got his education from the common schools there. Mr. Stewart came to Cedar county, Iowa in 1858, and there in 1960 married Miss Mary Brown, also a native of Richland county, Ohio and an old schoolmate. In 1870 they came to Hardin township, Greene county, buying 80 acres in section 20, to which Mr. Stewart afterward added another 80, and has a fine farm free of debt and equipped with two sets of buildings. Himself and wife were born in the same county in Ohio both moved to Crawford county, that state and then to Cedar county, Iowa, where they were married. They were pioneers in all these places. They have had three children, of whom two, William E., aged 38, and Joseph E., age 36, are living. The family are Methodists. Politically Mr. Stewart is a republican.


Frank A. Johnson

Was born in Sweden in 1940. At the age of 12 he with his parents came to America, locating in Laporte, Indiana, afterward moving to Chicago, where he was employed as a common laborer until 1859, when he started on a trip around the world. He started from Chicago, went through the Great Lakes and Erie canal to New York, thence around Cape Horn to California. Just out of New York, the ship lost masts and sails in a storm and put into Boston Harbor. Mr. Johnson reshipped and made Cape Horn, where he was storm stayed for six weeks, drifting far out among the icebergs, but finally reached Valparaiso, and thence to San Francisco, after a year’s voyage. He was a sailor on the Pacific till 1869, when he returned to Chicago. In 1874 he married Catharine Dambach at Lancaster, Ohio, and the same year came to Hardin township, Greene county, where Mr. Johnson now owns two fine 160 acre farms in sections 6 and 8. Although of the Lutheran faith, the Johnson family affiliated with the Methodists. There are nine children, as follows: Clara L. (Mrs. J. Dimon), age 24; Luther, 23; Mechlin, 20; Millie, 18; Judd, 16; Fannie, 15; Anna, 13; Cassie, 10; Nellie, 7. In politics Mr. Johnson is a Democrat.


Thomas Brown

Of Hardin township, son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Keyser) Brown, was born in Erie county, New York, in 1830, of German parentage. He was raised a farmer, which has been his life occupation and in which he has been successful. At the age of 5 years he came to LaSalle county, Illinois. On February 27, 1859, he was united in marriage at Mendota, Illinois, to Sarah E. Wonderly, a native of Franklin county, Pennsylvania. They commenced housekeeping on a farm in LaSalle county where they resided until 1880, when they came to Greene county, locating on section 30, Hardin township, where they now own a splendid farm home and are in good circumstances. Mr. And Mrs. Brown have five children, as follows: Fred A. (Mendota, ILL.), age 39; Edgar C., in Sterling, Ill., age 36; James T., in Portland, Ore., age 34; Geo. M., age 31; Harry W., in Chicago, age 25. Politically Mr. Brown is a democrat, and one of Hardin township’s best citizens.


John A. Greiner

Was born near Stuttgart, Germany, in 1833. He was raised a farmer, and his education was in the schools of Germany. In 1853 he came to the United States, locating in Michigan, where he was employed as a laborer for three years. In 1856 he was married to Christina Fritz, a native of Germany. Like a loyal citizen Mr. Greiner enlisted in 1864 and was assigned to Co. H, 15th Michigan infantry, serving to the close of the war. He returned to his Michigan home and moved to Greene county in 1866, locating in section 19, in what is now Grant township, where he owned 40 acres of land. In 1868 he traded this for 80 acres of wild land in section 28, Hardin township, where he now resides and which he has made into a splendid home. Mr. And Mrs. Greiner have had ten children, seven of whom are living, as follows: William, age 42; Mary J. (Mrs. J. J. Conrad), 40; Caroline (Mrs. R. Richardson), 37; Louisa (Mrs. C. F. Raver), 34; J. Henry, 31; Charles A., 27; Emma, 24. Mr. And Mrs. Greiner are members of the Lutheran church, and politically Mr. Greiner is a republican.


William H. Peters

Was born in Center county, Pennsylvania, in 1843, of German parentage. At the age of 5 he came with his parents to Iowa, locating in Dubuque county, where he was raised a farmer. His father died in 1883. In 1862 he was married to Susan Dare, daughter of Robert and Rachel (Campbell) Dare. They commenced housekeeping in Dubuque county where they lived until 1869, when they came to Greene county, locating in old Rippey, where they lived five years, moving then to Hardin township. Mr. Peters is one of the extensive farmers of Greene county. They have had six children, four of who are now living, as follows: J. Fred (Cherokee, Iowa, age 34; Ada (Mrs. F.H. Kiddle, Island City, Oregon), 32; Fannie B. (Mrs. W. S. Allinson, Jefferson, Iowa); Jessie M., 21. Two other children, Minnie Mae and Ida, died in infancy. Politically Mr. Peters is a republican.


Joseph P. Brannen

Of Hardin township, son of James H. and Elizabeth (Altman) Brannen, was born in Clermont county, Ohio, in 1860. At the age of 5 he came to McLean county, Illinois, where he was raised on a farm. His education was in the common schools of McLean county, supplemented by a course in the Wesleyan University at Bloomington, Illinois. In 1886 his father died, and the management of business affairs fell on J. P., the eldest living son of the family. In 1892 they sold their Illinois farm and came to Greene county, locating on section 28 in Hardin township, where he with his brother Edward H. purchased the 240 acre farm known as the Marquis farm. In January, 1899, Mr. Brannen married Miss Edith C. Forbes, daughter of Mr. John R. and Catharine M. (Wilkinson) Forbes, and went to housekeeping on the farm where they now live. Mr. And Mrs. Brannen are members of the M. E. church. Politically Mr. Brannen is a republican and at present one of the township trustees.


Joseph Shaw

One of the early settlers of Greene county, was born near Niagara Falls, Canada, in 1829. He was brought up a farmer, his education being of the limited kind, but notwithstanding this Mr. Shaw is a well informed man. In 1852 he was married in Canada to Miss Harriet Buck. They came to the United States in 1854, locating in Rock Island, Illinois, until 1869, when they came to Greene county, locating on section 18 in Hardin township, where they owned 80 acres of wild land. In 1876 they moved to Jefferson, where Mr. Shaw was manager of the Grange store for two years. In 1878 he engaged in the hotel business on the present site of the Head House. He later moved to Sioux City, where he was engaged in the laundry business seven years, and in March, 1894, they returned to Greene county, locating on section 7 in Hardin township, where they now reside. They have three children, as follows: Josephine L. (Mrs. I. A. Chase, Sioux City, Iowa); Annie E. (Mrs. J. P. Bontz, Hardin township), and George Lincoln, Omaha, Neb. The family church is the Methodist. Mr. Shaw is a staunch republican.


Thomas Calvert

Son of John and Ann (Brunskill) Calvert, was born in the city of Crook, County Durham, England, in 1844. At the age of 6 he came to this country, locating in Pittsburgh, Pa., living there one year and then moving to New Diggings, Wis., where Thomas worked in the mines in the winter and on the farm in the summer. At the age of 19 he enlisted in defense of his country in Co. C., 50th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, serving to the close of the war, when he returned to his Wisconsin home. In 1867 he met and married Miss Margaret Peacock, of Wisconsin. In 1875 they came to Greene county, locating on section 19, Hardin township, where he now owns a splendid 320 acre farm. Politically Mr. Calvert is a dyed–in-the-wool republican and at the present one of the supervisors of Greene county. They have seven children, as follows: Ella (Mrs. Ed. Davenport, Eads, Colo.), age 30; Ida A. (Mrs. Jesse Hillman, Junction township), 28; Margaret R. (Mrs. W. Elling, Dana), 26; John Q., 24; Thomas G., 21; William H., 18; Henry, 15.


James Neal

Who died in Hardin Township in August, 1897, was born in Harrison county, Virginia, in 1824, and was raised a farmer. When he was 9 years of age his parents moved to Champaign county, Ohio, where they lived two years, then moved in 1835 to Allen county, Ohio, where he married Miss Rachel Ann Coon, also a native of Harrison county, Virginia, and a schoolmate of Mr. Neal. They lived in Allen county, Ohio, until 1862 when they came to Iowa, locating in Benton county, residing there until 1875, when they came to Greene county and settled on section 10, Hardin township. Her he had purchased 160 acres of wild land, to which he added so that at his death he owned a splendid 200 acre farm. In 1897 Mr. Neal died, leaving a wife and the following named children: Mary A. (Mrs. A. H. Hunt, Clinton, Iowa); David W., Omaha, Neb.; and G. W., who now resides on the old homestead.


Sanford R. Kershner

Farmer and stockman, was born in Linn county, Iowa, in 1848. He is the second son of Ferdinand and Elizabeth (Rogers) Kershner. He resided with his parents in Linn county until he was 25 years of age, when he moved to Webster county, Nebraska, where he was interested in farming pursuits. He was married in 1874 to Miss Jennie Heath, by which union they have had one child, Ernest, age 19, who is living with them today. In 1874 they moved to Highland township, living there two years, and then locating on section 6, Hardin township, where they have since resided. When he first came to Hardin township Mr. Kershner went into debt for an 80 acre farm, but by strict economy has accumulated 440 acres, well improved, and as fine a farm as could be wished for. Politically Mr. Kershner has always been a staunch republican. He is trustee of Hardin township and has been school director twenty years in district No. 1.


Emanuel Marker

An active and enterprising farmer of Hardin township, was born in Darke county, Ohio in 1845, and spent his early life on a farm. At the age of 21 he learned and followed the harness trade in Versailles, Ohio. Out of savings from his trade he purchased a 64 acre farm in Darke county. In 1872 he was married to Miss Eliza Miller, also a native of the same county. To this union were born six children, four of whom are not living, as follows: Harvey M., age 24; Crawford E., 22; Clarence H., 12; Grace, 10. In 1887 Mr. Marker moved to section 11, Hardin township, where he owned a 100 acre farm, to which he has added 80 acres in section 2 and 40 acres in section 12, and is accounted among the well-to-do farmers of Greene county. The family church is the Presbyterian. Politically the subject of this sketch has always affiliated with the democratic party.


Matthew Richardson

One of the pioneers of Greene county, was born in Westmoreland county, England, in 1842. At the age of 4 he sailed from Liverpool with his parents, who made their first location in Lafayette county, Wisconsin. In 1865 Mr. Richardson went to Montana and was engaged in the silver mines until 1868. In 1870 he was married to Mary Ann Craig, a native of England and a schoolmate of Mr. Richardson. They came to Greene county in 1870, locating on section 13, Hardin township, where they purchased 80 acres, to which they have by hard labor and strict economy added from time to time so that they now own 640 acres of Greene county soil in the name of Mrs. Richardson, as well as 320 acres in Aurora county, South Dakota, belonging to Mr. Richardson. In religious matters they are of the liberal kind, affiliating generally with the Presbyterians. Politically Mr. Richardson is a republican. Himself and wife are the parents of seven children, the following six of whom are now living: Joseph F., age 29; Elizabeth J., (Mrs. Mart. Ausberger), 27; Margaret A., 25; George W., 22; Marietta, 18 and Matthew T., 16.

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