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1900 Farmers Directory
Dawson Township

William Folz Trustee
Justus Harris Trustee
Philip Meyer Trustee
A.A. Arnold Assessor
William Daniel Clerk
H.J. Drayer Justice of the Peace

James Thompson

Was born in Cedar county, Iowa, in 1860, where he lived until 1887 when he came to Greene county, locating in Paton township. Four years later he was married to Emma Hinman, a native of Boone county, and moved on to Section 1, Paton township. In 1894 he purchased an eighty acre farm in section 24, Dawson township, where he now resides and has established a comfortable home. He is of Scotch ancestry. One son was born of this union, Rollin L., six years old. In politics Mr. Thompson is a democrat.


Patrick Conroy

Farmer and stockraiser was born in County Clare, Ireland, in 1845. At the age of 20 years he came to the U.S., locating at Long Island, N.Y., where he was married in 1866 to Delia Bolan, a native of Ireland. That same spring he with his young wife came to Chicago where he was employed as a laborer. Two years later they put their savings into a dairy business, which they followed until 1879, when they came to Greene county, locating on section 34 Dawson township, where he purchased 80 acres to which he has added, so that he now owns 920 acres and ranks with Greene county's most prosperous farmers. In 1899 Mrs. Conroy died, leaving three children: James, 30; William, 28; Patrick, 26.


Adelbert H. Walker

Farmer and stockraiser, was born in Barre, Vt., in 1850. When he as thirteen years old his parents moved to Chicago, Ills., where they lived until 1871, moving thence to Kankakee county, where he was married three years later to Julia Pemble, a native of New York. They came to Greene county 1877, locating in section 15, Dawson township, where he purchased eighty acres wild land, mostly on time, to which he has added and now owns a splendid farm of 320 acres of Greene county soil. They have five children: Frank L., 23; Charles H. 19; Fred R., 16; George W., 6; John P., 4. In politics he is a republican.


Herbert J. Drayer

Farmer and stockraiser was born in Kankakee county, Ills., Sept, 1859. In 1880 he was married to Nellie C. Farmer, a native of Iowa, and the next year they came to Greene county, locating on the John Canavan farm in Dawson township. The following year he moved on section 15, where he now owns a fine, well improved farm of 256 acres, and has a pleasant home. They have had seven children, four of whom are living: Frankie F, 12; James L., 10; Herbert J., 8; Mary C., 4. In politics he is a republican and has filled many important offices.


Edward E. Smith

Was born in Cook county, Ills., in 1847. At the age of fourteen years, he moved to Henry county, Ills., where he was married in 1877 to Mollie Luther, a native of Illinois. In the spring of 1878 they came to Boone county, locating in Grant township, where they resided seven years, removing to Pilot Mount where he was engaged in the hardware business until 1889, when he came to Paton and embarked in the same line of business which he followed for ten years. The present year he moved to his present farm home on section 24, Dawson township where he has 160 acres of good land. They have two children: Herbert I., 15; Elsie A., 12. In politics he is a republican.


Charles H. Wertz

Was born in Ogle county, Ills., in 1859. At the age of 21 years, he with a younger brother, went to Green Bay, Wis., where they were engaged in the fishery business five years. They then returned to Illinois for a year, during which time he was a steamboat pilot on the Rock river. Came to Webster county, Iowa, in 1886 and to Greene county the same spring, locating on section one, Dawson township, purchasing his present farm of 172 acres. They have had six children, five living; Ralph W., 7; Herbert C., 6; Orville P., 4; Esther M. 2; and David D., 1. They are members of the Christian Catholic church and in politics Mr. Wertz is a republican.


Silas W. Hicks

Was born near Wardsville, Canada, in 1854. When he was eight years old, his parents came to the U.S., locating in Henry county, Ills., where they lived until 1874, when they came to Webster county, living there three years and coming to Greene county where he was married in 1874 to Mrs. Anna Watson, a native of Illinois. They now live on section 11 in Dawson township. Six children have been born to them, all living; Eugene, 24; Alfred O., 22; Julia V., 18; Jessie A., 15; Trixie, 13; Floyd a., 10; Mina R., 8; S. Lloyd, 5; Claude W., 1. Mr. Hicks is of German-English descent and a republican.


James Dawson

Was born in Bannockburn, Sterlingshire, Scotland, in 1831, where he was married in 1856 to Catherine Dawson, who died in 1860, leaving four children, three of whom are living: William, Roland, twins, 43; Catherine, 41. In 1866 he married Christina Muirhead, of Scottish ancestry and came to the U.S. that same year, locating in Cook county, Ills., where he was employed as a farm laborer for two years and later rented a farm for thirteen years. In 1881 they came to Greene county, locating on section 15, Dawson township. Eight years later they moved on to section eight, same township, and now own a splendid farm of 160 acres. They have had two children, one of whom is living.


Marcellus A. Whitson

Was born in Howard county, Indiana, in the year 1849. During his infancy his parents moved to Newton county, Indiana, where he resided until 1882, when he married Mary Mutz, a native French lady. They came to Greene county in 1864, locating on the Jesse Johnson farm near Farlin, and three years later he purchased 60 acres in section 33, Dawson township, which land was but slightly improved, wholly on time. They have two boys: Kiston O., 16; Cleo B., 11. In 1895 they went to California, remaining two years, and then returned to their farm home in Dawson township, where they now reside. In politics he is a gold democrat.


John P. Hunt

Was born in Leeds county, Canada in 1825. At the age of 21 years he moved to Waukegon, Illinois, where he was married in 1850 to Charlotte Bishop, a native of New York, to whom were born to children: Ambrose and John W. In 1862 Mrs. Hunt died and in 1870 he married Sarah Lyons, who died in 1875, and he was again married in 1878 to Elizabeth Kloss of this county. Mr. Hunt is now 73 years of age and is enjoying life well in his pleasant farm home. He is the father of six children, all of whom are living.


Samuel E. McCullough

Is a native of Indiana, having been born in Union county in 1841. When he was 14 years old, his parents moved to Newton county, Indiana, where he was married in 1865 to Maria Whitson, a native of Indiana. They came to Greene county in 1883, locating on section 21 Dawson township, where he purchased 120 acres known as the Cook Gamble farm to which h has added so that he now owns 160 acres which he has well improved and stocked with his favorite stock, Jersey hogs and short horn cattle. They have had five children, four now living: Helen J., 34; Lenora T., 32; Clara A., 23; Lemial, 19. Samuel J., born January 14, 1870, and died March 23, 1889.


George M. Ruth

Farmer and stock-raiser was born in Lake county, Illinois in 1845, and was married there in 1875 to Caroline Wickersham of Lake county, Ills. They came to Greene county in 1884, locating on section 19, in Dawson township, purchasing 120 acres, to which he has added until he now has 200 acres and a fine farm home. Mr. and Mrs. Ruth are of German ancestry. They have seven children, all living: Geo. W., 23; Theodore, 21; Edwin A., 20; Charles E., 17; Sidney W., 14; Harry W., 10, and Nellie M., 8.

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