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1900 Farmers Directory
Cedar Township

M. Grace Trustee
Wm. Minnehan Trustee
Thos. Toyne Trustee
W. T. Harlow Assessor
  Justice of the Peace

John J. Fitzpatrick

Of Cedar township, was born in county Carlow, Ireland, in 1844 and came4 to this country in 1846, his family locating in Lake county, Illinois, where he lived until 1855, when they came to Cedar township to find a permanent home. In 1872 Mr. Fitzpatrick was married to Catahrine Reagan, moving on to his present fine farm in section 23. He now has 295 acres of excellent land, acquired through industry and good management, and is one of the comfortably circumstanced farmers of Cedar township. Three children were born to them: Joseph M., 27; Minnie, 17; Lucy C., 13.


George R. Waters

Was born in Hendricks county, Indiana, in 1853, and came to Greene county in 1865, locating in Cedar township. He is the son of N.W. Waters, one of the pioneers of the county. In the early days the milling for the family was done at Boone and their nearest post office was Jefferson. Mr. Waters lived in Jefferson for a number of years, but is now comfortably located in the old neighborhood in section, where his boyhood days were pleasantly spent.


John Kinnan

Is a native of Westmoreland county, Pa., -- born in 1841 -- where he resided until he was fifteen years of age, when he came to Cedar county, Iowa. In 1861 he enlisted in Co. E, 11th Iowa Infantry, belonging to the famous Crocker Brigade. He served four years and was with Gen. Sherman on that memorable march to the sea. In 1856 he was married to Martha A. Hoyle of Cedar county. They came to Greene county in 1869, locating six miles southeast of Jefferson. They now own ninety acres of land in section 33 in Cedar township. To them have been born six children; five of whom are now living: Ida M., 32; W. Raymond, 31; Walter S., 30; Gertrude E., 24; J. Frederick, 20. In politics Mr. Kinnan is a republican.


James H. Stephenson

Son of William and Elizabeth J. Stephenson, who came to this county in 1854, was born on section 28, Cedar township, Nov. 1, 1868. His education was in the common schools of his township and the Jefferson High School. He is of Irish and German descent. February 14, 1898, he was united in marriage to Frances C. Bolton of Cedar township. He now owns an excellent farm of 160 acres in section 34, and ranks among the industrious, successful and highly-respected farmers for which his township is noted.


W.H. Bolton

Was born near Oxford, Canada, in 1841, and was married at Vienna, Canada, in 1865, to Elizabeth Harvey. The family came to Greene county in 1876, locating on what is known as the Gray farm, south of Scranton. He now owns, with his son, L.W. Bolton, 200 acres of choice land in section 33 in Cedar township. Of this union eight children were born, as follows: A.E., 32; Lewella, 30; L.W., 28; A.H., 26; Frances E., 23; Albie B., 17; Myrtle, 15; Franklin, 11.


Lafayette Cochran

Was born in Indiana, in 1860, and came with his parents to Greene county in 1863, locating in Kendrick township. In 1882 he married Nancy A. Richards of Kendrick township. Mr. Cochran built a comfortable house on his fine 200 acre farm in 11882, and is now surrounded by the comforts that are connected with the life of a prosperous farmer. Two children were born to them: Wilmer H., 14; Roy B. 11. In politics Mr. Cochran is a republican and they are members of the United Bretheran church.


Alvin M. Fitz

Was born in Linn county, Iowa, in 1855 and came to Greene county in 1881, locating on section 29 in Cedar township. He took his present fine 160 acre farm from the virgin prairie, and has by patient labor changed it into one of the pleasantest homes and most productive farms in that community. They have had nine children of whom eight are now living: Charles, 15; Myrtle, 14; Ola, 11; Earl, 9; Lloyd, 7; Ralph, 5; Ray, 3; Velma, 1. In the year 1882 Mr. Fitz was married to Addie Ritchie of Greene county.


William H. Ballard

Is a native of Cattarauga county, N.Y., born in 1841. At the age of 16 he moved with his parents to Kane county, Illinois. In 1868 he was married to Nancy A. Wolaver of Dundee, Ills. In 1876 they located in Sac co9unty, Iowa, where he was engaged in farming and stock raising until March, 1899, when he located on section 31 in Cedar township, where he owns, with J.D. Virtue, a splendid 460 acre farm which he has well-stocked and is in excellent condition to enjoy the blessings of life. They have seven children: W.J., Algona; Mae Virtue, 26; Ida, 16; Mabel, 14; Harry, 12; Lewis, 10; Herbert, 8.


William G. Stephenson

Now a resident of Churdan, was born in Jackson county, Ohio, in 1833. At the age of three years his parents moved to Koskiusco county, Ind., where they lived until 1856, when they located in Cedar township, this county. In 1865 he married E.J. Cochran, and with his young wife commenced housekeeping in a small log cabin on the site of his present commodious farm residence. Mr. S. now owns 526 acres of splendid well improved land in Cedar township, besides a good home which he occupies in Churdan. He enlisted in Co. E, 39th Iowa, and was discharged after serving nearly three years. Three children are now living (one died): James H., 31: Maggie A., 18; Mary L, 17. Mr. Stephenson ranks high with successful Iowa farmers.


Thomas Toyne

Was born in Lincolnshire, England, in 1844, and lived with his parents in that country until 1866, when his father died and he came to America locating in Muscatine county, where he had two brothers and a sister living. He had little means, and for seventeen long years he worked by the month on a farm. In 1877 he returned to England, where he married Ann Derton, and they came at once to their present home in Cedar township, where he bought 160 acres, mostly on time, to which he has added 320 acres in this county and 400 in Carroll, and is very comfortably situated. He is a republican and a leading man in the township. Four children were born to them: Betsey, 31; Rebecca, 21; John T., 20; Edward A., 14.


Joseph Toyne

Is a native of Lincolnshire, England, born in 1839. At the age of 18 years he emigrated to the United States, locating in Lorain county, Ind. In 1865 he married Susan E. Bentley, of Polk county, where he had for nine years lived. They came to Greene county in 1870, locating on Sec. 17 in Cedar township, where he has since resided. He was a poor man at that time, able to pay but little down on his first 160 acres, but by energy and good business tact he has been able to add to his real estate until he now owns 1450 acres of good Greene county soil. His wife died in 1896, and Mr. Toyne now lives with his daughter, Mrs. G.W. Parse, whose husband occupies a part of the farm. In politics Mr. Toyne is a republican.


Lewis I. Ritchie

Was born in Columbiana county, Ohio, in 1824. In 1853 he was married to Margaret A. Stephenson, a native of Indiana. He came to Greene county in 1856, one of the real pioneers and located on section 35, Cedar township, purchasing 80 acres at that time, to which he has added from time, until he now owns 250 acres upon which there is no debt, and his circumstances are such as to guarantee him a serene old age. Six children have come into this home: Mary E. 45; William, 43; Margaret E., 41; Adeliza, 39; Rozanna, 36; Lorena, 22. In politics, Mr. Ritchie is a republican.


Francis Arnett

Is an Englishman by birth, a native of Yorkshire, born in 1822. At the age of 22 he landed at New York, and went to work as a farm hand. In 1845 he went to Wisconsin, where he worked as a common laborer. He came to Greene county in 1855, locating on the present site of Adaza, (Cottonwood.) In 1859 he married Ellen Fitzpatrick of Cedar township and to this union have been born eleven children, six of whom are now living: Joseph M., William, John, Susan, Agnes, Margaret. Mr. A. enlisted in Co. A, 2d Iowa, in 1862, and marched with Sherman to the sea. In 1865 he purchased 120 acres in Sec. 13, where he now lives. His wife died in 1877, and he subsequently married Sarah J. Liking, of Grant county, Wis. As a pioneer, his milling was done at Des Moines.


Amon T. Shannon

Farmer and stockraiser was born in Seneca, Ohio, in 1848, and is of Irish and Holland ancestry. He is a son of James and Amanda (Fairchild) Shannon, his father a Pennsylvanian, his mother a Virginian. When ten years of age he moved with his parents to JoDaviess county, Ills., where he lived several years. In 1865 he located in Jones county for three years. Oct. 18, 1868 he married Sarah E. Barrett, a native of Ohio. He came to Greene county the same year locating on 160 acres in Sec. 11, Cedar township, and has now a splendid farm home and is classed with the prosperous highly-respected men of the county. They have two children: Mary, 30; Ada, 18.


Michael P. Grace

Stockman and farmer, was born in Dubuque, Iowa in 1863. At the age of eleven years he moved with his parents to Jackson county, where he lived until 1880, and Michael bought the homestead, a splendid tract of 240 acres, which he now owns, free from debt and is in a position to enjoy the fruit of his well-earned labors. In 1896 he married Ella Carey of Cedar township. They have one child, Agnes, born Mar. 2, 1897. Mr. Grace is township trustee and an excellent citizen. Politically he is a democrat.


Francis M. Coon

Is a Hawkeye, born at Oxford Junction, Iowa, in 1853. At the age of twenty-four years he moved to Odebolt, where he broke prairie and engaged in other farm labor. In 1881 he married Anna Rogers of Oxford Junction, and came to Greene county the same spring, locating on section 10, Cedar township where he purchased 120 acres, to which he has added more land until he now owns 223 acres, has a comfortable home, and is practically out of debt, a good record in the line of successful farming. They have two children: Samuel T., 15; Floyd E., 12. Politically he is a republican.


Jeremiah Mackey

Was born in Tipperary county, Ireland. When he was eleven years of age his parents emigrated to Canada, settling in London. In 1865 they came to Dubuque, Iowa, and in 1870 moved to Greene county, locating on section 9, Cedar township, where he purchased 160 acres of wild land to which he has added until he now owns 497 acres and owes no man a dollar. In 1874 he married Mary Ann Collins, a native of Canada, whose parents were among the earlier settlers of Greene county. They have nine children, eight of whom are living: Jeremiah, 25; Mary, 23; James, 19; Julia, 18; Joseph, 15; Margaret, 13; Kate, 11; Leo, 2. Martin died March 17, 1898, aged 20. Mr. M. has now a fine improved farm.


William Vernon

Farmer and stock raiser, was born in Logan county, Ohio, in 1850. In 1868 he came to Boone county, Iowa, where he lived for a short time and moved to Polk county in 1869, where he lived until the spring of 1877, when he came to Greene county, locating on section 12, Cedar township where he purchased 160 acres of land which he has improved until now it is a first-class farm home. In 1879 he married Araminta D. Dryden, of Cedar township. They have three boys and three girls: Laura B., 18; Ruby B., 16; Lawrence, 15; Llody, 14; Velma M., 11; Lovell P., 8. Mr. Vernon has filled various political positions in his township and politically is a republican.


Patrick Mahoney

In a native of Ireland, having been born in County Cork in 1833. In 1852 he came to Quebec, and ten years later married Mary Marshall, a native of Ireland. In 1867 he moved to Dubuque, Iowa, where he lived until 1876, when he located on section 5, Cedar township, where he bought 40 acres, mostly on time. Subsequent purchases have increased the size of his farm until he now owns 445 acres in Greene and Calhoun counties. In 1895 he rented his farm and moved to Carroll that his children might enjoy better school privileges, and in the spring of 1899 he came back to his farm where he will make improvements and occupy as a permanent home. They have six children, all living at home except Daniel, who is in S. Dakota; Daniel, M., 28; Ellen, 26; Mary, 24; Elizabeth, 22; Thomas, 20; Edward, 18.


James J. Gaffney

Farmer and stock raiser, was born in Jackson county, Iowa, in 1860. In 1874 he came with his parents to Greene county, locating on section 7, Cedar township, where he lived at home until he was married in 1884 to Julia Mackey of this county. With his young wife, Mr. Gaffney moved on to section 6, Cedar township, and he now owns 410 acres in Greene and Calhoun counties, and has one of the most comfortable homes in the township. They have seven living children: Joseph M., 14; Bridget M. 11; Veronica A., 10; Martin L., 9; Stephen W., 7; Magnus M., 5; Mary, 3. He is a republican; is secretary of school board and an excellent citizen.


Dennis Mackey

Was born in Tipperary county, Ireland, Aug. 15, 1852, and came to this country with his parents when 13 years old, settling in Canada. They moved to Dubuque, Iowa, in 1865, and in 1870 the family came to Greene county, locating on section 9, Cedar township. In 1875 he married Lizzie McLaughlin of this township. He died in 1889, leaving a wife and six children: Julia, 24; Sarah, 22; Mary Ann, 22; Michael, 17; Margaret J., 15; Dennis, 12. When Mr. M. died he owned 256 acres of land which his widow has increased to 336 acres, with no incumbrance, and the family are very comfortably situated.


Simon Gower

Is a native of the Keystone State; born in Somerset county, Pa., in May 1834, where he lived until 1854, when he moved to Westmoreland county where he remained two years. In 1857 he came to Iowa, locating near Rossville, in Alamakee county. He was married in 1864 to Alzina Newcomb. In 1869 he came to Greene county, locating on section 2, Cedar township, where he secured 80 acres of land, buying it partially on time, to which he has added until he now owns 248 acres and has made a comfortable and attractive farm home. They have four children: Ida M., 34; Gennetta I., 32; Cora D., 24; Edith H., 20.


William Pulley

Was born in JoDaviess county, Illinois, in 1857. Two years afterwards his parents moved to Jones county, and in 1869 they came to Greene county, locating on section 12, Cedar township, where his father lived for several years. In 1877 the father moved to California and William bought the farm. In 1890 he married Lilly Roberts of Utica, New York. He now owns 160 acres of excellent land which he has greatly imprved and is now circumstanced so as to enjoy life. They have but one child, Daisy Mae, born in 1892.


Patrick Mackey

Farmer and stock raiser, was born in Tipperary county, Ireland, in 1838. At the age of seventeen years he came with his parents to London, Canada, where he was married in 1863 to Mary Regan, a native of Ireland. They came to Dubuque in 1868, and to Greene county in 1870, located on section 16 in Cedar township, 160 acres of which was raw prairie land. To this he has since added, and now owns 320 acres after generously giving many acres to his children. He is out of debt and in condition to enjoy life in ease and comfort. In 1897 Mrs. Mackey died leaving twelve living children: Jeremiah, 35; Margaret, 33; Martin J., 31; Michael, 28; Julia, 26; Mary, 24; Kate, 22; Sarah J., 20; Patrick T., 17; Agnes, 15; Rose, 12; Eddie G., 8. Mr. M. is a democrat and has filled nearly all the offices in Cedar township.


H.G. McBurney

Farmer and stock raiser was born in Canada in 1839. The family came to Iowa as pioneers, his father settling in Cedar county. He enlisted in 1861 in Co. E, 11th Iowa, and was a member of the Crocker Brigade and marched with Sherman to the sea. In the spring of 1869 he married Lizzie Irwin and came soon after to Greene county, locating on section 27, Cedar township, where he has since resided and where he owns 300 acres of good land. They have six children: Jennie, 29; George, 27; James, 24; Nettie, 22; Willie, 18; Eva, 12.

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