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1930 Federal Census ~ Jefferson (City of) Ward 1 (East)

Census Index Jefferson Ward 1 Index Pages 156A-157B Pages 158A-159B Pages 160A-161B
Pages 162A-163B Pages 164A-165B Pages 166A-167B Pages 168A-170A
County: Greene
Township: Jefferson
Incorporated Place: Jefferson City
Ward of City / Block#: Ward 1 (East Side)
Institution: Including Greene County Jail
Enumeration District: 37-11
Supervisor's District: 5
Enumerator: Mrs.
Enum/Date RANGE: April 2-16, 1930
Media Source: Heritage Quest Online or www.ancestry.com
Also available at: archive.org/details/iowacensus00reel656
Transcriber name/email: Carly Josephson/butlercoiaroots@gmail.com
Proofreader name/email: Steve Josephson/Josephsons@aol.com


165 Abernathy Chester
165 Abernathy Marie
165 Abernathy Mary Jane
166 Abraham Alice B
166 Abraham Vestel
165 Adams Baye
165 Adams Edward
165 Adams Goldie
165 Adams Stanley
165 Adams Stanley Jr
169B Albright Henrietta
169B Albright William V
158B Aldrich Delbert
158B Aldrich Maude
158B Aldrich Naidene
157B Algoe Minnie
157B Algoe Robert
157B Amey Sarah
166 Anderson Cornelia
159 Anderson Ella
158B Anderson Jasper
159B Anderson Nancy J
158B Anderson Neal
158B Anderson Oran
166 Anderson Sibyl
158B Anderson Una
159 Anderson William T
167B Angleen Louise M
158B Anthony Mary
168B Baker Berney
168B Baker Lusille
168 Ball Charles A
158 Banks Anna
158 Banks Leslie
163B Barber Earl
163B Barber Etta
163B Barber Frabk L
163B Barber James
163B Barber Velma
162B Barney Theodocia
162B Barney Virgil
158B Barrett Arthur
165 Barrett Christine
161B Barthol** Vernon
169B Bartlett Darline
169 Bartlett Fannie
166B Bates Emmett W
166B Bates Hattie
157B Baughman John
159B Beaty Sarah
168B Beazer Edger
168B Beazer Francis
168B Beazer Helen
168B Beazer Lois
168B Beazer William E
167 Becker Augusta
161 Beckner Clyde
161 Beckner Emma
161 Beckner LeRoy
161 Beckner Lora
162 Beckner Ralph
169 Bell John A
169 Bell Loretta
157 Bell Richard
169 Bell Robert
160 Bender Eva F
160 Bennett Anna
160 Bennett Della
160 Bennett Horace
160 Bennett Mary
160 Bennett Ralph
161B Bennett Rosa
168 Berlor Betty
168 Berlor Dean
168 Berlor Julianne
168 Berlor Vava
157 Bess Doris
162B Biggs Vernon
160B Bird Charles
160B Bird Franklin
160B Bird Ida
160B Bird William
165 Black Ab**s
165 Black Alice
162 Blackburn Bessie
164 Blackburn Charlie
164 Blackburn Darrell
162 Blackburn Dean
161B Blackburn Fred
161B Blackburn Gerald
161B Blackburn Gloria
164 Blackburn Kathryn
164 Blackburn Kitty
161B Blackburn Lois
161B Blackburn Luella
164 Blackburn Marion
162 Blackburn Maude
162 Blackburn Mildred
161B Blackburn Norman
164 Blackburn Richard
164 Blackburn Robert
164 Blackburn Roger
164 Blackburn Roland
162 Blackburn Roy
164 Blackburn Sam
162 Blackburn Verl
162 Blackburn William
163 Blank Line  
161B Blank Line  
162B Blank Line  
164B Bowen Charlie W
164B Bowen Millie
168B Bower Addie
162B Bower Doris
162B Bower Dorothy
168B Bower John J C
162B Bower Owen
169 Boyle John
169 Boyle Mattie E
166 Bradley Cecel
166 Bradley David
166 Bradley Eva
166 Bradley Fern
166 Bradley George
166B Bradley Margaret
166B Bradley Robert
168B Brannen Fern
168B Brannen Orla
165B Brock Anna
165B Brock Francis
165B Brock Sam
168 Brockway Helen
168 Brockway Jed
165B Broders Esther
165B Broders William J
159B Brown Ida
159B Brown Libbie E
162 Brown Louis
162 Brown Phoebe
162B Bucher Lena
169B Buchmiller Mary
169B Buchmiller Mary
159B Buckmiller Eva
159B Buckmiller John
157 Bull Olivena
157 Bull Sylvia
164 Burcham Alfred
164 Burcham Marjorie
164 Burcham Paul (ab)
157 Burrell Sarah
157 Burrell Walter R
162 Bushmiller Dale
162 Bushmiller Elmer
162 Bushmiller Fern
157B Buterhoff Bernice
157B Buterhoff Doris
157B Buterhoff John
157B Buterhoff Shirley


167 Cairns Alberta
167 Cairns Elizabeth
169B Call Clyde
159 Carey John
159 Carey Mayme
158B Carlisle Byron
158B Carlisle Daisy
159 Carlisle Keith
169 Carpenter Abraham L
169 Carpenter Diana
165B Carson Curtis
165B Carson Helen
165B Carson Jean
168 Carter Elozer A
168 Carter Gladys
168 Carter Marvel
168 Carter Minnie
169B Cayne Frances
169B Cayne Helen
157 Cayne Jane
157 Cayne Lydia
157 Cayne Martin
165B Cerney Esther
165B Cerney John
162B Charles Frank
162B Charles Paulina
169B Chauncey Albert S
169B Chauncey Dorothy
169B Chauncey William
169B Chauncey Zola
168 Christastie F J
164B Clapton Alice
164B Clapton James
164B Clapton James
164B Clapton Margaret
163 Clayton Joe
163 Clayton Lauretta
167 Clements Clarence
167 Clements Forrest
167 Clements Marvin
167 Clements Maude
167 Clements Morris
167 Clements Phyllis
167 Clements Twylla
159 Coburn Calla
159 Coburn Claire
159 Coburn George A
158 Cofer Alma
158 Cofer Grace
158 Cofer Harry
158 Cofer Ross
157B Coffey Edward
157B Coffey Julia
157B Coffey William
157B Coil Eldon
157B Coil Lilly
157B Coil Otto
160B Cole Alsines
158B Cole Barbara
158B Cole Dorothy
160B Cole Jennie
158B Cole Laura
160B Cole Mary E
158B Cole Walter
166B Collins Charlie
166B Collins Dorotha
166B Collins Leona
166B Collins Olive
169B Condon Catharine
167 Condon Cleo
167 Condon Cyril
169B Condon Doris
167 Condon James
169B Condon Ralph P
169B Condon Rilla
167 Condon William
167 Condon William Jr
169B Condon William Sr
168B Connolly Kathe
168 Cook Mary
160 Coon Arthur
160 Coon Sarah B
165 Coover Dorothy
165 Coover Geraldine
165 Coover Steven
158 Cory Darrel
158 Cory Glen
158 Cory Vivian
157 Cox Ellen
157 Cox Michael
168B Crooks Carrie
168B Crooks Charles
163 Cross Evelyn
161 Crouch Catherine
161 Crouch Samuel
158 Cudahy Betty
163B Cudahy Cyril
163B Cudahy F Patrick
163B Cudahy Francis
163B Cudahy Jeremiah
158 Cudahy Laura
163B Cudahy Leo
163B Cudahy Margaret
163B Cudahy Margaret
158 Cudahy Michael
163B Cudahy Raymond
162B Cummings Albert
162B Cummings Emma
156 Cummings Roland
156 Cummings Thomas
157 Custer Martha E
159 Dagit Gertrude
167B Davis Esther
164B Davis Evanell
167B Davis Foss
167B Davis Frederick A
164B Davis Lee
164B Davis Lloyd
167B Davis Theola Ann
168 Dawnes Walter
168 Dawnes Wilma
159B Deal John
159B Deal Lilly B
163 Dean Florence H
158 Deaton Dolores
158 Deaton Mae
158 Deaton Shirley
158 Deaton William
160 Demitrick G
169B Denhardt Charles
169B Denhardt Mary
162 Derry Beverly
161B Derry Cecil
162 Derry Clifford
162 Derry Florence
162 Derry Fred
162 Derry Hattie
166 Derry Jerome
166 Derry Joline
166 Derry Juanita
166 Derry Walter
162 DeWitt Clara
162B DeWitt Daisy
162 DeWitt Eldon
161B DeWitt Flora
162B DeWitt Jean
162 DeWitt Ralph
162B DeWitt Robert
161B DeWitt Simon W
168 Dick Sarah
159B Dillavan Floyd
159 Dillavan Margaret
159B Dillavan Myrtle
159B Dimmett Daisy
167B Dittmer Arthur
167B Dittmer Arthur G
167B Dittmer Beryl
167B Dobson Glenn
167B Dobson Harriett C
167B Dobson Thelma
167B Dorrian Marjorie
167B Dorrian Winnie
162 Dowd Agnes
158B Dugar Daryl
158B Dugar Pearl
158B Dugar Walter
160B Dunlop Barbara
160B Dunlop Cahrles
163 Dunlop Georgia
160B Dunlop Georgia
160B Dunlop Hazel
163 Dunlop James A
163 Dunlop James W
160B Dunlop Roger
161 Durlam Eugene
160B Durlam Fay
160B Durlam Gerald
161 Durlam Lois
160B Durlam Loren
161 Durlam Mary Jene
160B Durlam Michael
161 Durlam Paulina
161 Durlam Vernon
161 Durlam Wayne
161 Durlam Wendell
156 Earney Earnest
167 Edwards Ethel
168 Edwards Mattie E
167 Edwards Merle
166B Edwards Ray
159 Elliott Boardman
159 Elliott Charles
159 Elliott Elizabeth
159 Elliott Emma
159 Elliott Florence
159 Elliott Iva
159 Elliott Joeline
159 Elliott Marjorie
158B Everly Emma
158B Everly Rosemonde


158 Fahrbach Emmelea
158 Fahrbach Fred
163B Farley Fred
163B Farley Mabel
156 Farrell Clifford
166B Felo John
166B Felo Mary
166B Felo Robert
157 Ferguson Clair
157 Ferguson Viola
164B Fetters Beverly
164B Fetters Charles
164B Fetters Charles Jr
164B Fetters Doris
164B Fetters Dorothy
164B Fetters Eva
164B Fetters Francis
164B Fetters Mona
164B Fetters Olive
164B Fetters Pearl
167 Finch Clara
167 Finch Del
158B Finch Dorothy
158B Finch Elma
158B Finch Louise
158B Finch Roy
164B Fist Durwood
164B Fist Ellsworth
164B Fist Eva
168 Flack Ida
157B Flack Jesse
157B Flack Minta
168 Flack Salathiel
157 Foley Dennis
169B Foley Dorothy
169 Fouch Homer
169 Fouch Ruth
169 Fouch Sally
161B Francis Arabella
161B Francis George
165 Furlong Fred
165 Furlong Irene
165 Furlong Lulu R
157B Galvin Dorothy
157B Galvin Frank
157B Galvin Irene
157B Galvin James
157B Galvin Maggie
157B Galvin Martha
157B Galvin Maxine
157B Galvin Ollie
159 Gamble Grace
159 Gamble Miriam
159 Gamble T Edgar
159 Gamble Tom
160 Ganoe Claudine
158 Ganoe David
160 Ganoe Eugene
159B Ganoe Harold
158 Ganoe Kathryn
158 Ganoe LaVern
158 Ganoe Madeline
160 Ganoe Margaret
158 Ganoe Mary
158 Ganoe Will
160 Garoutte Elizabeth
160 Garrels Carolyn
160 Garrels Robert
168 Garrison Evelyn
168 Garrison George
168 Garrison Mary
160B Gaven Beryl
160B Gaven Charles
160B Gaven Dean
160B Gaven Frances
159 Gibbons Lilly B
159 Gibbons Owen P
159 Gibbons Rosemary
157B Gimson Dorothy
157B Gimson Keith
157B Gimson Vern
160 Gore Bird
160 Gore Norman
160 Gore Phleete
160 Gore Virginia
160 Gore Warren
159 Grandjean Joe
169 Grant Beverly
169 Grant Donald
169 Grant Duane
169 Grant Eulalie
168B Grant Leslie G
169 Grant Viola
160 Graven Clark
160 Graven Margaret
165 Graver Dorothy
165 Graver Ella
165 Graver Jean
165 Graver John
165 Graver Virginia
157 Gray Dorothy
157 Gray Percy
166 Green Hannah
164 Greene Earl
164 Greene Sam E
166 Greiner Charles
166 Greiner Emma
166 Greiner Henry
167B Grisier Bonnie
167B Grisier Catherine (ab)
167B Grisier Gertrude (ab)
167 Grisier John
167B Grisier Louis J
159B Grover Janice
159B Grover Joe
159B Grover Joyce
159B Grover Wanda
164 Hackley Barbara
164 Hackley Harry
158 Hall Haroe
159 Hamilton Benjamin Jr
159 Hamilton Ferrill
159 Hamilton Helen
159 Hamilton Ida
158B Hamilton Marie
158 Hamilton Pearl
158B Hamilton William
158 Hamilton William C
157 Hanna Charles
157B Hanna Darrell (ab)
164 Hanson Anna
164 Hanson Donald
164 Hanson June
167B Hanson Mary
164 Hanson William (ab)
164 Hanson Willis
164 Hanson Wilma
157 Harwer Tillie
158 Haucher Sarah
165B Haughton Della
165B Haughton Raleigh E
167B Hays Alma
168B Hays Clark
167B Hays Claude A
167B Hays James A
168B Hays Nettie
165 Head Eva
162B Heath Estella
162B Heath Horace
162B Heath Howard
162B Heath Lois
162B Heath Mahlon
162B Heath Zoe
165 Helasbeek Nettie
161B Henderson Aimee
161B Henderson Edward
169 Henderson Elizabeth
161B Henderson John
169 Henderson Ursula
161B Henderson Virginia
169 Henderson William
157 Henry John W
168 Herrick Mary
166 Hess Algie
166 Hess Lillie
165B Hess Sophie
159B Hiddleson Mary
157 Hidleson Rachel
163 Hills Ida
163 Hills Isabelle
163 Hills Mary
162 Hobbs Warren (ab)
169B Hoffman Oscar
161B Holloway Alice
161B Holloway Henry
161B Holmes John
161B Holmes Mabel
161 Hunlock Josephine
161 Hunlock Patrica
162B Hutchison William


165B Irwin Amanda
166 Jackson June
170A Jackson Mona
164 James Albert
164 James Edwin
163B James Leonard
164 James Mildred
162 Jeffries Charles F
162 Jeffries Charles L
162 Jeffries Eleanor
156 Jensen Maynard
159 Joens Emil
159 Joens Ruth
165B Johns James
165B Johns Mary
161 Johnson Bryan
161B Johnson Catherine
161 Johnson Edna
161B Johnson Elizabeth
161 Johnson Frances
168 Johnson Frank
168 Johnson Louise
167B Johnson Mary E
162 Jorgensen Anna
162 Jorgensen Jesse
160B Kaboe Bessie
160B Kaboe Carl
160B Kaboe Patsy
166B Karber Louisa
166B Karber Walter
167 Karrels Charlene
167 Karrels Charles
167 Karrels Mabel
165 Kelley Bertha
168B Kelley Charles
165 Kelley John H
165 Kelley Rebecca
165 Kelley Richard
165 Kelley William
159B Kellogg Sarah
163B Kelly Eugenia
163B Kelly Marvin
163B Kelly Marvin
163B Kelly Nellie
160B Kendall Dorothy
160B Kendall Elizabeth
167B Kendall Florette
167B Kendall Fred
160B Kendall Lawrence
167B Kendall Maxine
167B Kendall Veatrice
157 Kessel Leon
157 Kessel Mary
163B Kinzey Sibbia
160B Kirkpatrick Adrian
160B Kirkpatrick Betty
160B Kirkpatrick Gail
160B Kirkpatrick Mary
159 Klippel Carlos
159B Knapper Albert
168B Knapper Arno
168B Knapper Arno
159 Knapper August
159 Knapper Bertha
168B Knapper Bonnie
168B Knapper Claude
168B Knapper Donald
168B Knapper Jesse
168B Knapper Leota
159B Knapper Martha
168B Knapper Paul
167 Knight Gail
167 Knight Kenneth
167 Knight Verne
165 Knowles Addie
165 Knowles Ben H
161 Knowles John
158B Koch Arnold W
158B Koch Lucille
158B Kraft Henry
158B Kraft Jessie
167B Kroninger Charles
167B Kroninger Charles Jr
167B Kroninger Ethel
162 Kroninger Gerald
162 Kroninger Olive
167B Kroninger Wavolene
158B Lacock Clarice
158B Lacock David
158B Lacock Rena
169 Lane Arliss
169 Lane Edna
169 Lane Elmer
169 Lane Richard
168 Langfit Opal
169 Lanham Mary
159B Lantis Bessie
159B Lantis Carmen
159B Lantis James
169B Lara Berthel
169B Lara Irene
169B Lara Iva
169B Lara LeRoy
169B Lara Percy
159 Larylittle Lucille
163 Lawson Abner
163 Lawson Elma
163 Lawson Lois
163 Lawson Owen
163 Lawson William
164B Lee LaVern
164B Lee Mary
164B Lee Walter
158 Linder DeVee
158 Linder Floyd
158 Linder Gertrude
158 Linder June
169B Lindsey Ella
169B Lindsey William
159B Line Crossed Out
167B Locke Mary E
165B Lovejoy Josephine
165B Lovejoy May E
165B Lovejoy Victor H
165B Lovejoy Virginia (ab)
161B Lyle DeSales
161B Lyle Forrest
161B Lyle Forrest
161B Lyle Kenneth
169 Lyon C P
168B Lyon Eleanor
167 Lyon Harrison
168B Lyon Margaret
169 Lyon Martha E
168B Lyon Mary
168B Lyon Percy
168B Lyon Richard
168B Lyon Roger


160 MacDonald Barnes
160 MacDonald Bernice
160 MacDonald Robert
169 Magill Benjamin
169 Magill Charles
169 Magill Etta Mae
169 Magill F*rl
169 Magill LaVerne
169 Magill Selma
160B Marker Harve
160B Marker Loris
160B Marker Minna
160B Marker Warren (ab)
168B Marquis Bob
168B Marquis Dick
168B Marquis Mae
168B Marquis Mildred
168B Marquis Roger
159 Martin Carolyn
159 Martin Charles
159 Martin Embert
159 Martin Lura
166B Matter Beverly
166B Matter Dorine
166B Matter Gretchen
166B Matter Mae
166B Matter Otto R
166B Matter Pauline
158B McCain Ethel
158B McCain Marvin
158B McCain Ova H
162 McCalls S F
157 McClure Cora
157 McClure Del
157 McClure Thelma
161B McClurg Mollie
168 McConnell William E
161B McCuen Minnie
161B McCuen Wilder
167 McDonald Elizabeth
166 McDonald Mabel
166 McDonald William A
163B McDowell Eugene
163B McDowell Floyd
163B McDowell Ira
163B McDowell Juanita
163B McDowell LeRoy
163B McDowell Mabel
163B McDowell Raymond
163B McDowell Robert
163B McDowell Ruth
163B McDowell Stanley
163B McDowell Verna
167 McGee Helen
167 McGee Raymond
162B McGuinnis Lottie
169B McHugh Foster
166B McKinley Dorothy
158 McKinley Sarah
164B McKinney Clara
165 McKinney Donald
164B McKinney Frank
162 McLaughlin Alice
162 McLaughlin Herschel
166B Mears Bertha
166B Mears Gretshen
166B Mears Ira
166B Mears June
162B Merriam Doris
161 Merriam Dorothy
160B Merriam George
160B Merriam Ida
162B Merriam Minnie
161 Merriam Ralph
161 Merriam Roberta
167 Metzter Bert
166 Michael Ernest
166 Michael Ernest Jr
166 Michael Maude
166 Michael Thelma
166 Michael Viola
167B Miller Bess
167B Miller Claude
167B Miller Ilah
167 Miller Rhoda
166 Minor Mary
158 Moore Grace
158 Moore Lucy
158 Moore Mabel
158 Moore Melvin
158 Moore Ruth
156 Morain Annie B
156 Morain Edson C
156 Morain Harold
156 Morain Keneth
158B Morden Bert
158B Morden Donald
158B Morden Ruth
159B Morehead Amy
159B Morehead Billy
159B Morehead Frances
162B Morlan Beatrice
162B Morlan Ralph
162B Morlan Roy
162B Morlan Warren
161 Morris Elizabeth
161 Morris Mary
162B Mull Arlo
162B Mull Everett
162 Mull Gladys
162 Mull Homer
162 Mull Lela
162 Mull Mae
162 Mull Neva
162 Mull Opal
162 Mull Walter
168B Murphy Peter J
168 Murray Alonzo
164B Murray Ronald
159B Myers Henry
164B Myers Martha E
159B Myers Verdi
157B Neidemeyer George
157B Neidemeyer Irene
157B Neidemeyer Mary
160 Neilles Louis G
158B Nelson Alice
161B Nelson Frances
161B Nelson Frank
161B Nelson Frieda
161B Nelson Howard
161B Nelson Minnie
161B Nelson Ray
158B Nelson William
169B O'Banion Frederick
169B O'Banion Rosie
165B Orchard Helen
165B Orchard Jesse
165B Orchard Jessie Maude
165B Orchard Mildred
165B Orchard Millie
165B Orchard Orlo
163 Osborne Ada
163 Osborne Carl
163 Osborne Fern
163 Osborne Norman
168 Owen Ceroll
168 Owen Mabel
168 Owen Parry
168 Owen Russell
168 Owen Verne W


159B Palmer Ed
159B Palmer Myrtle
162 Parley Clarence
162 Parley Dorothy
162 Parley Edith
162 Parley Reno
162 Parley Reno Jr
162 Parr Sally
165B Passell Ella
165B Passell Estaleene
165B Passell Helen
165B Passell John
164B Pates Laura
168B Patrick Bert
168B Patrick Betty
168B Patrick Deanne
168B Patrick Iris
168B Patrick Muriel
168B Patrick Phyllis
168B Patrick Robert
159 Patriels Effie
167 Patter Gertrude W
167 Patter Ralph
157B Patterson Billy
157B Patterson Golda
157B Patterson John E
159B Peacock Nettie
159B Peacock William
157B Pence Jeannine
157B Pence Opal
163 Pendon Ada
163 Pendon Catherine
163 Pendon Daisy
163 Pendon George
162B Petty Joe
162B Pine William
162B Pine William Jr
157B Pirce Beulah
157B Pirce Emerald
157B Pirce George
157B Pirce John
157B Pirce Margaret
157B Pirce Raymond
169B Pirie Pearl
162B Pittman James P
157B Pittman Mary
157B Pittman Thomas
166B Porter Altha
166B Porter Charles G
166B Porter Elenor
166B Porter Jonathon
166B Porter Richard
161 Price Alice
161 Price Delbert
161 Price Don
161 Price Edna
161 Price Ida
161 Price Louis
161 Price Mary
164B Pulliam Alfie
164B Pulliam Catherine
164B Pulliam Gertrude
164B Pulliam John
164B Pulliam Mae
164B Pulliam Ray W
165 Pulliam William
158 Quaid John
158 Quaid Nellie
159B Quinlan Anna
159B Quinlan Jesse
159B Quinlan William
169B Quinn Bernice
169B Quinn Jerry
169B Quinn Paul
162B R**on L L
167B Rake Cora
167B Rake Harry
167B Rake T W
166B Ramey Elmer
166B Ramey Hazel
166B Ramey Margaret
166B Ramey Mildred
166B Ramey Ruth
169 Raver Ber**lna
168B Raver Bernice
169 Raver Clyde
168B Raver Earl F
168B Raver Lois
169 Raver Peta
169 Raver Thelma
168B Raver Warren
160 Reeder Mabel
160 Reeder Will
163B Reese Bertha
163B Reese Bonnie
163B Reese Carl
163B Reese Duane
163B Reese Dwight
163B Reese Florence
163B Reese Forrest
163 Reese Helen
163 Reese Lucille
163B Reese Robert
163 Reese Roy
165B Reese Velma
163 Reese Walter
163 Reese Warren
163 Reese William
165 Reynolds Bert
165 Reynolds Dora
165 Reynolds Dorothy
165B Rhoads Barbara
165B Rhoads Clifford
165B Rhoads Joyce
165B Rhoads Martha
165B Rhoads Peggie
165B Rhoads Robert
166B Rice Fern
166B Rice Glen
163 Rice Lusy
166B Rice Mary
163 Rice Mary Jane
163 Rice Robert
157 Richards John
157 Richards Nell
167 Richardson Carrie
167 Richardson Harry
162B Riley Adie
162B Riley Wilfred
159B Robison Icie
159B Robison Zeilon D
167B Rogers Arthur
167B Rogers Gladys
167B Rogers Richard
167B Rogers Robert
166 Rohooit Beverly
166 Rohooit Clarence
166 Rohooit Danel
166 Rohooit Duane
166 Rohooit Ida
166 Rohooit Isaac
166 Rohooit Lorraine
166 Rohooit Louis
166 Rohooit Margaret
166 Rohooit Robert
167B Rose Claude
167B Rose Curtis L
167B Rose Hettie
167B Rose Margaret
162B Royce Arlys
162B Royce Fred
162B Royce George
162B Royce George Jr
162B Royce Richard
162B Royce Ronald
162B Royce Stella
158B Rugg George W
160B Rutter Bertha
156 Salisbury Willard
164B Scatton Clinton
164B Scatton Florence
164B Scatton Goldie
164B Scatton Raymond
164B Scatton Vivian
160 Scharff Harriett
160 Scharff Knute
160 Scharff Leonard
160B Scharff Louis
162B Schoonover Olan
159B Schoppe Constance
159B Schoppe Dorcas
159B Schoppe Nora
159 Schroeder Carl
159 Schroeder Pearl
159 Schroeder William J
169B Scott Ellen
158B Scott Josephine
167B Seaman Chester
168 Seaman Dorothy
168 Seaman Richard
169 Shadle Doris
169 Shadle Lester
169 Shadle Max
169 Shadle Ruth
167 Shaffer Helen
161 Shair Alta
161 Shair Gertrude
167 Shaw George
167 Shaw Harold
167 Shaw John E
167 Shaw Mary
167 Shaw Winifred (Ab)
160 Shearman Cornelia
160 Shearman William
168 Shipman Sophronia
161B Shockey Betty Jo
160B Shockey Donald
160B Shockey Edward
160B Shockey Gerald
160B Shockey Irene
160B Shockey Jesta
160B Shockey Kathryn
161B Shockey LeRoy
161B Shockey Lois
161B Shockey Mathilda
160B Shockey Raymond
165B Shriver Douglas
165B Shriver Eldon
165B Shriver Elwood
165B Shriver Jessie Ella
165B Shriver Ora
165B Shriver Zelma
164 Smith Allie
167 Smith Austin
164 Smith Bert
166B Smith Calvin
163 Smith Cleone
163 Smith Eleanor
167 Smith Elsie
166B Smith Ernest
160 Smith Everett
163 Smith Fern
163 Smith Gerald
163 Smith Glen
160 Smith Grance
166B Smith Helen
163 Smith Irvan
163 Smith Laura
163 Smith Leo
160B Smith Mabel
163 Smith Marcella
166B Smith Sylvester
161B Smith Thelma
160 Smith Tom R
160 Smith Vera
163 Smith Vernie
167 Smith Wayne
164 Smith William H
165 Snively Rebecca
159B Snodgras Olive
161 Springer Anita
164B Stangard Christian N
164 Stangard Donald
164 Stangard Edna
164B Stangard Emma
164 Stangard Garnet
164 Stangard John
164 Stangard Pearl
164 Stangard Wilbert
166 Stevens Aleen
161B Stevens Charles
166 Stevens Clarence
166 Stevens Donald
166 Stevens Duane
166 Stevens Edna
166 Stevens Edward
166 Stevens Josephine
161B Stevens Kenneth
162 Stevens Lydia
161B Stevens Minnie
166 Stevens Robert
161B Stevens Verna
166 Stevens Wendell
166 Stevens Wendell
161B Stevens Will
162 Stevens Willard
167B Stewart Martha E
167B Stewart William E
163B Strait Edward
163B Strait Margaret
163B Strait Mary
163B Strait Ruth
162 Stream E Olive
162 Stream Oren
157 Stump G Webb
169B Swan Elizabeth
169B Swan Ralph P
168 Swick Ada
168 Swick Kathryn
168 Swick Mary Ellen
168 Swick Milfred
168 Swick Robert W
168 Swick Winifred
161 Swisler Harold
161 Swisler Mildred


169B Talcott Everett
169B Talcott George M
169B Talcott Jeannette
169B Talcott West
169B Talcott William
161 Taylor Anna
161 Taylor Bernice
165 Taylor Harold
166B Taylor Ioan
166B Taylor Irvin
161 Taylor Matie
161 Taylor Ray
165 Taylor Reba
165 Taylor Spurgeon M
160B Thomas Charles
160 Thomas Luella
160B Thomas Martha
160 Thomas Thomas E
159 Thompson Andrew
157B Thompson Annie
157B Thompson Annie E
159 Thompson Laura
167 Thompson Matilda
157 Thompson Roeland
166B Thorpe Celestia
166B Thorpe Frank
162B Thorpe Nilda
157 Thuerk Leo
167 Timbrel Belle
167 Timbrel K**y L
158B Timmons Jeanette
159B Trey Charles
161 Triplitt Clerence
161 Triplitt Jessie
159B Try Edna
160 Tucker Eva
164B Tucker Harold
164B Tucker Iva
165 Tucker James
165 Tucker Mae
164B Tucker Stephen
164B Tucker Wayne
164 Turner Alice
164 Turner Bonnie
164 Turner Florence
164 Turner Robert
164 Turner Robert
165B Turpin Lydia
161 VanCleff Isaac
164 VanKirk Amanda
164 VanKirk Dorothy
164 VanKirk Earnest
164 VanKirk Florence
164 VanKirk Gertrude
164 VanKirk Grant
164 VanKirk Josephine
164 VanKirk Leona
164 VanKirk Lois Jane
164 VanKirk Stephen
167B Vaught Clarence E
167B Vaught Elva
160 Velma** Barbara
160 Velma** Billy
160 Velma** John
160 Velma** Louis
160 Velma** Mildred


158 Wagner Will
168 Waldo Al****son
168B Walker Alice
168 Walker Hugh
168B Walker Walter
166B Walrob Mary M
163 Walters Elon
163 Walters Fred
163 Walters Mildred
163 Walters Roxy
164B Waters Alfred
164B Waters Eliza
164B Waters George R
168 Weaver Mildred
166B Wehrli Julia
166B Wehrli William
157 Weideman Charles
157 Weideman Henry
157 Weideman Jack
157 Weideman Lydia
169 Welch Charles
169B Welch John F
169 Welch Susan
169 Welch Zatha
169B Wells Charles I
169B Wells Mary E
159 Werner Margaret
156 Wessel Lawrence
163 White Andy
159B White Bernice
159B White Bruce
160 White Eunice
160 White Eva Gene
159B White Harriet
159B White Margaret
163 White Nellie
159B White Paul
163 White Ted
159B White Willis
162B Whitecotton Mabel
162B Whitecotton Melvin
162B Whitecotton Roy
161B Whiteeatton Dorothy
161B Whiteeatton Harry
161B Whiteeatton Wayne
165 Wiemers Co**a L
165 Wier Jasper
158B Wilcox Agnes (ab)
158B Wilcox Gesee
158B Wilcox Lumend R
158B Wilcox Lumund (ab)
158B Wilcox Nansy
158B Williams Ada
165 Williamson Anna
163B Wilson Alex
169 Wilson Arthur H
169 Wilson Bertha
169 Wilson Darrell
157 Wilson Donald (ab)
157 Wilson Elmer L
169 Wilson George
169 Wilson Harold
169 Wilson Marvin
169 Wilson Ruth
165B Wilt Carol
165B Wilt George
165B Wilt Martha
165B Wilt Maurine
165B Wilt Michael
165B Wilt Mildred
157 Winkleman Hattie
163B Witt Almire
163B Witt Dick
163B Witt Fern
163B Witt Lyle
163B Witt Rachel
159 Wolfe Jerry
159 Wolfe Lucy
159 Wolfe Morton
169B Wood Lessie J
169B Wood Robert
168 Woolwine Alice
168 Woolwine Harry
157B Wright Ben
157B Wright Charles E
158 Wright Claude
158 Wright Donald
158 Wright Doris
158 Wright Edna
166 Wright Emma
157 Wright Gertrude
168 Wright Henry
158 Wright Ira
158 Wright Irma
157 Wright Jack
167 Wright Jennie
157 Wright Katheryn
168 Wright Lemuel
157B Wright Louie
158 Wright Mabel
157 Wright Mary
166 Wright Monroe
166B Wright Ollie
157 Wright Paul
158 Wright Ray
157 Wright Roy
158 Wright Ruth
157B Wright Sarah
167 Wright Wilson
160B Wynkoop Addie
160B Wynkoop Oran
161 Young Bessie
161 Young Dale
161 Young Doris
165 Young Duane
161 Young Harry
161 Young James
165 Young James H
165 Young Joan
165 Young Marie
161 Young Ray
161 Young Ruth
165 Young Virginia
168 Young William
157 Zeller Arthur
157 Zeller Beth
157 Zeller Dean
157 Zeller Earnest
160 Zeller Fidelis
157 Zeller Grace
160 Zeller Mary B
157 Zeller Ruth
160 Zeller Wilber

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