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Pvt. Herbert Hocamp

Letters Home

from Fort Flagler, Washington



18 Jun 1918

Fort Flagler, Wash.


Dear Fred,

How you been. Was I was been alright and hope you and yours the same. I sure have got a soft job now. I sit on my um um, you know, and wait for telephone [sic] calls. I have not got a call today yet, and it is 2:10 by the clock, some class to me betcha.


My we are sur [sic] having fine weather out here now. This is the golden west, that you read about in papers and books. We got a picture of a girl of the golden west hanging up in our room. She would be good looking if she was pretty. Well guess I would to [sic].


Well it will soon be six months since I left good old Iowa. Maybe it will be that many years before I get back, it looks a little that way to me now. Believe me it is a cruel old war. God Grant that it may soon be over if it is his will.

My company is quarantened [sic] for smallpox but by me not living at the company left me out of it. And I sure thank God that he helped me to stay out of it. He sure is good and mercyifull [sic]. If we would live more as he wants us to, there would be no war but we are all to [sic] reckless. About spiritual things.


So another buntch [sic] of boys have to leave the good old Iowa state soon. Well I donít know any more to write so will close for this time. Hoping this finds you all well. Write soon. When you got time.


God Bless you and yours from all sorrow and Grief is my wish. So bye bye from
Herbert Hocamp [signature]


[Additional below the signature in Emmaís handwriting]

Herbert has to go to Ft. Worden in the morning on an errand. Some messenger. Yes. Iíll keep that story about the napkin in mind you bet.

-source: Cheryl Siebrass. Letters from her Grandmother's sister Emma and Herbert (brother-in-law) while stationed stationed at Fort Worden, WA.


-Submitted by Cheryl Siebrass
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