Letters Home

Pvt. Herbert Hocamp

Letters Home

from Fort Flagler, Washington



Feb. 12, 1918

Fort Flagler, Wash.


Dear Fred,

I thought I would drop you a few lines to let [you] know that I am well and hope you are the same.  Well Fred, Emma wrote to me about what you and Pete was going to do about putting in my crops.  It is no use because I think that I am in the army to stay till the war is over.  So the best thing for Emma to do is to sell out and stay in the house if she wants to and get a girl to stay with her.  It is no use of her to bother with the farm, let somebody else bother with it.  She can rent the ground out, then she wonít have to work herself to death.  She just as well take it a little easy when she has the sale.  Sell the Ford with it.

I have got my full uniform now.  I got it just a couple of days ago.  I am in the 1st Co. now.  We have got a pretty good place to stay.  We have spring beds to sleep in and we get fed pretty good.  We get butter twice a day.  It is not like home sweet Home.

Emil Wedemeyer is in the 26th that is just the next building to mine & Schmidt is down in a different place.  He is just about 20 rods from where I am, so you see we are not far from each other. 

Well Fred, I think that the war is not over yet and wonít be for some time.  I went through another Examination this morning.  I donít know wheather [sic] I passed or not.  They donít tell you any thing about it but donít figure on me coming back in time to farm any this year.  Now Fred, you tell Emma about this but tell her so that it wonít shock her too much.  I donít know because you canít tell anything about it in the army.  I may get a notice of discharge any time, but chances are I wonít, anyhow donít plan on it.  Well Fred, I donít know any more to write as news is scarce on this darned island, so with best regards to all and may God Bless you for what you are doing for Emma.

As ever,  your Brother Herbert.

Write soon.

Post Office Box No. 1

Fort Flagler, Wash.

-source: Cheryl Siebrass. Letters from her Grandmother's sister Emma and Herbert (brother-in-law) while stationed stationed at Fort Worden, WA.


-Submitted by Cheryl Siebrass
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