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Albert Thomas Hittle


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Letter Home




Date: March 3, 1919

APO Germany

City: Niederzissen


Army of Occupation



Dear Friend

Well write you a few lines to let you know that there is still such a person as myself over here. And that it's been almost two weeks since I've rec'd a letter from you.


Of course I'm not saying anything only I hope you'll take the hint and get busy.


We are having a dance at the Y.M.C.A. tonight.  Don't you want to go. I am certain I would find you plenty of partners as there are only two other American girls there and about two hundred soldiers. The girls are Y. workers. They come to this town once or twice a week and serve us hot chocolate and pull off a stag dance in the evening of course it isn't as much fun dancing with boys as it is with girls. I have your own word for that.


How did you come out with the exams you spoke of?  I haven't heard the results of mine yet. Will probably write out instead of cpl. in front of my name tho when I do hear.


What is your thinking of our "Army of occupation" insignia? It is the blue circle with a red O and a white A.


Speaking of the "hid" proposition, in Germany I'll say this much. The sure has an emense army growing up. More kids in this one town than the whole state of S. Dak. or Iowa either.


Wish I knew when we were coming home. We sure will be as you said. "A happy bunch."

Well must ring off as my bunkie wants to go to sleep and my light bothers him, just a plain old candle.


Good Night

As Ever  Al.

Cpl. A. T. Hittle

L. Co., 168 Inft.



Lieut. 168 inft


~ source:  Complied and Contributed by Jon Hittle