"The Price of Our Heritage"


In memory of the

Heroic Dead of the

168th Infantry


Honor Roll, Those Who Fell in the Drive

Drive to Sedan


        We wondered by what process of fate, better men than ourselves had been called upon to pass through the door of death leaving their loved ones and all behind, while ours was to be the privilege of returning to home and friends. We had passed, as our dead had passed, through a long summer of battle, but to us fate had been very kind. The long months of exposure must exact its toll and we record here the names of those boys, while escaping the wrath of God of battle, fell a victim to exposure or disease.   


~ reference: "THE PRICE OF OUR HERITAGE", W. E. Robb,  1919 American Lithography and Printing Company, Des Moines, Iowa. Page 395-397.

~ Transcribed and contributed by Cay Merryman for Iowa in the Great War Special Project