"The Price of Our Heritage"


In memory of the

Heroic Dead of the

168th Infantry



Honor Roll



        The history and pictures of the men who died before they reached the battle line are herein described.  They are as truly our heroes as the men who fought and distinguished themselves at the front.  They enlisted for the same purpose and tried as much as any of us to enter into the conflict and to play their part in the battle but fate had willed it otherwise, theirs was not to be a glorious death on the battle field, but to lie in the hospitals and succumb to the power of disease.  From the first boy who died before we left Des Moines to the last one who was killed on our way to the front, we honor their memory as much as we do any of the others, whose heroic deaths fill the pages of this book.



~ reference: "THE PRICE OF OUR HERITAGE", W. E. Robb,  1919 American Lithography and Printing Company, Des Moines, Iowa. Page 26-37.

~ Transcribed and contributed by Cay Merryman for Iowa in the Great War Special Project