"The Price of Our Heritage"


In memory of the

Heroic Dead of the

168th Infantry




Major Henry Bunch



     But even our happiness of that night was tempered by the sorrow of a tragedy, for fate played a last cruel prank on one of the members of our regiment. Major Henry Bunch, D. A. C., who was one of the first American officers to go across and who had served several months with the British forces, and who upon pure merit had been raised to a captain, then was made a major and while with us was given a D. S. C. for gallantry in action and to whose skill and devotion to duty many a wounded boy owes his life. He had just stepped ashore, and started out to greet a loved one and had gone but a little way when he was killed by an automobile collision. A more cruel prank of fate would be hard to imagine.

Page 416


~ reference: "THE PRICE OF OUR HERITAGE", W. E. Robb,  1919 American Lithography and Printing Company, Des Moines, Iowa. Page 416.

~ contributed by Cay Merryman for Iowa in the Great War Special Project