A look back at Iowa's contributions to the Great War.



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"Many War Veterans Are Buried In The Sidney Cemetery


      Following the decoration of each war veteran's grave in the Sidney cemetery on Memorial Day, when flags are placed at each grave by members of the American Legion, it is interesting to note that, in the Sidney cemetery alone, something like 150 veterans of five wars have found their final resting place.

      Names of war veterans and the war in which each fought have been compiled and are on record in the office of the Legion post, and are as follows.


John E. Beedle, 54th Engineers
Paul R. DeFreece, 1st Gas Regiment, Chemical Warfare Service
John Riley Howard, Battery C, 60th F. A.
Edward R. Hume, fireman first class, U. S. Navy
Lawrence E. Jobe, 168th Infantry
Glen W. Keyser, 11th Ordnance Guard Company
John Irwin Landreth, 117th Infantry, 30th Division
Herman A. Moomaw, first class electrician, U. S. Navy
Major John G. Thornell,U. S. Army, killed on a test flight of the dirigible, Roma
Thomas B. Wilkie, 110th Infantry, 28th Division
Clarence E. Williams, 117th Infantry

Several other soldiers rest in the Sidney cemetery, but no information has been secured concerning them, as yet.

~ source: The Sidney Argus-Herald, Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa, June 6, 1940


~ Submitted by WF