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LeMars Globe-Post
Monday, November 7, 1938

ARMISTICE DAY 1918 – 1938

PEACE, the dictionary tell us, is --- a state of tranquility or quiet.  That is the happiest state of being the world can possibly hope to enjoy, with all nations understanding one another’s problems; all people tolerant of each other.  HONOR, the dictionary tells us, among its many meanings, is --- that which rightfully attracts esteem, as dignity and courage; integrity and uprightness.  That is the highest recognition which can be given a man’s character.  If, then, we could all go through life upholding honor, and with that honor, maintain the principles of peace, then perhaps, “war” could be something of the past, just another word in the dictionary to be looked up when studying history.  Twenty years ago the whole world knew what war was.  Twenty years ago millions of eager, hopeful young feet marched to war. Today—twenty years later—its meaning is still so very clear. Today is a day for memories, but it is also a day to look into the future; for families to gather around the men they love, and looking fondly into one another’s eyes say---we are Americans, we will always further the cause of Peace---what a true American sense of Honor!
[This article was accompanied with an Armistice Day banner and two photos honoring the 20th anniversary.]


~ transcribed, scanned and contributed by Linda Ziemann