A look back at Iowa's contributions to the Great War.


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Government Fails to Locate Mothers of Dead.

     The government has failed to locate either the mothers or widows of 22 soldiers from Iowa who died in the world war. The mothers and widows are eligible to take the government trip to the cemeteries of France. The American Legion has been asked to aid in locating survivors of these men, who are buried in France. Any information should be sent to Frank Miles, editor of the Iowa Legionaire, Des Moines. The list of privates includes:

Sampel H. Bridge
Albert Christopherson
Kirk H. Dunsan
Glenn Earl
Fred G. Ekstrom
Howard Elliott
Horace J. Hill
Charlie Hinricksen
Alfred M. Kant
Malcolm M. Loitaas
Luie Machacek
Louis J. Mackin
William Nigg
Adolph H. Schueler
Marshall A. Shannon
Bert Warren Shields
Henrich H. Sonius
Charlie Roswell
Thomas Worley
Guy P. Worley

 Sergeants are:

Herman E. Heft
Otto Miller

Corporal Guy E. Moe also is listed.

~source: The Iowa Recorder  Newspaper, November 5, 1930