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Worth co. soldier killed in France, is brought home for burial

Private William T. Smith, the first soldier from Worth county to make the supreme sacrifice, was laid to rest in Charles City last Sunday, Nov. 6, 1921. Fifteen members of the Northwood Legion Post made the trip by automobile to assist in rendering the last honors to the man for whom has been erected the finest memorial any soldier can have, the perpetuation of his name as the name of the American Legion Post. The flag, which draped his casket on its long journey from France to its final resting place was given by his mother, Mrs. Belinda Smith, to the local post, and now occupies a place of honor in the new club quarters of the William T. Smith Post, Number 144.

The funeral was in charge of the Charles City Post of the American Legion, and the services were held at the English M. E. Church.

William T. Smith was killed in action on March 5, 1918, and on Sunday morning, April 7, 1918, the 11:00 o'clock worship at the Charles City English M. E. Church was given over to a Memorial Service in his honor. A similar service was held in the Northwood M. E. Church and was attended by a very large number of persons.

The dead soldier boy is well remembered in Northwood, although his residence here was not for long. He was pleasant and agreeable and honorable in every way. Before enlisting in the army he went to Charles City to work and the people of the household in which he lived pay him the following tribute:

"He was a real joy in the home. Never a harsh word or an ungentlemanly act came from him. He was always careful and considerate of the feelings and rights of others. His life and
manhood constantly showed forth the deeds of a Christian. How thoughtful he was of his mother and sisters. He was never away from his home more than two months at a time until he went with his company to Des Moines. Half of his meager pay he sent home every month to his mother and he kept up war insurance in her favor."

Out of town relatives who were present at the funeral services in Charles City Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schow and G. W. Smith, of Bricelyn, Minn.; Mrs. Arthur Uschner, Norwalk, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hildreth, Lake Mills, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Manahan, Mrs. Cora Pickell, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Cornick, Northwood. Those residing at Charles City are: Mrs. Belinda Smith, the mother; Arthur P. Smith, Mildred, Myrtle, Clarence and Neva Smith.

The name of William T. Smith will go down to posterity as one of the noble boys who died that the world might be safe for future generations. In Worth county children yet unborn will hear his name and honor it. His surviving comrades who form the Legion post will never let his memory perish and their children's children will know the William T. Smith was the first of the Worth county heroes to give up his life for a just cause.

Mrs. Levi Cornick, of Northwood, is one of the surviving sisters and with her husband and little girl was present at the services in Charles City Sunday.

Card of Thanks

To the members of the Northwood Legion Post we are sincerely grateful for their many kindnesses and their help. We greatly appreciate your attendance at the last sad rites and the respect and thoughtfulness shown us at all times.

Mrs. Belinda Smith and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Cornick

~ source: Northwood Anchor, Northwood, Worth co. Iowa November 9, 1921
~ transcribed for Iowa In The Great War by Sharyl Ferrall http://iowaoldpress.com