A look back at Iowa's contributions to the Great War.



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Decoration Exercises

Only two Civil War veterans took part in the Decoration Day exercises in Lime Springs. These were:

Mr. Thomas Hunter
Mr. William Foye

Members of the Lloyd L. Horton Post of the American Legion, veterans of the World War, who participated were:

H.W. Plummer
Arthur Nagel
Clifford Chick
Herbert Kerry (Navy)
Lester Moar (Navy)
Evan Parry
Chas. Spears
Chas. Anderson
Cassius Croxton
Clarence Strawsen
W.E. Kerr
Floyd Dunlap
Harry Owens
Simon Osenga
Carl Bastian
Eugene Lee
Sever Ivers
Chris Wilken
Arleigh Dunlap
Clarence Hartung
Clarence Targeson
Ryce Jones
Archie Roberts
Ray Burris


~ source: The Sun Herald, Lime Springs, Howard co. Iowa June 9, 1921
~ transcribed for Iowa In The Great War by Sharyl Ferrall http://iowaoldpress.com