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Decoration Day and Memorial Sunday to be Observed With Additional
Ceremonies.-Returning Soldiers Invited to Participate in Services

Plans for Memorial Sunday and Decoration Day are being made by a committee of Mower Post, G.A.R., the Commercial Club and the city. At a meeting of the post last Friday evening to which several citizens were invited, W. S. Freeman, W.R. Winders, and G.E. Eilers were appointed a general executive committee to take charge of the Decoration Day exercise and they have appointed the following committees:

Finance, John Harker, Everett Eastman; speaker, W.R. Winders; parade, W. S. Freeman; flowers, W.R. Winders, Mrs. Fettes, Mrs. Wernli; auto, G. E. Eilers; music, Lee Maynard.

The Grand Army orders recommend that from 12 to 12:05 p.m. on Decoration day all bells be tolled. This will be a new feature of Decoration day observance in LeMars and Mayor Eilers was delegated to request all churches that have bells to toll them for five minutes at noon on Decoration day.

A special invitation is to be extended to soldiers of the world war to participate in this first Decoration day after their return from service and some committees will no doubt be appointed to extend a more personal invitation. By another year they will no doubt be organized in their own veteran's association and participate as an organization.

The Memorial Sunday exercises will be held as usual in the Royal theatre on Sunday morning, May 25, and Rev. James will preach the sermon. All the pastors of the city are invited with their congregations to join in this service.


The following is a rather interesting report of the Victory Boys and Girls pledges of Plymouth county. We have indeed reason to be proud of our record in the state.

Almost two months have gone by since the first of March. On that date the Victory Boys pledges were to have been redeemed in full. Many sections and the great number of Victory Boys have done nobly in paying their pledges. We have reason to be proud of the record.

Plymouth county record is indeed one of which we have reason to be proud. I have the report from the state director. Webster county pledged 103 per cent of her quota and paid in full; Emmett county pledged 143 per cent of her quota and paid 89 per cent; Buena Vista county pledged 126 per cent of her quota and paid 87 per cent; Plymouth county pledged 140 per cent of her quota and has paid 86 per cent of her pledges.

The Plymouth county girls break all records in the state. They pledged 225 per cent of their quota and have paid 94 per cent.

It is my earnest hope that every Plymouth County Victory Boy will do his utmost to meet his pledge at the earliest date possible. Victory Boy leaders are urged to exert every reasonable effort to bring their units up to 100 per cent of their pledges. The young people should be taught to meet their pledges. Under no circumstances, however, should collection be urged where it entails hardship or privation, nor should deserving people be embarrassed.

I have tabulated the results for the county. Please check it over for your district to make sure that it agrees with your record. Please send me a check for any Victory Boy money you may have on hand.


  Pledge Paid
LeMars H. S. $270.00 $238.00
LeMars 7th gr.     43.00     43.00
LeMars 8th gr.     94.00     81.50
Franklin school   160.00   143.55
Clark school     89.50      76.17
St. Joseph's school   134.50   134.50
St. Mary's school   134.00   118.00
Washington twp.   278.50   278.50
American twp.   140.00   140.00
Elgin twp.     40.00     40.00
Grant twp.     76.00     76.00
Union twp.     58.00     58.00
Struble Dist.     19.25     19.25
Remsen Dist.     72.00     66.00
Merrill Dist.   245.00   215.00
Hinton Dist.   112.00   105.00
Akron Dist.   358.00   189.50
Kingsley Dist.   171.00   140.00


$2,494.75 $2,161.97

The amount of unpaid pledges $332.78.

Again thanking your for the excellent work you have done, am very sincerely,

--- S.T. Neveln.


-source: LeMars Sentinel Newspaper, LeMars, Plymouth Co., Iowa; Friday, 6 May 1919


-Submitted by Linda Ziemann
Iowa GenWeb County Coordinator, Plymouth, Monona, Sioux counties http://www.iagenweb.org
Iowa Old Press IAGenWeb Special Project Co-coordinator http://www.iowaoldpress.com/index.html