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Community to Give Plymouth County Boys a Royal Welcome if Arrangements
Can Be Made.   -Arrival Uncertain.


    The latest reports from the men of the 168th Infantry who returned from overseas service with the Rainbow Division last week and landed in New York City last Friday is that it may be May 7 or 8 before they can start for Camp Dodge where they are to be mustered out. As a consequence plans for home coming celebrations in the towns represented in the 168th are being held up pending more definite information. The success of such plans also depends considerably upon the ability of the men from each community to get discharged the same day, as it is difficult to get a man who has been away from home two years facing death and hardships to delay a moment his return home after he gets his discharge.

The official list of men who arrived on the Leviathan includes the following named:

Hugh G. Norris   Struble
Anthony Ney   Akron
Floyd Harvey   Pierson
Wylie Satterlee   Ireton
Roy Harvey Sergeant Pierson
Cecil A. Clarke   LeMars
Linfred S. Tweedy   Ireton
Clarence L. Bristow   Merrill
Sylvester M. Fideler   Remsen
Frank D. Neunaber   Akron
Charles E. Ewin Corporal Seney
Charles P. Hammer   Kingsley
Ben Thellen Mechanician LeMars
Carl F. Grothas   Resen
Edward H. Schafer   Akron
Albery L. Sawyer   Ireton
Theo R. Strouse   LeMars
Wm. H. Dramie   Kingsley
Frank Edwards   LeMars

    The three Ireton boys names are included because they went from this county when Co. K was divided and half its men attached to the 168th Infantry. A few Plymouth County boys who went with the Sioux City companies are not included in the list because they gave Sioux City addresses and are named in the list as Sioux City men.

    No local plans for welcoming this particular contingent have been made, but if arrangements can be effected to have them come home in a body from Camp Dodge the community will give a royal welcome. If they cannot arrange to all be discharged the same day, they will be included in the big home doming July 10 for all the Plymouth county men who saw service during the Army and Navy during the war.

-source: LeMars Sentinel Newspaper, LeMars, Plymouth Co., Iowa; Friday, 2 May 1919


-Submitted by Linda Ziemann
Iowa GenWeb County Coordinator, Plymouth, Monona, Sioux counties http://www.iagenweb.org
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